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The speaker Lianora Swiss Lyudmila Afonina was gone — revenge of the investors, escape or something else?


Not the last role in financial pyramids Prochuhan Alexander and Czeslaw Pestjuk speakers play companies. For example, the project QW Lianora Swiss has formed part of the “talking heads”. About the one, we published material on our Web site. Today we will tell about Ludmila Afonina: longtime liver of Lianora Swiss.


Lyudmila Afonina among the activists of the pyramid. The woman consistently involved in the video project of the company “the morning with Lianora” as a speaker. Its task is the recruitment of new followers of a financial pyramid, conflict resolution, born amid the wave of dissatisfaction of investors due to the lack of payments, presentation of the recent alleged news of the pyramid, the suppression of the public mind. The photo is something of a living advertisement — a living example of what Lianora Swiss works. Of course, all these promises the resumption of payments, assurances that all is well, informative talks — an outright sham. Beautiful scenery, behind which the endless void, and has long been derived from the accounts of the company millions of dollars. Moreover, I think someone is already understood.


In early August it became known that on the eve of his birthday Lyudmila Afonina was out of sight of investors. Her colleague Kira Antipina lives on behalf of the company announced to the audience that shortly the woman will not be able to go to broadcasts and broadcasting. At these words, the speculator broke down in tears, staged a real show live. Endlessly apologising, justifying the relation to females, theatrically wiping tears (it is worth noting that the uncontrolled sobs not even messed up the makeup of Kira) and withstanding Chekhovian pauses, Antipina trembling voice reported that something happened eerie — Lyudmila suffered for truth. Stumbling and stammering for half an hour Kira Antipina tried to squeeze a reason but never pressurised. Had to revise the record of ether several times to understand the following: Lyudmyla’s Afonina laptop was broken. Did it die by itself or because of pretty tired of waiting for payment and listen to the endless promises investors — hard to say. However, Kira Antipina hinted that equipment of Ludmilla Afonina failed due to certain people. Was sounded and the cause of this assassination.

In late July, Lyudmila Afonina came out live to say that everything published on the Internet a video about Questra World, AGAM, Lianora Swiss, Five Winds of a contrary character — an outright lie, the so-called fakes. During the broadcast, Afonina analysed possibly the most Frank videos. But not even that is astounding.

To our surprise, the latter demolished woman video was the attention, the official comment a press-the Secretary of the Department of economic security and counteraction to corruption Ministry of interior of the Republic of Tatarstan on the fact of searches at three offices AGAM, located in Kazan, as well as the subsequent criminal case under article 159 “Fraud”.

Anyway, after this “devastating” Lyudmila Afonina some time to get in touch. It’s funny that Kira Antipina in an easy Kvestra’s manner suggested users gather on a brand new computer for Ludmilla Afonina, while not forgetting to mention that on August 4, Lyudmila’s birthday.




Exceptional audacity. Moreover, there is a legitimate question: why this active, successful, financial guru, calling upon all around to join in the pyramid and promising to give people the opportunity to earn in a short time your first million, no money to buy new equipment? So, the shoemaker without shoes? We certainly understand that the representatives of the Questra World and other interrelated pyramids consider a loan somewhat humiliating, but so does most of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Although, maybe the Afonina’s loan simply was rejected — it is not surprising, given that the woman appears to be anywhere except Lianora Swiss not working (if one can call it to work)

Well, we recall: It is most likely that the CCRF, art. 159 (“Fraud”) will be applied to Ludmila Afonina, while adjusted for “in a group of persons by prior conspiracy.” Everything is an aggravating circumstance the fact that Swiss Lianora — a pyramid scheme (internal documents it instantly confirms, as even potential profit from “effective investments” will not cover the cost of interest payments) then the RUSSIAN CRIMINAL CODE, art. 172, involving illegal banking operations. Of course, no cost and no article 172.2 of the criminal code  (“Organization of activities to attract monetary funds and (or) other property”). Of course, we can also add involvement in a pyramid, which is also a criminal offence.

Moreover, in public places, by the way, and computers are not needed.