Prochukhan Alexander

Name: Prochukhan Alexander Nikolaevich

Date of birth: 13.03.85

Place of birth: Ukraine, Vinnytsia region, town Khmilnyk

Passport details:  АВ297973

Registration: Ukraine, Vinnytsia region, town Khmilnyk, street Vasiliya Porika, d. 17

Place of residence: Ukraine, Kiev


Role in Questra World

The organizer of the pyramid — the decision maker.

In addition to the unconditional coordination of the holding took part in conferences and leadership as a speaker, kindled the interest of potential and existing depositors of the pyramid talking about a beautiful life, personal photos, etc.

Actively participated at leadership, led the organization of meetings, special attention was paid to promotion strategy. In fact, he was a living advertisement of his own pyramid.

Together with his partner (Pestuk Czeslaw Yurievich) studied the withdrawal of the personal account of the company.

Projects beside Questra World



Formula Deneg

Zolotoe Sechenie


FD Invest

FCT Academy


QW Lianora Swiss

Five Winds

Alpha Cash


Golden Island

(organizer of all the projects except for MMM, MMM-2011 was led by Vinnitsa office)

Next of kin

Father: Nicholay Prochukhan, 12.12.61

Mother: Svetlana Prochukhan (Romanko), 26.03.63

Wife: Lily Prochukhan (Osuc), 18.02.90

Mother-in-law: She Osuc-Chernaya, 02.01.68


Relatives involved in Questra World

Sister-in-law (wife’s sister): Catherine Kulibaba (Osuc), 18.05.87

Passport: EP067210

The main beneficiary of the Questra World

The degree of relationship is established: Vladimir Kulibaba (Gaydarzhi)

Platinum agent Questra World, an active member of the Vinnytsia team Luxury Team, under the auspices of Alexander Prochukhan.

The location/ way of life today

Hidden. Pages in social networks frozen or abandoned. According to operational information, currently lives in Kiev. Rents in the most expensive area of the city. Reportedly a reliable source, Prochukhan Alexander is in constant fear for their lives. The object does not stay long in a place, trying to systematically change locations: many flights business jets proof. For your own sake the object turned to the services of a security Agency, whose officers accompanied the man during the rare movements in Kiev.

Pathological fear for his safety does not prevent the object lead an idle life, nor in denying themselves nothing. The attitude of the wife, with which the object brings up a small daughter, to the situation at the moment, the information Center is not provided.

Additional information

29.09.13 a man was attacked in the yard of one of houses in the city, dealing a blow to the head. In fact the incident was recorded appeal Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich in law enforcement.

31.05.13 in linear Department of the airport “Borispol” GUMVS in Kiev region received a signal upon detection of a citizen Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich 13.03.85 G. R. three gas cartridges caliber 9mm (such cartridges are used for the gas or traumatic weapon) in your hand Luggage during screening before boarding the flight “Kiev — Burgas” (Ukraine — Bulgaria).

Prochukhan Alexander is in the early development of the Center for the promotion of international investigations.

Installed it last contacts, the geographical movements, the closest circle of friends. Work in the direction of identify other incriminating biographical facts.

Information gathering continues.