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Representatives QW Lianora Swiss suppress the will of the people through “sectarian sermons.”


Center for international investigations conducts work aimed not only to publish available we have evidence confirming the guilt of Prochuhan Alexander Nikolayevich Czeslaw Pestjuk, Yurievich and other involved in some financial pyramids persons, which will be subsequently transmitted to the relevant authorities. Our organisation also pays great attention to assistance to the victims of the scams. Thus, our working legal Department, which experts will render free assistance in the preparation of appropriate documentation for subsequent transmission to the court or the police, the return of funds to protect their rights and interests. Moreover, he must protect society and prevent the emergence of new investors by informing potential investors about the potential dangers of extremely high risks, the consequences of investing in so-called hype-projects (pyramids).

Given the above tell you about the list of recently passed and proposed activities subsidiaries of a financial pyramid Questra World — company QW Lianora Swiss. In previous articles, we have already touched upon some of the main representatives of LionOre: Kira Antipina as well as her colleague Lyudmila Afonina.

Basic, perhaps a live speaker is Antipina Kira. This woman spends real “advertising mess” on cities of Russia. Previous experience Questra World shows that, in the future, most likely, the representative QW Lianora Swiss outside of the Russian Federation and will win the CIS countries, only multiplying the number of victims of financial pyramids, expanding the geography of the project, as well as increasing yourself prison term.

Visiting Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and many other cities in early August, the Director of the Perm branch of the pyramid held a presentation in Pervoural’sk, Perm and Yekaterinburg. Of course, in the process of recruitment involves not only the Perm team. In the official group of the company, QW Lianora Swiss consistently publishes news of upcoming seminars, training, presentations. Moreover, all would have seemed nothing. However, that’s the topic of the upcoming training that will be the 9th of August, for example, initially sounds weird. Representatives of the company declare: the training will deal with two questions. Moreover, now you should pay attention to the wording of topics:

  1. Man and his fears. Their role, importance and opportunity of each for further progress.
  2. The periodic shortage of cash and how to solve this problem.

The person who is not enveloped in the euphoria of the promised fantastic sized earnings for a company that, for a moment, did not pay any of his investors since September, it is obvious that this training is an absolute blatant provocation. In fact, before the coach would be to facilitate, not to teach or present at the training, and to weaken their will, cloud the mind, to affect the psyche and, worst of all, forced to accept the loss of large sums of money quietly, without panic and hysteria, without filing applications with the police and without any signs of indignation, anger, resentment, and anger that are a natural reaction of a person with a “sober” mind, when he is deceived. This is all extremely reminiscent of a sect, followers of which are “educated” in specialised closed (because illegal) churches, reading them a sermon, monotonous voices, and Stripping them of donations or contributions.


The specialists of the Centre of assistance to International Investigations were carefully studied to provide you with the information and be sure to instruct their elderly relatives, who, as the result of our expert’s analysis, is the most desirable target for the representatives of the QW Lianora Swiss.

Our database contains egregious cases of criminal activity of speculators, resulting in dire consequences for those who choose the pyramid of pensioners, which will be a exciting consequence — all these episodes will be collected into a single material and information published on this portal as another proof of the guilt of the representatives and organizers of the pyramids in the organization of fraudulent projects and deceit of thousands of people, including apparently in a helpless position.

Also, we remind: It is most likely that the CCRF, art. 159 (“Fraud”) will apply to all managers and the first person centres, while adjusted for “in a group of persons by prior conspiracy.” Everything is an aggravating circumstance the fact that Swiss Lianora — a pyramid scheme (internal documents it instantly confirms, as even potential profit from “effective investments” will not cover the cost of interest payments) then the RUSSIAN CRIMINAL CODE, art. 172, involving illegal banking operations. Of course, will not do and without article 172.2 of the CRIMINAL CODE(activities on attracting money and (or) other assets “). Of course, we can also add involvement in a pyramid, which is also a criminal offence. Moreover, will cause a representation of the company interest and the Federal tax service, “tax evasion” — another article: article 199 “Evasion from payment of taxes and fees to be paid by the organisation and (or) the insurance contributions payable by the organisation — the payer of insurance contributions”.