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Speaker QW Lianora Swiss Lyudmila Afonina “returned in operation” by means of extortion


“Investment expert” Lyudmila Afonina, representing a financial pyramid QW Lianora Swiss, returned in the information field of the project after a week’s absence. Earlier we reported that a woman has cancelled all upcoming webinars, online meetings and live broadcasts. The officially voiced reason for this was the fact that the failure of the laptop which belongs to Ludmila Afonina. As reported in recent online meetings, QW Lianora Swiss, it occurred with the filing of the attackers that allegedly brought the technique of the speaker down after Lyudmila Afonina made an analysis video investigation in four cases the financial pyramids ( including QW Lianora Swiss), trying to convince viewers that the videos are fake.

To our surprise, the latter demolished woman video was the attention, the official comment a press-the Secretary of the Department of economic security and counteraction to corruption Ministry of interior of the Republic of Tatarstan on the fact of searches at three offices AGAM, located in Kazan, as well as the subsequent criminal case under article 159 “Fraud”.

Information on what Lyudmila Afonina will not be able soon to go live gave a very emotional Antipina Kira coped with its task: tragically breaking down in tears during the broadcast, stumbling and throwing worried glances at the camera, the woman tried to explain what exactly happened. In fact, she did it very badly. However, the desired wow-effect was achieved: implicitly believing every word of the swindler, investors were pretty worried and scared is not a joke.



The purpose of such performance on the part of the citizen Antipin was quite simple — through self-pity and crying to get their way: to conduct a fast collecting money from zombified contributors to new equipment for Ludmila Afonina. In the end, a few days had collected a certain amount of money. How much was collected is not disclosed. However, at the beginning of the next broadcast, Antipina explained to the audience that now the victim “for the truth” Lyudmila Afonina can (quote) “to afford to buy the computer that helps it to work even better”. The question of why one who teaches thousands of people the proper investment, can’t afford to update equipment, no one had any.

It is a standard tenet of psychology: if the person previously had you have any service (for example, made a contribution, expanded investment portfolio, or at least did a repost), with the highest probability he will not be able to deny you service a second time (say, throw off your co-workers a certain amount for the purchase of computer). Anyway, very soon, it seems, the Saida Afonina Lyudmila is nothing to prevent purposefully to aggravate his articles on which it will be judged after the appropriate bodies will be prosecuted. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Also, we remind: It is most likely that the CCRF, art. 159 (“Fraud”) will apply to all managers and the first person centres, while adjusted for “in a group of persons by prior conspiracy.” Everything is an aggravating circumstance the fact that Swiss Lianora — a pyramid scheme (internal documents it instantly confirms, as even potential profit from “effective investments” will not cover the cost of interest payments) then the RUSSIAN CRIMINAL CODE, art. 172, involving illegal banking operations. Of course, will not do and without article 172.2 of the CRIMINAL CODE(activities on attracting money and (or) other assets “). Of course, we can also add involvement in a pyramid, which is also a criminal offence. Moreover, will cause a representation of the company interest and the Federal tax service, “tax evasion” — another article: article 199 “Evasion from payment of taxes and fees to be paid by the organisation and (or) the insurance contributions payable by the organisation — the payer of insurance contributions”.