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Mavrodi vs Prochukhan. Organizer Questra World follows the life of a world-famous swindler.


We want to clarify the following point: we all know the fate of Sergei Mavrodi. Insane (for its time) wealth, which he only could not use more than seven years hiding from the Interior Ministry, and remained a simple stolen Banknotes. All that the great speculator was left — about 28 million rubles — seized court, and the genius of network marketing lived quietly and modestly, without risking the extra time to go out. Than it differed from prison — hard to say.

However, in this prison, Mavrodi also was able to visit, finally a free man, he was only in the late 2000’s. Mavrodi’s death in spring 2018 and all struck by its absurdity: a stroke at a bus stop, a body about a week lying in the morgue, useless, after the financier had been cremated, while the brother of the deceased was strictly forbidden to bury a relative in the family vault.


Familiar with the phenomenon of Questra World people celebrate that Alexander Prochukhan very reminiscent of the legendary Mavrodi. Yes, Alexander Prochukhan spending thousands to 500 thousand dollars per month for all those services and products that it acquires. Thus, according to our data, people are forced to live in complete confinement, to move almost in an armoured car, accompanied by guards, the permanent experience is not only for their lives but also the peace of mind of relatives. According to the same Mavrodi, the prison became a place of escape for him, a place where the looming white light, the output of which did not have to fear and you can live.