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The True owners of Questra World A.G.A.M. Lianora 5WINDS FWAM – Part II


Earn $500 when you report AGAM QW 5WINDS & QW LIANORA to the Police

Dear Investors, several months ago some of us took on the task of reporting AGAM QW 5WINDS & QW LIANORA to local Police. Unfortunately, a lot of investors did not participate in this exercise because they thought this scam will continue payment in August of 2018. August has come and gone, and payment is still pending. I am sorry to inform you that the company is gone, and it is never coming back. It was a massive scam. A financial pyramid scheme. You may have lost your invested funds, but you still have a huge opportunity to bring the scammers to justice. To encourage you to report AGAM/FIVEWINDS to local Police I have teamed up with a well-respected individual who is willing to Pay $500 to anyone who successfully files a Police report. To spice things up further any referral will earn an additional $100.

However, this offer comes with certain conditions:
1) You must confirm in writing that you wish to participate in this offer to report Questra/AGAM to local police.
2) You must confirm your full names.
3) You must be resident in EU country including Russia, and you must confirm your location (City, Country)
4) You must confirm your phone number.
5) You must let us know the amount which was lost (without interest for period after pay-outs stopped, just invested amount).
6) You must obtain document from myself that must be filled out, printed and be ready to submit it to local Police.
7) You must review the dossier and get in touch with designated lawyers, if needed [lawyers contact details will be provided] for assistance in writing the police report. This service is rendered free of charge.
8) You must then go to the police and submit report along with the dossier provided.
9) I will need full details [confirmation] of police reports (department, phone numbers, officer which took the report, etc. except if filed online then I will need confirmation from Police with Crime reference numbers). These details are needed to merge the criminal cases with other Police Force in Europe which are currently investigating the matter.
10) After all the above steps are completed you must provide us a bitcoin wallet address to receive $500 compensation.