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The history of the formation and collapse of Questra World. How Alexander Prochukhan organised the largest pyramid of modernity


If we are talking about artwork, this character may be compared with the classic image of Professor Moriarty was a criminal mastermind, capable of unfathomable riddles to confuse any police officer, not to mention ordinary people. But in our case, is a character from life, not from the action-detective, founder of the Questra World — Alexander Prochukhan.


What is known about the organiser of a financial pyramid Questra World? He hails from the Western Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa. Date of birth: March 13, 1985. In the past the man had a completely standard way of life: studied and worked. At the time, began his career as a businessman, opening a dry-cleaner’s “White Lily”. About any acutely outstanding achievements of Alexander Prochukhan, this period is not known.


However, with the new wave of MMM in 2011-the year everything changed. Future founder of his pyramid was a member of the structure is known as Sergei Mavrodi. It is precisely this sphere began to show Alexander Prochuhan. The man not only was able to advance to the “tournament” structure but also became the head office of the pyramid in the winery.


It was then that, as far as is known, appeared and the first mention of Alexander Prochuhan in MEDIA-left his interview in one of the Ukrainian Internet publications. It should be noted that journalists already not the most flattering way, the Vinnytsya office managers commented on the MMM-2011.

During the past year resuscitated the brainchild of Sergey Mavrodi advertised in Vinnytsk minibuses and trolleybuses. Then came the big boards and logos “MMM” on receipts of utility bills. Moreover, on March 17, in the building of one of the agencies on the high point of the official opening of the representation of the pyramid’. As explained by the organisers, the club’s office “MMM” will bring people to the system.

The fact that the financial “pyramid” sooner or later, crumble, and investors are left with nothing, all have long known. However, some people are willing to take risks and believe that they will have time to cut the cake, but the collapse touches “pyramid” when they “skim”. Who has not cursed “MMM”, which became a household phenomenon in our society, however, interest in it never wanted?

When real Madrid offered to write about the opening of the club, insisted that “MMM” will pay the article any content (i.e. both negative), the day has said that before will appreciate the text, and on the eve assured that he is not in need of material, so to pay definitely will not. In short, the “MMM” in his repertoire! In principle, this position corresponds to the slogan of the system, whose leaders declare that “do not guarantee and do not promise”. However, the case was not about the money, and in the public interest in the topic of “MMM”, so this writer decided to attend a club opening.

So, Vinnitsa club of “MMM” fully meets the office standards of our companies that make their employees believe in the “bright future” and improve their senseless training. One of the walls completely covers the poster arranged in a column four-digit colourful figures, graphs. In the eyes is full. To understand what was happening, “unenlightened” is impossible, and not necessary. Explain that this chart “the growth of your monthly promising well-being”, if you will make the system money. For advice on this issue, says “the thousand in” the system “MMM” Alexander Prochukhan and the club.

As you know, the last of the MMM pyramid does not exist. So Alexander Prochukhan took over the organisation of its structure – the more, the algorithm is the competent construction of financial pyramids he already had, thanks to the brainchild of Sergey Mavrodi. As the world saw the project “Formula of Money”, later recognised as a financial pyramid.



At the root of the Scam were Alexander Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestjuk, which by 2018 will become the right hand of Prochukhan and his primary partner in all subsequent scams). Even then men began to rely on the emotional component of a consumer, which, according to the plan of fraud, had to cling to the prospect of becoming rich and in no need.


The project was quite successful for the organisers. Moreover, like any Ponzi scheme, did not last long, leaving thousands of people after the collapse of the with no payments. The network so far is an extremely negative review about the project “Formula of Money”, and one of its organisers Alexander Prochuhan.


However, after a minimum period in 2013, Alexander Prochukhan together with Czeslav Pestjuk launching a new company – Questra Holding Inc. Main thing I wanted Prochukhan is to become the peak of the pyramid under which the rapidly growing base. Moreover, if the story of “Formula Money” all the actions were more reminiscent of the first independent trial, in the case of Questra was all very seriously – the scammers seem to have thoroughly prepared the launch and the extremely responsible approach to the development of the pyramid. Before the start of the company Alexander Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestjuk to the smallest detail thought out a beautiful story for “large foreign company”, who worked virtually around the world and attracting investment.

In some time the founders of the company made the rebranding, in which it appeared that pyramid which has deceived hundreds of thousands of investors around the world – Questra World. However, before the fraud was exposed, the structure flourished – Alexander Prochukhan and his companions engaged in an extremely aggressive public relations, all the relevant communities in social networks are literally invaded by advertising Questra World, as well as a number of its subsidiary organisations. The calculation was primitive: if you spend your money on advertising, you will begin to attract new depositors, the more depositors, the more stable the pyramid (at least because people have invested in something tend to justify their investment). Moreover, it should be noted that until they were all more or less satisfied. The participants of the pyramid received interest on deposits, the company is in no need of being able to organise your “business” in many countries, no one (except the founders of the project, perhaps) and never thought that all this would ever end.

Alexander Prochukhan, Cheslav Pestjuk and their accomplices – Stanislav Kravtsov, Konstantin Mamchur, Fanis Juraev – bright sported expensive suits, boasted of earned amounts, riding the most prestigious cars (Alexander Prochukhan, for example, bought a great red Ferrari), shooting compelling videos to promote pyramid.



The first person Questra World radiated success and prestigious life through your pictures and pages on social networks. Fun with unabashedly took shots that they chose the prestigious accessories, top up own car park, rested on a grand scale, anything does not itself denying. This is the kind of lifestyle they promised gullible investors, sometimes giving the money, believing the sweet songs of scammers. However, all the luxury and benefits, as it is already known, came to an end.

Like a snowball down the mountain creates an avalanche, a criminal case destroys the entire financial pyramid. It started, as it is known, Kazakhstan. This is where the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the validation of very surprised that some people collect money from the population under the above percentages. Audits began, which led to the criminal case. Moreover, then all the dominoes. After the collapse of the pyramid began in Kazakhstan, the collapse in Russia, Ukraine and all other countries where the company operates successfully, it would seem that the project was suddenly not just a questionable organization, but a whole set of recordable space, which is under the beautiful signs people donated money for the dream of a bright future.

At the time of widespread investor panic, the team of organisers Questra World is trying to lay low, pre-committing output all stored inside the pyramid funds to personal accounts. The company quickly begins to remove the social networks any previously published mention of the pyramid or even eliminate your accounts. Of course, all the noise around Questra World and the attempts of investors to find responsible for fraud is accompanied by the fact that each of the organisers of the pyramid trying to pass the blame on others. Under this “social Olympics,” it turned out to be a Pavel Krymov, which the scammers were quick to give the Creator of the collapsed Questra World and its subsidiaries. To completely cover their tracks and to enhance the effect of complete confusion about who should be responsible for Scam World Questra, the fraudsters are involved in the dirty games of the third-party organisation – the international payment system Worldcore. Alexander Prochukhan accomplices quickly create site “stopkrymov”, where he begins implementing its strategy to the diversion of suspicion from his person.

After the cessation of payments in the direction of the managers Questra World were questioned, began the outrage of the deceived investors began to appear statements to the police. As we know, in many cases in response to incoming complaints from private lost their investors ‘ money, the law enforcement officers just shrugged, people will have made deposits, signed contracts (mainly, which was not written down half the things that were discussed in the presentations for participants of the pyramid), there is no crime. But now, given the unique number of calls from citizens, as well as new opening about the scams, the facts, the situation is quite otherwise. For its part, our Center for the promotion of international investigations today is actively working on the discovery of previously unknown facts about Questra World and its real organisers to provide data for the investigation. Today the specialists of the Center gathered sufficient evidence is the guilt of Alexander Prochukhan, Czeslav Pestjuk, Konstantin Mamchur, Stanislav Kravtsov, Fanis Juraev – the true organisers of Questra World. All obtained during our investigation, the information will be published on this portal and also forwarded to the relevant authorities.