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What are the risks of asset Questra World, by ordering black PR in order to avoid criminal liability


Recognized by the majority of users fact: the true organizers of Questra World, AGAM and other interrelated pyramids launched a massive campaign to discredit the third parties in order to shift the responsibility on them.

This was done in view of the disclosure of the fact of withdrawal of depositors ‘ funds from accounts AGAM on the personal accounts of criminals. After freezing the personal cabinets of investors and similar machinations to bring the Alexander Nikolayevich Prochuhan and his collaborators was necessary not simply disappear and “Eastern Promises”, but throw all the attention of the deceived depositors of third-party individuals or even entire the company. Prochukhan A. N. did everything so cleverly that many of the final projects, only the mouth could open. Prochukhan A. N. conspired with Pestuk Ch. Ju., Kravtsov S. N., Mamchur K. B. and F. T. Garaevym, suspended payments to depositors, leverage your account more than 3000 BTC that under the previous course 10,000 USD gives the figure at more than $ 30 million. Moreover, that’s just the information you need in one wallet. Many of the investors Questra World would be absolutely nothing against Prochuhan and his companions on the interesting business explained how it happened.



Due to the mass unrest and more and more investors are coming into the Organization issues Alexander Prochuhan decided to throw in some way responsibility on some of Paul Krymov and founder Worldcore Alexey Nasonov, trying to convince others in that these two people are closely linked (that turned out to be false information) and are responsible for everything that happens in Questra World.

In order to divert suspicion from himself most effectively, Alexander Prochukhan of available funds allocated quite a large number for the information of the veil, which has faced investors Questra World, outsiders and those who attempted to shift the responsibility for defrauding investors Prochukhan A. N.

Following the strategy of Alexander Prochuhan, an asset to the company, it was decided by any means plant of Pavel Gennadiyevich Krymov for tricking depositors Questra World, and after the tackle, and for Worldcore, continuing to take in advance a legend about Krymov, P.G. wrongly insisting that Worldcore is a project of Pavel Krymova, the actual founder of Alexey Nasonov – supposedly does not founder, but merely a shill and right hand Krymova P.G.

It is known that in the pursuit of truth and justice investors Questra World unites groups or entire communities (a result of one of these unions became our collaboration international investigations). One of the groups conducted its investigation and even put together a video in which the contributors tell you about the conclusions that they did after the investigation. In the same video mentioned that, according to the belief of its authors, Pavel Krymov and Worldcore – absolutely parallel units that do not have each other any close contacts.


As it became known, responsible for this PR-man attack is Grushko Tatyana Sergeevna, née Zhurba. She does whole PR issues in cases Prochukhan A. N. Instructions and direct instructions, this lady received directly from his leadership, talking about screenshots of her email, has long been in the public domain. After receipt of instructions Grushko, T. S. undertook the task, thereby greatly exposing themselves under attack — the result will be difficult to prove that Grushko T. S. was in the course and your role as a contract involving the wrongful acts and what she does.


However, working on Alexander Prochukhan, worked on it all, not just PR: prepared scripts for presentations by representatives of Questra World and other projects, engaged in logistics, bought the tickets and the equipment, carried out translations and so on.

By the way, she organised the shooting of videos for the opening of offices around the world, picking actors, payment for which, often, was the visit to the dentist (awkward, when a shareholder with no teeth). This experience stood her in good stead in the design of the website Prochukhan dedicated precisely to the black PR against Worldcore and a certain Mr Krymov.

Network distributed a survey, which supposedly ex-accomplice of the artist Krymov P. G. makes a confession, which describes all the “who, where, when”. The movie was entirely responsible for Grushko T. S.


In fact, it appears that filming involved no real witness, and the same as in the story of happy investors, the actor who, in exchange for a visit to the dentist (or the amount equivalent to this visit) reads the text written by Tatiana.


Here is the video, there is an article, and here more reviews give. Quality PR is, however, important. Moreover, it becomes this thing, exorbitant, when all you’re talking about, himself up. It is nice knowing that we every word can attest. As, for example, can confirm the fact of sending letters Tatyana Grushko the advisers, they lady did not skimp on unsubstantiated allegations Worldcore and insisted on the relationship of this company with Pavel Krymov.


Black PR is practised everywhere, and often such policies are aimed at competitors, not on third parties. The goals of the founders Questra World are obvious, but the trajectory along which moves the pyramid regarding the implementation of the campaign for black PR, at least, strange. It is known that scammers have created a separate website, that is run on behalf of defrauded investors. For authenticity, the scammers with surprising frequency publish compromising information on your organisation — nothing new about Questra World the authors of the articles don’t say: excerpts from the articles, the reviews from the Internet — here, perhaps, and all the tools of criminals. While Krymov, P. G., and Worldcore the administration of the site pulls all dogs, clinging to any little thing, distorting the facts beyond recognition, bringing the situation to a critical point.

In view of the fact that the introduction of investors Questra World, AGAM misled by publishing false information is fraud and discredited data, as well as materials which impinge on the business honor and dignity as individual people and entire organizations We publish a number of articles of the criminal code, governing actions viewed in action Prochuhan A.N., Pestjuk Ch.Ju., as well as their accomplices.


Article 128.1. KlevetaV
 this article we are interested in p. 2 and p. 5.

  1. Slander contained in a public statement, publicly shown product or mass media –

Is punishable by a fine of up to one million dollars or the equivalent of the salary or other income of the convicted person for a period of up to one year or compulsory work for a period of up to two hundred and forty hours.

  1. Libel related to accusing a person of committing a grave or exceptionally grave crime, –

Punishable by a fine of up to five million rubles or the equivalent of the salary or other income of the convicted person for a period of up to three years, or compulsory work for a period of up to four hundred eighty hours.


Article 306. False snitch 
attention to p. 3.

  1. Knowingly false denunciation about Commission of crime (item 1) and the same act connected to accusation of committing severe or unusually severe crimes (p. 2), compared with artificial creation of prosecution evidence,

punishable by hard labor for a term up to five years or deprivation of liberty for a run up to six years.