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When will be the trial of Tatiana Tarantaeva for the involvement of pensioners in Lianora Swiss?


The Centre of International Investigations continues to explore the identity of regional managers QW Lianora Swiss as representatives of “living” Organization of the chain of projects of Alexander Nikolayevich Prochuhan and Czeslaw Pestjuk. This material is the analysis of the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation Tarantaeva (Khopina) Tatiana.


A citizen is residing in Moscow, and judging by the fact that the social network is a public “Questra Kozhukhovskaya”, then her house, according to preliminary data, is located somewhere in the South-East of Moscow. Most visited the same community in the network, of course, was the official page of the two pyramids Lianora Swiss and Five Winds.

Terentieva Tatiana systematically puts in the Internet photos of the Moscow office of LionOre. Itself a “Metropolitan” organisation, judging by the pictures that the citizen Tarantaeva publishes on the page, is a rather peculiar sight.




As a rule, people aged 35-40 years and older, who are likely to have led to “free” and beautiful sayings about the extraordinary richness, awaiting these people after they make investors. Now they all just humbly waiting for that they will give money.

Based on past results, analysis of the activities of criminals from QW Lianora Swiss, I can say that the main target of the company’s managers — people without a certain economic base in the region of objective knowledge, in other words, unfamiliar with economic theory people, totally competent in the areas of Finance, quite far from understanding what a true investment. Agents of a pyramid are convenient to lure uneducated in the field of trading, Economics, Finance people because they will not be able to ask questions, you will not be able to understand that they are being deceived immediately. Making a thorough substitution of concepts, the managers, the company is recruiting those who showed the slightest interest in the pyramid, not yet realizing the true purpose of the company is to steal the money of depositors. After a total processing by the representatives of the company (how they do it we will tell in one of the following materials, as the behaviour of speculators is a direct interest to the investigation) people are at the mercy of the managers of the pyramid, they have a belief that money out of nowhere — it’s real and legitimate. In such cases, the suppression of the will of man works in that it blurs the boundaries between real and non-existent, all postulates, all reasonable pales before the euphoria of the coming of the promised wealth.


Such techniques are used by the citizen Tarantaeva to engage people in a pyramid scheme, which is also and is not paying its investors for a year. That is, payments in the structure or not doesn’t matter because in any case, the involvement of people in financial pyramids in the Russian Federation is prohibited and is a criminal offence.

More characteristically, after the rainbow posts count down the days until the payments stop, the activity on the page, women also fell sharply. Presumably, this is because the preceding calm, the peak of activity helped the representatives of the QW Lianora Swiss to recruit a sufficient number of new investors, who are likely to believe promises of immediate payment.




Also note that the structure of the whole chain of projects Prochukhan A. N. and Pestjuk N.Y. is the only company that specialised on cheating the most unprepared groups of people: seniors and women over the age of 40-45 years — people who, for objective reasons, do not know what Questra World, Lianora Swiss and so on.

In contrast to Olga Klejnard, Kira Antipina or Lyudmila Afonina Tarantaeva does not lead any business coffee, sells “internal currency” of Lianora Swiss to gullible citizens. In essence, at the offices of the citizen, can conduct searches, and all the detainees to detain for a period of two months at the time of the preliminary investigation. Almost certainly, you can be sure that the accounting statements, the balance of do not correspond to reality, but more likely just spent for personal purposes, written off as never conducted operations continue. However, the cynicism of what is happening — “fool” the most defenceless people in society, and this, as we have already noted, let us examine as detailed as possible in our next article. Thus, the actual excitation of the criminal case the maximum real and the trial of the crook is just a matter of time collecting sufficient evidence of guilt women for the subsequent transfer of materials investigation in the judiciary.

We understand that we have received enough data that the Metropolitan police have followed the example of their Kazan colleagues and drew attention to the financial pyramid QW Lianora Swiss and all involved in its promotion.




Well, we once again remind you: It is most likely that the CCRF, art. 159 (“Fraud”) will be applied and Svetlana Tarantaevoj, while adjusted for “in a group of persons by prior conspiracy.” Everything is an aggravating circumstance the fact that Swiss Lianora — a pyramid scheme (internal documents it instantly confirms, as even potential profit from “effective investments” will not cover the cost of interest payments) then the RUSSIAN CRIMINAL CODE, art. 172, involving illegal banking operations. Of course, no cost and no article 172.2 of the criminal code (“Organization of activities to attract monetary funds and (or) other property”). Of course, we can also add involvement in a pyramid, which is also a criminal offence. The total aggregate number of such articles may lead the citizen Tarantaeva to a real term of imprisonment of more than ten years