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Questra World promises to return, continuing to implement the list of defrauded investors.


Meanwhile, begin strange things around seemed to have collapsed a year ago Questra World. Recall the situation: any positive message from Alexander Prochuhan, Czeslaw Pestjuk, Stanislav Kravtsov, Konstantin Mamchur and Fanis Juraev investors ended in August of the year 2017, when hastily in freezing accounts of all depositors and withhold funds from the Organization Guide pyramid just vanished.

Alexander Prochuhan, together with its partner Cheslav Pestjuk withdrew means (the sum of the order of 30 million euros, but as “unconfirmed” data, the number of withdrawn funds can reach up to 50 million) at the expense of established previously by hackers company Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited. On the forums, this topic is actively discussed, users write the following:



What is striking, there is the Ukrainian version of the company, which is called “TOV “DEVELOPMENT DSTRAN ANALX CAPITAL”, and founders of this company three. In addition to Alexander Prochuhan and Czesław Pestjuk share in the firm had a certain Bishop of Victoria Valeryanovna (17.06.1984). During our investigation, it became clear that this citizen Nee wore the surname Pestjuk, indicating a direct relationship with Cheslav Yurievich Pestjuk. All data for these companies, we will gather in a separate article and publish on the website of the Center for support of international investigations.

If you follow the logic, after such a resounding failure of the company and of this scandal due to the freezing of accounts of investors around the world the founders of the financial pyramid should not simply disappear for many years, but behave all the time as quietly and neatly, without falling once again into the attention of anyone.

However, after only nine months of a Diego Martin in bad English starts to record video, which explains that all is not lost, there are options to revive the project, investors need to be patient. Says it all man from the face of the hopefuls for the post of General Director of Questra World of the person familiar with the situation and wholeheartedly cares for investors. Mr Martin already recorded several videos, and chat rooms actively engaged in the conversation, willingly answering questions. From the situation resembles the plot of a wonderful old song “all is well, beautiful Marquise.”



In General, the whole subject of this man is reduced to the thesis: “Gentlemen! Don’t be afraid! Keep dreaming, and your dream will come true! We will return and resume work! Just worth a little wait.” In General, a favourite thesis of Alexander Prochuhan or Czeslaw Pestjuk (and, of course, their associates): don’t use your head, vote your heart. To find any information about the man in the open access failed: every single foreign resource of top managers, news portals, websites with resume for job search treacherously silent. Moreover, then there is the question: if we assume for a moment that Questra World originated in Spain, being completely honest and legitimate multinational Corporation with billions in turnover of funds, would she take the post of General Director top Manager out of nowhere? World practice and experience really big companies show that corporations (especially in difficult times for the company) are invited for the post of the top Manager people well-known, skilled, reputable.

The situation with Mr Martin, it existed before today, clearly remaining incognito, leads to the conclusion that this disappointing regular hired Alexander Prochuhan and Cheslav Pestjuk actor, whose role is to the public promulgation of texts written under the dictation of the real leaders of the company, and suppressing unrest among the dupes fall 2017 year contributors.

In fact, nothing changes, the number of defrauded investors, not decreases, resentment and a desire to see Alexander Prochukhan in the courtroom (and even better to talk personally somewhere in a deserted place, staging a lynching) is growing at a rate significantly ahead promises to these people about the phenomenal growth in future earnings.

Conclusion there can be exactly one: these people with horror have realised, it seems that blame everything on Paul Krymov, Worldcore or anyone else did not. To them,  that everyone, for whom the play was played, realises: the actor, who played Pavel Krymov, is not Pavel Krymov and after he had received his fee (measurable dental services and diet pills), never appeared and “testimony” is not allowed.


However, there is another point: Russian resources of Prochukhan about Diego Martin stubbornly silent, as if it did not. Investors – Yes, flunked social sharing hopeful messages. In the end, when waiting for a year, and a couple of months to wait (as written by the investors involved in the discussions of the situation on the net).