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Questra organizers World partner Olga Klejnard was detained in Russia’s debts to 600 thousand rubles.


Centre for an international investigation earlier reported that Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov, right hand, organisers of Ponzi scheme Questra World-Alexander Prochuhan and Czeslav Pestjuk, issued 26 rulings forced seizure debts owed to the State, pending Federal bailiff service of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, totalling 50 000 rubles.

Also recently learned that at least one of the confidential persons of criminals, namely Klejnard Olga, is also under the scrutiny of the Executive authorities of the Russian Federation.




Quick reference

Klejnard Olga Anatolievna, born in 08.01.1962 
place of birth: Yakutia, Verkhoyansk district, POS. Ege-Haya
, Lives: Moscow 
 Relation to Questra World: repeatedly seen at meetings of top officials of the company together with Pestjuk Ch.Ju., Mamchur S.S., Kravtsov K. B. and others. The criminal gang led by Prochuhana Alexander Nikolayevich and Czeslav Pestjuk was the leader in an interlinked with Questra World pyramid QW Lianora Swiss. He was an active participant in discussions of matters of structure, systematically conducted online meetings with investors (existing and potential), entirely responsible for the development of QW Lianora Swiss in different regions of Russia and countries of Europe and CIS. Initially, as the Ambassador spoke directly in the Questra World.


So what exactly was the reason for the bailiffs of Russia turned their attention to Klejnard Olga? As it became known, a woman discharged from the writ of 29.01.2018, according to the decision of Kuzminski District Court of Moscow. From 17.04.2018 enforcement proceedings on the fact of non-payment of credit debt 628 071 rubles.

On the official website of the Federal bailiff service of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION noted that the arrears Klejnard Olga Nikolaevna on credit payments does not assume the mortgage debt.




If we take into account the amount of debt Klejnard O.A., we can conclude that, most likely, a woman has a ban on travel outside Russia. Moreover, that means hiding in another country (for example yesterday’s colleagues) from interested investigators and defrauded investors; it will not succeed.

Given the duty to state the size of more than half a million worth putting under doubt any assurances Klejnard O.A. about the possibility of higher earnings in Questra World (or its affiliated companies).

In view of the foregoing, there is every reason not merely to question the truthfulness of the words of a woman, but also to perceive Klejnard O.A. as a scammer, violating at least a ban on involvement in pyramid schemes (code of administrative offences, art. 14.62) as well as committed actions under art. 159 of the CRIMINAL CODE (fraud), art. 30 par. 2 of the CRIMINAL CODE (preparation of a crime and attempted crime), art. 178 CIVIL CODE of RF (invalidity of transactions completed under the influence of significant misconceptions), art. 179 CCRF (invalidity of transactions completed under the control of fraud, violence, threats or adverse circumstances), as well as some other rules, laws and regulations in force in the territory of the Russian Federation.