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How old shines Grushko Tatyana Sergeevna for aiding the founders of the Questra World


Today we are going to focus on the Grushko (née Zhurba) Tatyana Sergeevne, born in 09.05.1991 Miss has played a significant role in the Affairs of the Questra World and the life of the founders of the pyramid. Being responsible for PR, Grushko T. S. had an extensive range of responsibilities. Some of them were, as it seemed at first glance entirely peaceful and a standard for the specialist of the promotion Department: to shoot it, find the author’s articles, translate text into several languages and further. However, if you understand how and for what purposes it was all done, it becomes obvious Grushko Tatyana was a direct accomplice of the Scam and now risks as well as frauds, to be in a brief time in the dock.

Exactly Tatiana became the coordinator of the campaign in a very aggressive black PR Paul Krymov and Worldcore. We’re in this posting I want to convey to all a simple truth: importantly, speculators, rushing hundreds of thousands of people for money, must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. First and foremost, we seek because thousands of more people are still under the threat of being cheated, to replace the already dead projects Prochuhan A.N., Pestjuk Ch.Ju., Mamchur K.B., Kravtsova S.S., Juraev F.T. came new.

So, Tatyana.


Traceable career path Tatyana Grushko began in the office of the company “Technosoftware” the father of Tatyana, Sergey Grushko. Working under the wing of his father, oddly enough, was the starting point in the history of relations between Tatyana Grushko with the first persons of Questra World.

At the time Tatiana met with Alexander Prochukhan. How big and gold was the mountains that Prochukhan A. N. promised Grushko T. S. it is hard to say, but Tatiana rushed into the maelstrom with his head. The first thing she started to do is look for SMM-editors and copywriters to Alexander Prochuhan and pyramid Czeslav Pestjuk Questra World, by using the parent company. Tatyana Grushko through a pad of dad’s “Technorati service” it looked not so bad in the end, nothing would seem to the criminal the girl did not. Tatiana’s brother, Yuri, was not entirely pleased with this initiative (which is evident from the correspondence provided by the source).

Onwards and upwards. Alexander Prochukhan and Czeslav Pestjuk appreciated the talents Grushko Tatyana, with its desire for personal gain, and appointed the girl is the head of the PR Department of the holding. The newly minted coordinator of the promotion Department was responsible for almost everything. It was given responsibility for virtually all of the marketing processes — it was necessary to write and translate the texts of the pyramids (Questra World, Questra Holdings, QW Lianora, 5 Winds, AGAM, a lot of them — soon and talk about them), to organize black PR for competition (i.e. write fiction all about base, whom Alexander Prochuhan and Czesłav Pestjuk cheated, cheated or would substitute), ordering equipment for PR-actions, for them to compose the texts.

For custom articles, aimed at creating a negative image of competitors, I want to dwell. Or rather, now it becomes clear: the first names of Questra World, in General, do not think of anything original, hard wander for a long time well off the beaten track in trying to shift the responsibility for his own organized tent to Worldcore and Pavel Krymov.


The main professional feature of Tatiana (which is evident from the correspondences involved in the network that are issued, apparently, is especially grateful clients) has the ability to lure customers non-financial indicators or reports (well, who needs numbers?), and catchy slogans, beautiful pictures and a charming smile. In General, as in the wonderful 1990s.



Note that another feature of the shooting of the promo video in which the actors talked about their financial successes in the pyramids of Prochukhan. Not just people who are lucky, but just actors.

Paid actors, by the way, very original – some, for example, has agreed to shoot literally in exchange for dental treatment at the dentist. In such shots especially, one stands out: asset Questra World instructed Grushko T. S. pick an actor for the role of Pavel Krymov, to confess to men.



In the end, it all ended quite predictable: when it was filed the first criminal case upon the organization of financial pyramids Questra World and AGAM (of which we will soon write), the assets of the company fled and went underground, from there, coordinating the work of Tatyana Grushko, who continued to stoically defend the name of their employers, with even greater zeal taking off them and trying to form public opinion favorable to Questra World.

Grushko Tatyana Sergeevna knew who she is and what he does. Moreover, the girl knew the results of their actions. Thus it turns out that on the face of the activities Grushko T. S. there are at least signs of a crime under articles of the criminal code of Ukraine:


article 396 “Concealment of crimes.”

  1. Not promised harbouring grave or particularly grave offence 
shall be punishable by rigorous imprisonment for up to three months, or restriction of the will for a period of up to three years or imprisonment for the same term.
  2. Not subject to criminal responsibility for in advance not promised concealment of crimes, family members or close relatives of the perpetrator of the offense as defined by law.

Church 256 “assist participants of criminal organisations and concealing their criminal activities.”

  1. Not the promised assistance to the participants of criminal organizations and concealing their illegal activities by providing premises, storage, transportation, information, documents, equipment, money, securities, as well as not promised other steps to create conditions conducive to their criminal activities, 
shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term from three to five years.
  2. The same acts committed by a public official or reused,-
shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term from five up to ten years, with denial of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in specific activities for up to three years.