Looking for volunteers

The centre for support of international investigations announces the recruitment of volunteers, whose task will be to find relevant information about criminals and execution of a small set by Centre tasks for cash rewards (each task is promoted separately). Priority information like work current location of criminals, exclusive information about their lifestyle, real estate, property, relatives is evaluated in a specific order. All work is carried out within the legal framework without violating existing laws of the country of residence of the volunteer.

The recruitment of volunteers is open due to the presence of a significant amount of information in the network and the need for its systematisation. Further transfer to the regional units of the work Ministry, the police of Ukraine and other CIS countries, law enforcement agencies of Europe and all other subjects the presence of pyramid schemes, the founders of which are Prochukhan A. N. and the Konukh (Pestjuk) C.Y.

If You are willing to contribute to the restoration of justice at the international level, and also save hundreds of thousands of people around the world from criminals, contact us by filling the feedback form in section “contacts“.