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QW Lianora Swiss continues doing web cleanup by deleting their social groups on social media


Suddenly and without warning, the most popular group dedicated to the QW Lianora swiss financial pyramid was shut down. Just in the name of fairness, we should point out that the page itself is still there but with a completely different profile, therefore, it makes sense to assume that the group has simply been given to other people. This is a common practice in the social networks – organizations which don’t want to waste time on community building buy public pages with an existing audience, modify the layout, direction, and content according to their profile, and begin running them in their own name. However, not everything in our story is as simple as it seems at first glance. We conducted a small investigation and found out who is in charge of the new page format now.
So, the group previously dedicated to Alexander Pan (Prochukhan)’s and Cheslav Konuykh (Pestiuk)’s two projects QW Lianora Swiss and Five Winds now offers cosmetic services in St. Petersburg. Judging from the community wall, the first post in the public page appeared at noon yesterday even though that morning the newsfeed was still full of posts about the financial pyramids, announcements about upcoming presentations in various parts of Russia, and the next Busisness Coffee broadcast dates. Traces of the group’s past can be found in the numerous reposts preserved in the smaller communities most of which have been created by the regional representatives of QW Lianora Swiss and Five Winds.

The group used to have 25,000 members. Instead of news about Lianora Swiss and Five Winds, all of them will now be following news from the field of cosmetology and laser hair removal. The subscribers list still includes the notorious Kira Antipina, Olga Kleynard, and Tatyana Gorbunova, activists of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan)’s and Cheslav Konuykh (Pestiuk)’s pyramids, as well as the scammers’ numerous followers, including Nazar, brother of the scammers’ right-hand man Konstantin Mamchur.

As we found out, this isn’t the first time the representatives of the Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, and FWAM pyramids resort to such emergency cleanup methods. Previously, they had already made drastic changes in their public pages’ profiles, names, and content, but until now, there had been no cases of the community leaving its usual financial medium and switching to a completely different industry instead of a new fraudulent project.

The group, newly dedicated to cosmetology, now (logically) has a new contact person. This is a woman by the name Evgeniya Sitobudskaya, née Anikina. The young woman’s page clearly indicates that its owner really provides services as a hair removal specialist. Here we need to point out that this woman now owns two practically identical groups. Evgeniya has been running the first public group for quite a while now and has managed to attract about 1,000 people to it; the second one is exactly the former page of QW Lianora Swiss, long considered the pyramid’s most popular and best developed group. It’s easy to assume that the young woman decided not to waste time on community building and bought an established public page with subscribers instead. To reiterate, transferring a group to private individuals is a frequent occurrence. However, there is a very significant “but”. As confirmed by the reposts on her page, Evgeniya Sitobudskaya, the group’s new administrator and owner, was at one point a Questra World investor.

Obviously, even if the cosmetologist did buy out the group, she did not do that on some market but strictly through connections. Moreover, there is no doubt that the woman was perfectly well aware of what exactly page she was acquiring. One of her friends is Alexey Smelov, a young man who at one point actively promoted the pyramid and was the administrator of several scammer groups. The Center is currently analyzing the connections between these people as well as the different hypothesis regarding the QW Lianora Swiss group’s emergency reshaping.

Note that QW Lianora Swiss was shut down back in the summer of 2018 as confirmed by the relevant documents, previously published on the International Investigations Assistance Center’s website. This did not stop Alexander Pan’s and Cheslav Konyukh’s pawns Tatyana Tarantaeva, Kira Antipina, Lyudmila Afonina, etc. from lying to the investors that the company is doing well, that (quote) it is “like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly“, collecting money from the investors to buy a Notebook for one of the pyramid’s spokespeople, and recruiting new people to the financial pyramid which had shut its operation down back in the fall of 2017 (and as early as the spring of that year in some countries).

On November 27, the day when QW Lianora Swiss’ official social media group was deactivated, the company’s YouTube channel was removed as well. The scam’s agents used it to air broadcasts for the “Morning with Lianora” (Business Coffee”) program, exert pressure on existing and potential investors, as well as transmit rumors and their own fantasies regarding the corporation under the guise of relaying official news.

” The channel had almost 15,000 subscribers. The spokespeople of the “Business Coffee” (alternative name – “Morning with Lianora”) program, Kira Antipina, Lyudmila Afonina, Olga Kleynard, and many others, used that precise page for their broadcasts. In our materials, we have repeatedly talked about these broadcasts’ lack of substantial content and have also offered consistent proof that those webcasts are aired for one purpose only – to suppress the willpower and conscious thought of the viewers who are still hoping to hear some news from the company representatives during the broadcast.”

What could all of these events mean? The same thing it always means in Questra World – most likely, that the pyramid is about to close down officially since its founders Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk) squeezed from it everything they possibly could in the fall of last year when they transferred all the investors’ funds from the company’s account to their personal accounts through “black-cash” tax evasion and legal persons in offshore companies and private enterprises.

Note that even though QW Lianora Swiss’ spokespeople are their investors’ main source of information, they never commented on the simultaneous disappearance of two of their communication channels. What’s more, shortly before the latest events, the women began redirecting the investors’ attention from QW Lianora Swiss to Five Winds with the sudden announcement that there are no premises for shutting that pyramid down.


Screenshot of the post published on Kira Antipina’s page

Obviously, there are no premises for shutting the project down just like there were no premises for closing down QW Lianora Swiss, terminating Questra World’s operations, Diego Martin’s departure from the company, the lack of the promised payment resumption in August 2018, and many other events.

All of this taken together indicates that the scammers are trying to cover their tracks and get rid of the compromising announcements, posts, photos, and videos. The reasons for this unplanned, emergency social media cleanup are being established. The International Investigations Assistance Center continues monitoring the situation and instantly providing the incoming information and the data emerging in the course of the investigation to the law enforcement authorities of several countries at once.