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Golden Island is a new scam project that grew out of the old pyramid of Questra World founder Stanislav Kravtsov


One of the projects of Aleksandr Pan (Prochukhan) is a creation of a certain community of “professional investors” named Golden Island. At first, it is not immediately clear what Aleksandr Pan (Prochukhan) and Questra World have to do with it, but if you look in more detail, something becomes clear. One of the main representatives of Golden Island is Stanislav Kravtsov, the same man who helped the Questra World’s co-organizer Fanis Dzhurayev conduct Questra World activities in Kazakhstan.

To develop public pages in a social network, you need to apply some effort, since the contingent of public pages about easy money-making schemes is specific and it needs to be obtained from somewhere. Creating from scratch means spending on advertising and promotion, which first of all means time. Yet, if you take and clean up an already existing public page from wayward records, pictures and other things, it can be used again under a new name.It’s not enough to delete all records with the words Questra in them; you need to take a more careful approach. Here, for example, is the news posted in the above public page at the beginning of 2015:Meaning that, in fact, the formally non-involved public page at one time was engaged in PR of the ABC-Finance Community. You can also use the search engine, which, among other things, will display an article with the following content:

“Well, in the end I would like to write so that everyone knows – this ABC-Finance is just another con;you will need to buy the training that nobody needs for 1000 bucks, undergo it,and then also sell to the suckers like yourself and get percentage for it and,like, live on this money in Bali or wherever else they are, but it seems to me that they all live in Thai)). A typical pyramid, MLM, MMM, or whatever else is there)), only instead of selling air you sell training no one needs for mad bucks.Of course, it would be nice if this is exposed, so that people understand and refuse to be conned.”

So, the public page used to belong exactly to the said ABC-Finance Community, which was the same type financial pyramid as, for example, Questra World or its follower, – the Golden Island project.But if you look closely, you will notice yet another interesting point. Who is responsible for the payment of cash compensation? Answer: Stanislav Kravtsov. Here we can also mention a video once recorded by Kravtsov.If you consider the rest of theGolden Island activists, you can trace the pattern – almost all the public figures of the pyramid are past supporters of Questra World. Let’s look at the timeline of the official Golden Island page in a certain social network. May 24, 2018, Rinat Shagimardanov. Rinat tells how he flew from Novosibirsk, about the fact that the signal in Moscow is good, about his partner Igor Bobrov. Afterwards, he starts on the purchase of packages “at least for $35,” and so on. In short, everything as is customary for posts of the pyramids. But what have the trader Rinat Shagimardanov done before? Answer: he actively promoted Questra Holding.This means that the Golden Island’s speaker is a person who in the past used to “earn” on Questra. And there are a lot of such examples – they are all on the surface, you just have to look more closely. Anyone who is now talking about the high profits in Golden Island, has at some point been involved with the Questra World scam.Based on the many examples we have at our disposal, we can conclude: all the leaders, the so-called talking heads of such companies are always well aware of what exactly they are promoting.These people are in the know of the previous names of the public pages where today, they promise immense earnings. All these representatives of various companies knowingly and very well understand how it will all end.