Our Centre is open for cooperation with mass media and journalists of the CIS countries and Europe.
Not least, we highly appreciate mutually beneficial cooperation with opinion leaders in the YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and bloggers with a variety of target audience in many niches:

– investigative journalism (journalistic crime investigation, news coverage of all kinds of criminal activities, legitimate and/or trumped-up criminal cases, raider attacks of enterprises, etc.)
– legal (lawyer, social worker, etc.)
– political (investigation of millionaires scam, investigating corruption in government bodies – police, prosecution, government, investigative agencies, etc.)
– financial (banking, investment, trading, cryptocurrency, etc.)
– economic (the target audience is financially literate and/or rapidly educate an active and progressive population)
– IT (crime in the sphere of IT, hacking and all other types of digital crime)

Conditions with everyone to mutually beneficial collaboration with our Centre are discussed individually, including financial if necessary.

Collaborating with the Center You have the opportunity to not only display informational value but a one-time financial reward for assistance in the investigation of one of the largest international financial criminal groups of today.

In addition, You will make a mildly good thing, making a contribution to the deceived investors of financial pyramids Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management, QW Lianora Swiss Consulting and Five Winds Asset Management is probably at least partially returned to their deposits or at least received compensation and moral satisfaction from the criminal prosecution of Alexander Prochukhan, Cheslav Konukh (formerly Pestjuk) and their numerous accomplices and co-conspirators in the CIS countries.

Fill out the form below for consideration of the issue of mutually advantageous cooperation and our PR Department will contact you within the next working day to discuss all details.