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In how many financial pyramids were seen Stanislav Kravtsov for the last five years.


One of the principal assistants of the real founders of the Questra World got Kravtsov Stanislav Sergeevich. Based on the information you have gathered and analysed the Center for support of international investigations, Stanislav Kravtsov played a role in the informal Affairs of the Scam. The man (as he wrote about himself) was the official representative of Questra World in Russia and the CIS.


To participate in the life of a financial pyramid international scale, Kravtsov Stanislav already had experience of promoting such fraudulent projects. According to information at our disposal, the man was to go to another pyramid known as ABC finance, in the 2014th year. As far as is known, in combination Stanislav Kravtsov was one of the first persons of the company.


Looking ahead to say that much later, after about 3-4 years, will see the light of the new pyramid Golden Island, organised by the creators of Questra World – an exact copy of ABC-finance, so actively promoted in the time Stanislav Kravtsov. As an example, published a screenshot of the text on the official website of Golden Island.


In addition to ABC-finance man was spotted in the fraudulent formula project money based all the same Alexander Nikolaevich Prochuhan and Cheslav Yurievich Pestjuk was speaker of the Midas project in doubt-Club».

However, the first office Questra World in Russia has become a real springboard for Stanislav Kravtsov. It seems a man so believed in their power and impunity of its action, which for five years has not changed nor email addresses, no phone. The only thing he did business from several accounts in the social network. The exact nature of these phenomena we are not yet known, versions are fulfilled. — today removed — today removed (8/04) is to publish evidence of payments (8.04)-Kvestra (8.04) — status: the official representative of Kvestra holdings in the CIS

To promote the project Stanislav Kravtsov began aggressively, trying to hide the old traces of the crime, where he promoted other scams.

Allegedly at the instigation of Kravtsova, Questra World employs the best financial analysts (whose salary, however, totalled from 200 to 5000 dollars). With it was held “the First Academy of leaders”, all talking heads which was, in his own words Kravtsov, millionaires. Also, since the emphasis at the moment seems to do to people who do not have the full financial literacy (for the best target for Questra World), everything went according to plan scams. Especially clearly looked themselves calls: “stupid jealous”, “it’s time to rise from knees”, “time to make money”, etc. It is clear that this is not economic imperatives, and the first pressure on the psyche: easy to lose vigilance, when you personally millionaire says, “stand up and get rich, I will help.”



On display male elite aired a picture of his life, which was all: luxury cars, resorts, gadgets. All this served as an attraction for future investors, bringing even more revenue as personally Kravtsov Stanislav and the main founders of the pyramid, respectively.
 In addition, Kravtsov told about specific private academies, which, according to him, all were awarded prizes ($10 thousand and the gold cufflinks he said the same), and Cuban personally wrapped cigars to the audience.


In fact, as practice shows, at best, it was just a corporate Scam, which brilliantly walked on depositors ‘ money.

In the past, a resident of Podolsk, Moscow region (according to recent reports, there Kravtsov Stanislav lives today) drowned in the Metropolitan life. Internet they began to spill out tons of photos with the attributes of luxury.

It seemed that nothing could stop “held millionaire” – people, out of his head, believed every word Kravtsov Stanislav and his partners, money flowed into the pockets by the river great riches lured and forced to lie to people again and again. The next revolution in the history of Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov became Kazakhstan there along with fellow Fanis Timurovich  Juraev, Kravtsov was supposed to open offices Questra and begin to serve the local population. However, as already known, Kazakhstan became the last point in the life of Questra World. It all started in the same bombastic and aggressive: a bunch of new offices, substantial kickbacks PR, but when all those interested in the Kazakh Prosecutor’s office, and crowds of depositors ran to withdraw deposits, sensing something was wrong, the capital’s crooks with bags of money intended for payments, rushed to their heels.


Fate Questra known – losing part of the Foundation, the pyramid began to crumble, and the recent positive news about the Questra World is August 2017. However, now the company has again made itself felt, but this is another story, which will be discussed later.

Our Center was able to find out what is Stanislav Kravtsov Today — on this subject we will prepare detailed material evidence, in a short time, it will be published on