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How speculators managed to circumvent the tax and economic crime in stealing $30 million from the accounts of financial pyramids


The first person Questra World radiated success and prestigious life through your pictures and pages on social networks. Fun with unabashedly took shots that they chose the prestigious accessories, top up own car park, rested on a grand scale, anything does not itself denying. This is the kind of lifestyle they promised gullible investors, sometimes giving the money, believing the sweet songs of scammers. However, all the luxury and benefits, as it is already known, came to an end.

Like a snowball down the mountain creates an avalanche, a criminal case destroys the entire financial pyramid. It started, as it is known, Kazakhstan. This is where the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the validation of very surprised that some people collect money from the population under the above percentages. Audits began, which led to the criminal case. Moreover, then all the dominoes. After the collapse of the pyramid began in Kazakhstan, the collapse in Russia, Ukraine and all other countries where the company operates successfully, it would seem that the project was suddenly not just a questionable organization, but a whole set of recordable space, which is under the beautiful signs people donated money for the dream of a bright future.

At the time of widespread investor panic, the team of organisers Questra World is trying to lay low, pre-committing output all stored inside the pyramid funds to personal accounts. The company quickly begins to remove the social networks any previously published mention of the pyramid or even eliminate your accounts. Of course, all the noise around Questra World and the attempts of investors to find responsible for fraud is accompanied by the fact that each of the organisers of the pyramid trying to pass the blame on others. Under this “social Olympics,” it turned out to be a Pavel Krymov, which the scammers were quick to give the Creator of the collapsed Questra World and its subsidiaries. To completely cover their tracks and to enhance the effect of complete confusion about who should be responsible for Scam World Questra, the fraudsters are involved in the dirty games of the third-party organisation – the international payment system Worldcore. Alexander Prochukhan accomplices quickly create site “stopkrymov”, where he begins implementing its strategy to the diversion of suspicion from his person.

After the cessation of payments in the direction of the managers Questra World were questioned, began the outrage of the deceived investors began to appear statements to the police. As we know, in many cases in response to incoming complaints from private lost their investors ‘ money, the law enforcement officers just shrugged, people will have made deposits, signed contracts (mainly, which was not written down half the things that were discussed in the presentations for participants of the pyramid), there is no crime. However, now, given the unique number of calls from citizens, as well as a new opening about the scams, the facts, the situation is quite otherwise. For its part, our Center for the promotion of international investigations today is actively working on the discovery of previously unknown facts about Questra World and its real organisers to provide data to the inquiry. Today the specialists of the Center gathered sufficient evidence is the guilt of Alexander Prochukhan, Czeslav Pestjuk, Konstantin Mamchur, Stanislav Kravtsov, Fanis Juraev – the real organisers of Questra World. All obtained during our investigation, the information will be published on this portal and also forwarded to the relevant authorities.



источник: почтовый ящик Прочухана Александра Николаевича

Further leaving the tool has a purse of over crypto exchange or non-legit casher on a previously registered in the name of Alexander Prochuhan Chinese company, which we wrote about earlier-Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited.



Note that the staff of the Centre were also found the eponymous company registered in Cyprus. The firm existed in the period from 2013 to 2015, its Director was listed as a certain Olga Matyushina. Most likely, this organization was used by fraudsters to withdraw funds from other pyramids criminals.



Moreover, as can be seen from the extracts from the register of companies in Ukraine, scammers have registered the company “development, Distribution Analytics Capital”. The owners of the company – Alexander Prochuhan, Czeslav Pestjuk, and Biskup Victoria (née Pestjuk). Prochuhan A.N. belongs to 50%, 49%, Pestjuk Ch.Ju. sister (allegedly) of Pestjuk – Biskup V.V.-1% in the share capital of the company, which is only 10 thousand hryvnia.



Taking into account the personality of fraudsters, it is reasonable to conclude: obviously, to register the same company in China and Ukraine, it was decided to make triple deep cleaning of depositors ‘ money AGAM with a purse of Perfect Money to Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange or illegal cashiers, further, at the expense of the Chinese company, and it has a completely legitimate reason these funds can be sent on the same Ukrainian company of the group in his native Ukraine under the guise of investment of the parent company with fictitious contracts. Thus, the money in the pocket already washed and clean. The activities of the Ukrainian company provided the construction of buildings, wondering which buildings the scammers can also build pyramids or personal cottages?

Also when checking the address to which a registered company “Development Distribution Analytics capital, revealed the fact of registration of another company already owned by Czeslav Pestjuk Y. Kulibaba Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Prochuhan’s Alexander Nikolayevich wife’s sister. Thus, it became known that the address of the registered OOO “Andora Private” dealing, according to NACE, the organization of construction of buildings.




It is obvious that this organisation has also been used to withdraw funds, investors financial pyramids, organised by Alexander Prochuhanom and Cheslav Pestjuk, on personal accounts and their continued personal use. Such multi-stage operation is a great way to not only cover their tracks and to avoid unnecessary attention to tax or law enforcement, but also keep to the strict minimum the risks be convicted for fraud on a large scale, dodging from taxes and other articles of the codes of countries in which the crimes were allegedly committed.

Most likely, the fraudsters were, or to cash out the money through fictitious contracts, or indeed to invest in the construction, the purchase of real estate. According to preliminary data, similar scheme scammers used several years ago. On the Internet remained a mention of past scams-criminals according to the eyewitnesses, Alexander Prochuhan and Czesłav Pestjuk in the year 2013, organising several pyramids, also engaged in withdrawal, and they were able to afford expensive machines as well as real estate. Of course, messages in unknown networks – a very weak argument, basically expressing a purely personal opinion of the author of the entry, and usually containing only his guess, rarely documented. However, the Center for support of international investigations for their part, it is known that at the time, Pastuk Czeslaw Yu was engaged in the sale of luxury cottage 2015 built in one of the new (at the time) districts of Grodno (Republic of Belarus), photographs of the repairs which the man willingly shared in social networks with subscribers. This fact makes the match all the available facts, combining them into a single picture. About it, we describe in detail in our next article.