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Stanislav Kravtsov for many years hidden from the bodies of Executive power for 50 thousand rubles


Specialists of the Centre on a daily basis to facilitate international investigations carefully capturing the information about swindlers Alexander Prochuhan, Cheslav Pestjuk, Stanislav Kravcov, Konstantin Mamchur, Fanis Juraev – the real organisers of financial pyramid Questra World. Any received by the Center, information is checked for accuracy of the data, worked through any version.

Here’s what I managed to learn about one of the first persons Questra World Stanislav Kravtsova. The male fourth year must pay 50 000 roubles to the state Treasury of the Russian Federation. The amount seems paltry and even ridiculous if compared with all the Suite, which showed Stanislav Kravtsov in the network. Luxury cars, bundles of euros, dollars press, prestigious alcohol, Bohemian accessories, only the most expensive resorts and the bonus of always — shiny white smile, talking about the complete satisfaction of his status. With all the gloss, which peaked in the year 2016 – the height of World Questra, the basic obligations to the state by Stanislav Kravtsov are not met, as is not respected the criminal code and the laws of Russia whose citizen he is.


The amount of debt of 50 000 rubles was accumulated from 2014 and now consists of 26 enforcement proceedings. The main part of the debt (the debt of 21 of the 26) accounts for the fines. The remaining debt amounted to tax evasion, fines and court fees.

According to information received, Stanislav Kravtsov began to accumulate traffic fines in the 2016 year — at a time when a personal page on the social network male creates a separate photo album with the new car “Mercedes” under the name “purchasing a new car at the expense of investment.”



Recall that in Russia the law according to which if you have debts more than 10 000 rubles out of the country travel is almost impossible.