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Ten years experience in the pyramids can be real imprisonment for Fanis Juraev


Born in Tashkent, who moved in Moscow Mytishchi, Juraev Fanis T. (24.04.70) is one of the five key figures Questra World. The man is a bit older than his accomplices, but because in the network with subscribers and friends of particular information is not shared. Moreover, judging from surviving records and references to various venues, Juraev F.T. behaved much more reserved their partners —  Alexander Nikolayevich Prochuhan, Czeslaw Yurievich Pestjuk, Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov and Konstantin Mamchur. Moreover, if about the private lives of men know not so much information about their professional exploits Juraev Fanis willingly shared with everyone.


Colossal experience both in traditional MLM organisations, and base the pyramids made from instantly Juraeva Fanisa significant and valuable for Alexander Prochuhan person.

Juraev Fanis actively travels through the cities of Russia and Kazakhstan, is associated with the famous rogues Kairos Technologies (Incidentally, Konstantin Mamchur, being already in Questra World, spoke about the structure without much enthusiasm in one of your videos).


Amid all the other pyramids, which ever mentioned male, Kairos took place in the life of a seasoned MLM-provider very briefly.

On the personal page in Russian business social networks, a man among other things wrote about work in SWISS HALLEY AG-famous pyramid, which attracted people with promises of special conditions to travel.


In fairness, it is worth noting that opinions about the fraudulent is a project or not, is not found. However, netizens claimed that SWISS HALLEY from some moment went into close contact with the FireFlies-but the project is already long recognised scam, one of the founders of this project and stood Juraev In June 2014, hosted the first seminar of the pyramid, what man forgot to write in social networks.


Next on the reference appears Timurovich Fanisa Juraeva London Priority Club. Search engines emit sufficient feedback about the project. According to users, this is the standard pyramid, covered under the same as FireFlies, services for travellers. Active promotion of scam Juraev F.T. was engaged during the period December 2014 to April 2015. During this time, the man visited one town not far from one country trying to develop structure.


It seems that this company and had experienced “networker” start in life — a man noticed the founders of Questra World. At the beginning of the year 2016 well looking, based on the photo, Juraev Fanis begins posting pictures of offices with original white-red colours, from training and leadership workshops, where immediately managed to occupy a place of honour.


In addition to coaching activities, Juraev F.T. engaged in active promotion and popularisation of pyramid Questra World in Russia and Kazakhstan. Growth, which promised Juraev, was. Moreover, it was stunning-offices where everyone predicted a bright future from Questra appeared so quickly that in February the year 2017 Juraev collects a room of investors (about 1500 people).

We remind that Questra offices World-this is not some retail outlets for the sale of shares, bulletins and other things. In fact, it was something like “legal aid offices, whose task was to primarily recruit a non-smart human in neat red-white (according to corporate canons) Office. Task managers were ambiguous; they had to convince a potential investor that profits for the year of anything are possible, that 336% income per year is not urban legends and successful investment.

At first, everything went well. The interest of investors to the company, the opening of all new and new offices throughout the country. However, something happened that had to happen. MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS of Kazakhstan, seeing that appear like mushrooms throughout the country offices, obscure, in which people begin to promise abnormal wealth in Exchange for what they will give the company your money, start checking.

Juraev Fanis realised that the moment to act well and firmly came. He jumped into the already became the native Suburbs before the investigative activities. Everything came out as usual: criminal matters, frozen account, withdraw funds, closing sales offices, escape to other countries, particularly their leaders. Everything is about permanently closed the year May 25, 2017, then smiling businessman from Moscow region Kazakhstan nobody saw (pictured a man with his wife is Lydia Sabirova ‘ birthday).


What is Juraev F.T.-unknown, recent reports on its activities in Questra World date back to August 2017 onwards? Quite possibly, he reappears at seminars, in conjunction with the resuscitation Questra World, which Alexander Prochuhan scheduled for August this year.

Years of participation in the pyramids, many projects, thousands of deluded people involved in a pyramid of investors — it draws not a good picture of the future for one of the first persons of the Questra World.

Version involvement Juraeva Fanisa Timurovich to launch the second wave of the financial pyramid Questra World is worked out by experts from the Centre for the promotion of international crimes continues to collect evidence.