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The collective portrait of a typical Questra World activist – what kind of people Pan (Prochukhan) needs


The question on who exactly invested in Questra World deserves serious consideration. It’s clear that a sample consisting of several people will be quite specific and can hardly pretend to be objective. But if you look at the most active of them, you can try and identify common traits on the basis of which it is possible to draw expected conclusions.

We are not talking here about hundreds of thousands of deceived depositors. Neither are we talking about those who have been brazenly stripped of their last means of livelihood. Nor about trusting old people who have succumbed to the promises of the Questra World managers trained to kill with a word, just because these unfortunates were tired of being penniless. We will discuss the investors from these categories later.

We will now talk about those citizens who were once trained by Pan(Prochukhan), Pestyuk, Kravtsov and other Questra leaders to aggressively promote the pyramid. About those who, at some point, started to be (or, maybe, always had been) unmindful of whom they were trying to persuade – an invalid, a pensioner, or a single mother of many children. About those who, unfortunately,got once caught by the beautiful advertisement for Questra World, due to which they continue to emotionally support the Questra World, AGAM, Lianora Swiss,Five Winds, and other pyramids.

We used available information to derive a number of unifying characteristics of almost all the most active managers of Questra World.

Let’s start with Vladimir Kolosov. The principle on which we have based the selection is simple: enter ‘Questra World’ in the VK search engine – and you’ll be taken to one of the most highly-visited groups among the existing pages with Vladimir Kolosov –  indicated as the contact person.

Vladimir’s status is shown as the first official representative of Questra World in Ulyanovsk.

Further, you can see that after Questra World had gone under (August 2017), Vladimir for a long time tried to sell the company’s internal “currency”.


Secondly, which is also extremely characteristic, Vladimir Kolosov has without hesitation signed up to public pages “Success”, “I am a millionaire”, and “Capital” and has been reposting their articles regularly.

This allegedly financially-knowledgeable man behaves in the same way as anyone who has at one point or another fallen into the trap of Aleksandr Pan(Prochukhan). This, by the way, is an example of a classic befuddlement, when a person believes that the RIGHT words uttered – or typed, same thing, – by him magically alter the reality, making it more pleasant. He can’t write openly, “I don’t know where their money comes from, I just exchanged real money for funny numbers in my wallet and now they tell me that I’m rich” , for obvious reasons,.

As a result, the official representative of Questra World in Ulyanovsk, having already grabbed a whole bunch of the company’s internal “currency” once,turns out to be signed to Lianora Swiss (by the way, the public page is included in Favorites, meaning that he visits it frequently). Lianora Swiss is one of the pyramids Questra Holding has broken up into, and at this stage it is the most consistent attractor of Questra World’s “contributors”. This pyramid is headed by the same people.

The Center for Assistance to International Investigations has obtained information that it is representatives of Questra World in Ulyanovsk who can be called real rovers (this is the term investigators give to people who commit crimes in different regions of the country or even multiple countries). According to the information obtained, after the flow of claims from Ulyanovsk residents to law enforcement authorities began to grow, some of the said representatives left the region, moving to other cities and continuing to work up the population there.

Of course, in addition to Vladimir Kolosov, there are other users. For example, Anna Yuditskaya; everything about her is similar in all its manifestations: the desire for a beautiful, comfortable and carefree life, the lauding of the Questra World seminar conducted in a restaurant. Anna, just like everyone else, listened for a few hours to the well-known mantras: you are strong, you can, there are no such words as I can’t – only I don’t want to, all you need is to have a strong desire, we can offer you examples, etc. Such mantras very seriously affect the ability to critically assess the reality in gullible people lacking willpower and prevent them from noticing even obvious flaws in the logic of the manipulator.


The outcome turned out to be sad enough for Anna’s, judging from the following events of the 3 most-attended public pages: Part-time work for students, Delicious recipes, It’s all about love…

Or take Tatyana Vakhromeyeva. Here, too, one can see the very same traits as in the vast majority of Questra World’s activists – for example, a typical announcement “successfully succeed, because only success allows you to be even more successful”.


If you try to examine this ad, you will see that the woman speaks utter nonsense that has nothing to do with the somber world of finance:

1. “”Save to invest, not to save…” – save what? Money? Invest where? Is Questra World’s internal “currency” can be considered an investment?

2. “The only thing for which money should be saved is investments…” – if you think that way, anything can be called investments. Therefore, the slogan is so obvious that it looks outrageous, at the level of “when you drink water from a glass, please don’t choke”.

3) “Deposit your savings into guaranteed, secure accounts…” – Wrap a scarf tightly around your neck when going outside in cold weather.

4) “This will inspire you to increase your assets step by step” – increasing assets is a philosophical matter, to put it mildly: not everyone perceives it in the same way. For some, assets mean a certain set of material symbols (car, jewelry, brand-name items), and for others, say, the greatest amount of free time. However, we can add, if you look beyond the beautiful diagrams of the alleged growth and some obscure payouts, but rather at the person who had organized  all this and what this person had done before, you will save yourselves more frustration, money, and time.

5) “AND BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT AND FREE! …” You can become financially independent if your activities lie in the state of subsistence economy, in which case you really don’t need other people’s money and items. But how can an adult upon whom his loved ones depend become free – it is hard to grasp. We all know how often we want to do something but need to do something completely different. And it is not even the order of a police officer or law, but some kind of but an understanding with your loved one, which makes you do this and which is often more difficult to break than to comply with a formally adopted law.

If we single out all these people into a common group (there are hundreds and thousands of such managers all around the world), we can define the following traits common to all the activists of the pyramid:

1. Overestimating their value, which does not allow them to have an objective look at previous mistakes and listen to someone else’s opinion (even when such opinion is substantiated and obvious).
2. The lack of certain artistic taste – roughly speaking, these people enjoy things that are merely expensive, distinct by the high price rather than certain functionality. Simply put, for the most part, these people look at a certain thing not as something that should do some work but as something that emphasizes their high social status – “so that not to be ashamed in front of people.”

There is such a thing in psychiatry as “the mindset of a poor man” – a person’s pathological desire to create the illusion of wealth and luxury surrounding him.
3. A low level of financial literacy. Such people are a godsend for scammers. First, it is easy to instill in them the idea that the pyramid is the coolest project in the world, and that now they are not just the pyramid managers but financially independent investors and the masters of their lives. Secondly, such people are best able to find an approach to ordinary citizens like themselves, who have never really tried to understand the financial aspects.Thirdly, such people will not on their life suspect the organizers of the pyramid to be liars, thieves or even criminals – simply because they are sure they deal with truly successful people (sometimes, online photographs of people in luxury cars do magic). So, they won’t even suspect that these deities, the elite of this world, may do something illegal.
4. Sectarian thinking, inability to critically perceive the words of a “guru”, “successful businessman”, “the person driving a Ferrari”.

All this allows Aleksandr Pan (Prochukhan), Cheslav Pestyuk, StanislavKravtsov, Konstantin Mamchur, and Fanis Dzhurayev to successfully lead on people who are often highly educated and have a decent amount of life experience.

If you are a victim of fraudsters, fill out the form on our website; our legal department examines every appeal from the affected citizens addressed to the Center, providing legal assistance and standing up for the rights and interests of each deceived investor.