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The Questra World pyramid and its opposition website were created by the same people.


Our Center continues to collect information about Aleksandr Pan (Prochukhan), Cheslav Pestyuk and their accomplices, as well as about the pyramids organized by these people. We have obtained evidence that the organizers of Questra World became the direct initiators of the creation of the resource, which daily publishes materials exposing the allegedly true founders of Questra World.

At and on the official website of the pyramid a single attendance counter was installed. Of course, considering this, any argument that Questra World (as well as Worldcore) is an asset of Pavel Krymov becomes ridiculous and absurd. At least because now it turns out that the Questra World team launched a website on which they post negative articles about their own project, attributing that project to an outsider.


After this information had surfaced on the Internet, the team Aleksandr Pan (Prochukhan) hired to publish the post paid by the founders of Questra World, was quick to smooth out corners and present the information to users from a different angle. In particular, the pyramid activists declared the following: there is nothing terrible in the revealed facts, they were simply misinterpreted by the attackers – in reality, a well-known resource for checking domains allegedly linked both websites for a simple reason that both of them are attended by same audience of people interested in the situation.

For its part, the Center for Assistance to International Investigations warns that a single counting tool for the above-mentioned audience is installed on both and This means that both portals are controlled by the same people, and also that the same tool captures the flow of users on both and


To offer an extremely accessible explanation, let’s draw an analogy with a situation when two different people log in to any site through their accounts in the same social network. The primary tool in this situation is the very tool (account) through which both users are authorized rather than the number of their common, let’s say, friends on the site on which they are authorized.