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What role did Konstantin Mamchur in Questra World


The path of Konstantin Mamchur, co-founder of World Questra, was tortuous. The first place he was able to show his skills, became the new MMM 2011, its offices in Western Ukraine. Konstantin Mamchur was promoted to chiliarch, as well as Alexander Prochukhan. It seems that pyramids attracted the man, and as soon as the new MMM has failed, Konstantin Mamchur rushed in other financial frauds. Konstantin participated in a dozen different pyramids, including, and became a notorious MMCIS group. In short, it was their idea to issue stock in exchange for a tattoo with the company logo. By the way, the head of the pyramid of the Konstantin Kondakov was detained in Moscow in 2015.
At some point in their life Konstantin Mamchur decided: to maximise profit, not necessary to enter into the third-party organisation, it is essential to start yours. After a while Konstantin Mamchur met with Alexander Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestuk, a former member of the MMM-2011 – together they founded a new company Questra Holding. Konstantin Mamchur, using the naivety of the population and aggressive advertising, it quickly expands its operations across the Khmelnytskyi region.


Having achieved enough success, Konstantin Mamchur travelled to Europe, opening the World Questra Office in Madrid. However, the activities in Europe gave smaller seedlings, as part of the regional offices in Eastern Europe had to close almost immediately. It happened because regulators of many European countries saw a fraudulent scheme in the activity.