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What financial pyramid schemes Stanislav Kravtsov has been involved in over the past 5 years


Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov took on the role of one of the principal assistants to Questra World’s real founders. Judging from the information collected and analyzed by the International Investigations Assistance Center, Stanislav Kravtsov played a pretty significant part in the shady scam’s operations. The man (as he called himself) was Questra World’s official representative in Russia and the CIS countries.

Prior to his participation in the life of a financial pyramid of global scale, Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov already had experience with promoting similar fraudulent projects. According to our information, the man  took part in another pyramid called ABC-finance in 2014. As far as we know, Stanislav Kravtsov was also one of the company’s top people.


Skipping ahead, we’ll tell you that quite a bit later, about 3-4 years afterwards, the world will see the new pyramid Golden Island created by the Questra World founders; it was an exact copy of ABC-finance which Stanislav Kravtsov promoted so actively in its time. As an example, we are publishing a screenshot of the text on Golden Island’s official site.


In addition to ABC-finance, the man was involved with the fraudulent project “The Money Formula” founded by Alexander Nikolaevich Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Yurievich Pestiuk and was a speaker in the shady project Midas Club.

However, Questra World’s first office in Russia became a true launch pad for Stanislav Kravtsov. It seems that he was so confident in his powers and his ability to act with impunity that over a period of five years, he didn’t change either his e-mail address or his phone number. One thing – he conducted his affairs simultaneously from a number of social media accounts. We don’t know the true nature of this phenomenon yet and are working on different hypotheses. — deleted today — deleted today (8/04) – publication proving payouts (8.04) — Questra (8.04) — status: official representative of the company Questra Holdings in the CIS

Stanislav Kravtsov began promoting the project pretty aggressively in an attempt to erase the traces of previous crimes where he promoted other scams.

Kravtsov claimed that Questra World employed the best financial analysts in the world (whose salary, truth be told, was about 200 to 5,000 dollars). He assisted in conducting the First Academy of Leaders, all of whose talking heads turned out to be, in Kravtsov’s words, millionaires. And since the scammers aimed mainly at people without sufficient financial literacy (the best target for Questra World), everything wet according to the scammers’ plan. The sales pitches themselves were especially demonstrative: “it’s silly to be envious”, “it’s time to get up off your knees”, “it’s time to make money”, etc. It’s clear that these are not economic imperatives but most primitive psychological pressure: it’s easy to stop being vigilant when a millionaire is personally telling you “get up and get rich, I’ll help you”.


The man broadcast an elite picture of his life for everyone to see. It had everything: luxury cars, resorts, gadgets. They all served as a lure for future investors, bringing an even bigger profit to Stanislav Kravtsov himself, and, consequently, to the pyramid’s founders.
In addition, Kravtsov talked about some restricted-access academies where, according to him, everyone receives valuable presents (he himself received 10,000 dollars and golden cuff links … again, according to him), and a Cuban man personally rolled cigars for everyone present.

In reality, however, as evidenced by practice, this was nothing more than a group of crooks who were having a feast with the investors’ money.

The past resident of Podolsk near Moscow (according to the latest information, Stanislav Kravtsov lives there now as well) dove headfirst in the capital city life. He started pouring in tons of pictures showing attributes of luxury.

It seemed that nothing can stand in the way of the “accomplished millionaire”. Having completely lost their common sense, people believed every word of Stanislav Kravtsov and his partners, money poured in the scammers’ pockets like a river, increasingly bigger riches beckoned and made them lie to the people more and more. The next stage in Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov’s life was Kazakhstan. Along with his friend Fanis Timurovich Dzuraev, he was supposed to open Questra offices and start serving the local people. However, as we already know, Kazakhstan became the last point in Questra World’s existence. It all started in the same flashy, aggressive manner with a bunch of new offices and big kickbacks to the PR service. However, when the Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan became interested in all that and all the investors sensed something fishy and ran to claim their money, the capital city scammers grabbed the bags of money meant for payouts and took to their heels.


The subsequent  fate of Questra is well known – having lost part of its base, the pyramid began falling apart, and the last positive messages regarding Questra World’s operations date back to August 2017. Incidentally, the company has now made its presence felt again but this is a completely different story which we will discuss a little later.

Our Center has managed to find out what Stanislav Kravtsov is doing today – we will prepare a detailed material with proof which will soon be published on