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Ukrainian investigators received statements from Alexander Prochukhan deceived people back in 2013


It is no secret the fact that Alexander Prochukhan – founder of the financial pyramid Questra World. Based on data obtained by the Center for support of international investigations in the course of its study, has already collected sufficient evidence base to say that Questra World and other related projects (AGAM, QW Lianora Swiss, Five Winds) – is a fraudulent organisation.

On this aspect, it is possible to insist, as a minimum, because the promises declared by the user Questra World, were not just fulfilled but in fact grossly violated, were also not clarified to investors for the underlying risks when investing. All the events indicate that the founders Questra World, joining in the conspiracy, seized cash investors and through misleading them, spent appropriated funds in its sole discretion, not taking into account the legitimate interests of the owners of the funds.

However, as we learned in the framework of operational work, Prochukhan Alexander Nikolaevich has repeatedly tried to prosecute under article 190 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, that is, under the section “fraud”. According to the available help, 25 Oct 2013, at 15 am, in Central PB Dnipropetrovsk TH GODSWO appealed Trojan Aleksandr Viktorovich, a statement in which he accused Alexander Prochukhan in fraudulent activities. In a statement, Troyan A. V., reports that Prochukhan A. N. “fraudulently using a social network on the Internet got a hold of his money.”



источник: не разглашается

Note that by this time Alexander Prochukhan has already become a thousand, and MM to be in the role of acting head of the Vinnytsia office of a financial pyramid. As well as in the 2013 year, the man met Cheslav Yurevich Pestuk and agreed with the latter on the conduct of joint criminal enterprise in the field of fraudulent schemes, pyramid schemes and other scams. So, at the time of filing the Trojan A.V. in the name of Prochuhan Alexander Nikolayevich did claim, at least from the deceived depositors of MMM, as well as investors and, according to sources, the founders of the pyramids “formula”, “the golden section”, ” OilTransInvest, “that man has organized upon prior criminal conspiracy together with the above-mentioned Cheslav Yurievich Pestjuk.

Center for international investigations revealed repeated fact of appearance of sharply negative reviews on the Internet about fraudsters A.N. Prochuhana and Pestjuk Ch.Ju.




Thus, it is most likely that when more detailed verification sources of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries will be revealed even more statements not only on the fact of conducting criminal activities of a financial pyramid, owned by Prochuhan A.N. and its supporters but also by the fact of implementation of fraud directly Prochuhan A.Т. or Pestjuk Ch.Ju.

Known data suggest much greater numbers of actual material confirming the criminal aspects of the work of Alexander Prochuhan and Czeslaw Pestjuk (as organisers of the OPG), as well as their accomplices: Mamchur Constantine Bronislavovich, Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov, Juraev Fanis Timurovich.

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