Konstantin Mamchur

Name: Mamchur Konstantin Bronislavovich

Date of birth: 02.03.89

Place of birth: Ukraine, Krasilov

Passport details: НВ440363 (passport EE421552)

Registration: Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, St Zarechanskaya, d. 50, sq 42

Place of residence: Spain, Madrid


Role in Questra World

The right hand of the organizers of the pyramid Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich and Pestjuk Czeslaw Yurevich.

Actively promote the company across the geography of the organization, recruitment of potential investors in the field, oversaw the opening of offices (including main office in Madrid).

Projects beside Questra World




Mill Trade


Next of kin

Brother: Mamchur Nazar, 21.06.94

Brother: Mamchur Alexander Sergeevich

Daughter-in-law (wife of brother Mamchur Nazar): Gudima Ruslan Petrovna, 24.06

Relatives involved in Questra World

Brother: Mamchur Nazar, 21.06.94

(passport: NUDE 237020. Kremenetski the UMVS in Ternopilsky region 18 Listopad 2010)

The location/ way of life today

Not hidden. However, almost all compromising information deleted. According to the latest operational information, lives in Madrid (Spain).

According to preliminary data, is the coordinator of the new pyramid of the founders of the Questra World – Digithereum.

Additional information

The number one AM: ВХ0330АС

Despite the openness that is present in social networks, has a rather secretive way of life. With the collapse of the Questra World is missing the daily social media posts about the company. Despite the extremely close relationship with the pyramid in the past and promises of the representatives of the company to revive the organization in August 2018 year about his involvement in the project today does not apply.

Actual information about the involvement Konstantin Mamchur to a new wave of Questra World specified.

There is a collection of information.