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What Alexander Prochukhan taught his managers in order to steal from the pensioners and veterans?


One of the main structural features of projects Prochukhan is unprincipled. In that moment, when Questra World collapsed, and the Internet began to wander the different information, as we know, Alexander Prochukhan went ahead, calling his company Questra World scum project from Pavel Krymov.

This circumstance to a certain extent crippled the ranks of investors. People who know how to use the Internet in sufficient quantity, will quickly understand what Questra World, Lianora Swiss, Five Winds and AGAM, who runs them, actually, than these companies are, in fact. However, as we have said, a distinctive feature of combining all 4 of the pyramid is unprincipled. And if on the one hand, Prochukhan Alexander forced himself to drown their offspring (if necessary to make a decision “your life or pyramid” Prochukhan A. N. chooses first), then on the other, the speculator should search those who to the whole pyramid schemes are indifferent to the information, namely the elderly.

It is enough to watch the first few minutes of the video to find out: 8 out of 10 people in the meetings, seminars and other events companies Prochukhan A. N. — elderly people. As a rule, women. In fact it turns out that the selection of potential adherents of the pyramids is among the people who uncritically perceive it is written in, for example, Lianora Swiss and Swiss Lianora. Simply put, retirees don’t understand that beautiful language can lie so openly. The elderly have little understanding in Finance and Economics, highly specialized terms for them are scary, not convincing, many of them lack even the meager pensions for the Essentials. All this leads to terrible consequences when the acts that caused them, is provided by article 159 of the criminal code “Fraud”. Pensioners, accustomed to live, so to speak, offline, and did not think to look online and read the reviews. Most likely they’ll listen to their friends, which is so cynically lured to the pyramid managers QW Lianora Swiss or Questra World.


Due to objective reasons, the pensioners, mostly men, if not lonely, prone to loneliness. Children and grandchildren live their lives. Comrades, friends of youth and acquaintances have already died. An acute lack of communication generates excessive credulity is a lonely man happy to do anything for those who listen to him and attentive to him. In particular, and will give the latest savings.


The very human psyche, as a rule, works as follows: it replaces negative memories positive or neutral. Otherwise people just go crazy. The last known pyramid scheme, from the point of view of the elderly, was in the 1990s, we are talking about the same “MMM”. Since then 25 years have passed, over the years, the perception of people that the pyramid had ceased to be a scary vacuum cleaner, sucking money and became just a history, face a past that now-it just can not happen again. On this actively play and employees themselves Lianora Swiss, featuring once a week a dubious growth per cent in local currency on deposits in companies, which are not available to any financial transactions a year. Previously we have collected material on Tarantaeva Tatyana, active party events QW Lianora Swiss in Moscow today. Women page is littered with photos of the pensioners, humbly awaiting the promised beginning of withdrawal, selling others a pyramid, supposedly working in the office of the company (in fact, just coming there for human contact in order to feel needed).

On the Internet you can often meet today message worried users whose parents entered into one of the pyramids Prochuhan A.N. and Pestjuk C.Y. People are concerned about what their relatives do not listen, being convinced that they are now businessmen.



In such situations, people of advanced age it is rare when you can calm down yourself, then responsibility for the well-being of family lies with the children and other family members. Seniors often feel a burden, they are ashamed of what they are, as they seem to be unable to provide for his family or something to help the family. In such a huge upset, they can join a pyramid scheme, losing there in the end every penny.

It is known that the police of Kazan at the time, several times addressed the elderly statements. Fortunately, they were not women of timid, who told police about a scam immediately, as soon as they started offering to make a contribution. But if your family still believe and their scams to savings, urgently contact the police and Prosecutor’s Office. Moreover, You can seek help in making statements or asking you to defend Your rights to the specialists of our legal Department and our experts will render free legal assistance in return of stolen funds scams. In order to contact us, please fill out the form in the “contacts” section on this website.


Recall that the fraudsters fall under article 159 of the criminal code“Fraud”, with the clarification “in especially large sizes” and with the remark that the crime was committed “by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”. Moreover, this crime also regulated by article 172 of the criminal code  “Illegal banking activity”. Of course, no cost and no article 172.2 of the criminal code  (“Organization of activities to attract monetary funds and (or) other property”). Of course, we can also add involvement in a pyramid, which is also a criminal offence.