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What articles will be judged by Alexander Prochuhan and his accomplices for the theft of $30 million? Questra investors World?


The center for support of international investigations collected evidence base for the withdrawal of funds received from investors and intended to pay dividends to investors with accounts Questra World through personal organization citizens of Ukraine Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich and Kulibaba (Osyuk) Ekaterina Alexandrovna, as well as citizens of the Republic of Belarus, Cheslav Pestuk and Pestjuk (Biskup) Veronika Valerianovna.

Thus, the staff of the Centre has been established that in the period from 2015 to the end of 2017, joining the conspiracy, Prochuhan A.N., and Pestjuk Ch.Ju. in conjunction with Kulibaba E.A. and Biskup V.V. repeated deliberate acts that contain the elements of crimes, under the following articles of the CRIMINAL CODE as a minimum:

∞    For tax evasion-198 (for individuals) and 199 (for organizations);

∞    For complicity in concealing assets, which should be subject to taxation-article 199.2;

∞    Counterfeiting securities – 327 article;

∞    Illegal entrepreneurship-171;

∞    Money laundering-articles 174 and 174.1.

Proof of this fact we divide into two parts (in this material will be presented the first part of evidence):

  1. Confirmation of the fact of withdrawal of funds from the accounts of the pyramids Prochuhan A.N. and his accomplices.
  2. Disclosure of criminal schemes of cashing stolen from the accounts of investors funds: relationship commercial organizations (and other forms), which carried out the withdrawal and then cashing out, as well as the linkages between their founders.


Part 1. How funds were withdrawn from accounts Questra Holdings Inc.

Any criminal scheme involves a number of criminals committed actions aimed at achieving selfish goals. The issue of black money, cashing and withdrawal (for example, through offshore companies) is very acute in many countries. Criminals invent a thousand new schemes, to be able to neatly circumvent the law, to quietly steal and commit financial fraud undetected.

Alexander Prochukhan, the founder of the financial pyramid Questra World, with the help of their accomplices managed to bring in offshore on the balance sheet of their companies more than 3000 BTC, and then organize enrollment derived earlier funds in the account established by it organizations, registered in Ukraine for further cash stolen from investors amount. Below we provide direct proof of facts of funds withdrawal which were listed on the balance sheet of the pyramids World, AGAM, Questra Lianora Swiss, Five Winds, in offshore areas.

In the course of his criminal intent, Prochukhan A. N. registered company Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited in Hong Kong in his name.



Directly Hong Kong is not offshore specialists call it microform. This means that in fact Hong Kong is not recognised offshore, but the conditions of registration and of doing business there so loyal that the leading financial centre of the world attracts hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs annually.

Thus, any financial manipulations are available for owners registered in Hong Kong companies. Aleksandr Nikolaevich Prochuhan used it, as he was already familiar with offshore zones of peace and had extensive experience working with organisations that are registered in offshore.

Under the “needs” Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited was created and a separate email: Since the company was supposed to withdraw, respectively, it was e-wallets payment systems Perfect Money, AdvCash, ePayments, and also opened several Bank accounts that received funds from the Questra Holdings. Given the fact that payment systems are closely monitoring commercial financial flows, the representatives of sites appeared logical questions to Prochuhan A.N. as due to high-frequency translations, and the sources themselves the administration of funds. For example, employees AdvCash asked Prochukhan A. N. a written explanation of the origin of the funds in the account and received transfers from AGAM. The report was merely blocked by the administration.



There is also a confirmation of the connection to the payment system, ePayments.


Among all the screenshots of particular value is the confirming the implementation of the multi-million dollar transfers from the accounts AGAM.


Similar operations with a mailbox managed by Prochukhan A. N. it made a lot – 162 transactions totalling more than 3000 BTC.


Established at the time the rate of 3000 BTC was about 30 000 000 USD. Moreover, note the period of activity of the bitcoin wallet started to come at a time when in many countries, payments have already been disabled. The financial transaction also to the wallet continues until the end of the year – until the moment it finally became clear that any operations on personal accounts of depositors Questra World and AGAM frozen.


And here it becomes clear what the Questra World and other pyramids, organized by Prochuhan A.N. and his accomplices, in early August, nearly a month left on vacation, why happened in the merger of monuments, a kind of restructuring, as well as transfer offices depositors, why after August projects Prochuhan A.N. Finally froze.


In the next part of this investigation we will publish documentary evidence of the conclusion and withdrawal of funds not only Prochuhan A.N. but also Pestjuk Ch.Ju., Kulibaba E.A., Pestjuk (Biskup) V.V, as well as describe the schema itself withdrawal investors: where initially took funds from the pyramids, which got after, as it turns out to have personal accounts of criminals.

We describe in detail, through which the company was the withdrawal as the money was in the hands of criminals, and who, in the first place, it falls under the criminal prosecution due to the fact of committing financial fraud investor Questra Holdings Inc.