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The strategy of scams. How Prochukhan decided to avoid responsibility for the organization Questra World


When Alexander Prochukhan realized that it takes too steep momentum (talking about the growing wave of indignation on the part of the depositors of the pyramid after the cessation of payments) and need someone to throw off the reputation and risks of Questra World, he is not thinking decided that to blame in that, Pavel Krymov. The network some say that Pavel Krymov some time had relations with Questra World, but after you departed (as of today, we do not have real confirmation of this information). Assume that all this is just gossip and the result of effective black PR from the founders of Questra World — Alexander Prochuhan, Czeslav Pestjuk, Konstantin Mamchur, Stanislav Kravtsov, Fanis Juraev.

When pyramid Questra World collapsed in Kazakhstan and Russian citizens Fanis Juraev and Stanislav Kravtsov, as project coordinators in the country who chose to disappear from view defrauded investors, Alexander Prochuhan assessed the situation and developed a strategy to disengage attention investors and law enforcers from his person as Chief Executive Officer of Questra World. Usual for speculators method-by bribing stakeholders and frank, but well-planned, FIBS Alexander Prochuhan organises the exhilaration of bogus criminal cases on Pavel Krymov – ostensibly Pavel Krymov’s fault that Kazakh investors lost their money. According to our data, Pavel Krymov has not been in Kazakhstan for the period. However, Alexander Prochukhan, giving false facts, still managed to draw the attention of investigators to the right person. This situation Prochukhan used for their purposes — the campaign against Pavel Krymov is based on excitation of the criminal case against the men. Amid all these events erupted a real information war between Alexander Prochukhan and Pavel Krymov. Both sides start actively offensive, posting online information about your opponents.  The situation has changed, when Alexander Prochuhan, deciding to consolidate their position, finds their attack under Verdenames.

The real organizer of pyramid Questra World (Alexander Prochuhan), as part of its “investigation” suddenly finds: a kind of payment system Worldcore is a resource that belongs to the Artist (we will note, earlier the assets of Pavel Krymov with the filing of its opponent have been ranked as Questra World and AGAM, Five Winds, Lianora Swiss).

The latter described the events take place in autumn 2017 year- at a time when the pyramids Alexander Prochukhan stopped paying investors promised interest on deposits, and their organisers have brought multimillion-dollar sum to third party accounts.

Then, as abruptly and aggressively the company Worldcore was involved in this story, has forced investors to doubt that this organisation has at least some relation to the history of Questra World.


Moreover, it turns out that:

a) Paul Krymov no connection to the Worldcore has not, and Worldcore, in turn, does not belong to the artist nor the Questra World;

b) Worldcore is not a pyramid scheme, not an investment Fund, and payment system, registered in the Czech Republic, in 2014, moreover, owned by the EUPSProvider s.r.o. Structure, licensed by the Bank of the Czech Republic.

That is, the interest Worldcore, in fact, not that people were carrying deposits to the company, but to people exchange between the various currencies (including cryptocurrencies) through the services Worldcore — no profits, in addition to the reliability of the translation.

How exactly Alexander Prochukhan learned about Worldcore — hard to say. However, based on logic and available facts, it can be assumed that the events unfolded as follows: it is known that the Worldcore in a marketing campaign purchased the top banner on popular online, which, according to the team of Alexander Prochukhan was owned by Paul Krymov in 2015. The relationship seemed very clear: Worldcore gave money, Pavel Krymov advertisements on the banner. However, Alexander Prochukhan decided that Pavel Krymov wouldn’t hang themselves is another life and felt that Worldcore — this is the project artist. This method of thinking, of course, said not so much about the situation with Krymov, how about Alexander Prochuhan and his thirst for impunity in General. Indirectly this story, incidentally, confirms a certain detachment Pavel Krymov from Questra World