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From thousanders MMM to the Scam that deceived hundreds of thousands of people. Why the pyramid has collapsed and what will happen to crooks today


When we say “Pyramid scheme”, you generally mean something reminiscent of a classic the brainchild of Sergey Mavrodi “MMM”. This is easily explained, as this structure has become a landmark in the former Soviet Union and became a symbol of irresponsible financial relations.

However, the big shock that happened after the crash of MMM left a good vaccine post-Soviet people. Any man that promises profits from attracting them as new shareholders, immediately put 2 and 2, sees obvious similarities with the MMM and usually runs away from such a relationship.

So the era of financial pyramids virtually stopped in 2000 years, and the revival of these companies began in 2011 when, on the one hand, the financial horror of the 1990s already rusty – rose people for whom it was a history lesson, not a life lesson. It was then that Mavrodi had opened MMM again. However, the new pyramid is different from the old: instead of aggressive lies, it’s a lie measured, giving a certain reality of the situation. We can say that it was a pyramid 2.0, among which appeared Questra World.

The founders of this pyramid can be named Alexander Prochuhan, Konstantin Mamchur, Czeslav Pestjuk, they created the first offices in Ukraine. Also not to mention their Russian and Kazakh colleagues – Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Juraev (in General, both now live in the suburbs).

Questra World, of course, was not the first. Before all these sharks investments have already tried their hand at MMM-2011 (led offices), financial pyramid “formula (were organisers), and Vyacheslav Pestjuk so far taught people Astral practice. A cursory glance through the previous activities of these “entrepreneurs” is enough to understand firmly: no honest money, no financial skills, they have no relationship. The only thing they are good at is to pretend, to create the image of successful people and exchanging it for money and financial expectations from naive fellow citizens.


Questra World itself, of course, was arranged in the light of previous errors and experience, the accumulated data characters. Firstly, Alexander Prochuhan and his company, knowing the propensity to see compatriots in Europe some samples of truth (just about this time in Ukraine finally formed a dream of joining the European Union, visa-free regime and more, which eventually led to the famous events), make the site with the European domain are registered offshore in the British Virgin Islands and Cape Verde, rented an Office in the Spanish city of Murcia. All of this was according to the legend, emphasising Spanish (and wider European) origin of the company. The Office, which is typical, judging by caught in the disposal of the Centre for the promotion of international investigations correspondence, emigrants from Ukraine — Ekaterina Levitskaya and Eugene Dudka.


Tellingly, at a time when Konstantin Mamchur tried to expand Questra World in Eastern Europe, it quickly stopped law enforcement agencies – the company’s knowledge, engaged in and the Spanish Prosecutor, who immediately stopped to visit the office in Barcelona, after which he was hastily closed, as Levitsky and tune rightly considered that to sit for someone else’s fraud — not very interesting abroad.


The second point was the fact that Alexander Prochukhan and his accomplices tried to come up with the story of his pyramid. History is necessary, as the monument technically cannot exist for long. Just at some moment of forces to attract new victims is not enough because the target audience almost all captured. Withdrawal begins to prevail over the input — and the pyramid of natural causes begins to crumble. Moreover, people feel that: the office, which is on the market less than a year but offers very unusual conditions, much more interesting than banks, known suspicion.


However, if people see a story, it begins to seem that the worst case is just talented rogues, who know what they’re doing (Yes, really know), and so now nothing will crash. To give the experience of the founders of the pyramid invented that supposedly Questra Holdings Inc is the new name and before the company was called SFG Group and worked on the market since 2009. Of course, to the physical reality of these words had no relationship -it was the case another lie.

To broaden the base and attract investors Prochukhan Alexander and his cronies decided to use the MLM scheme, multi-level network marketing. In practice, this meant that prospective investors would receive 5-7% a week. Making payments was due to a very deep affiliate program (refer-a-friend), which rewarded not only the man who has led his friend, but also its entire structure to the top. For this purpose, Questra Holdings allocated to 15% of the funds received from depositors. Victims worked in rather a first scheme, by submitting the contract of investment, of course, on behalf of the offshore company. Also, taken unverifiable payments via the Internet, allowing the transfer of funds via a website, in this case, any agreements never concluded.

However, all this is very quickly covered. It turned out that the payment system Perfect Money has been recorded on legal and physical person, and not in Spain, and Ukraine, and an office in Murcia was just for the photos, as these Directors was assumed (the founders of the pyramid took the pictures from the Internet, signing their fictional names). In the end, Prochukhan realising that once again sat in a puddle, quickly played it back, beat, dividing the company into two and modifying the brand. After this Scam, it was decided to play all in quantity.



Using old ties (especially here scored Konstantin Mamchur) Questra World rapidly expands its network of showrooms across Ukraine. Legally the salons only advise, nothing to offer and nothing to sell, but in fact, the managers of Alexander Prochukhan corny lied to, brainwashed and forced people to invest in Questra, take for making deposits loans and sell the property. No economic, financial or logical arguments in favour of the company was not given, was just a lie, mixed with psychology (you underpaid, and you deserve more? higher education and have never been abroad? afraid to lose, and you have missed the most precious — time. etc.).


After Questra World occupied the whole of Ukraine, it began to leak as neighbours in Russia and Kazakhstan, and in Central and Eastern Europe, in Poland and Germany. However, it was already the final chord.

It all ended exactly as it should have been the end: supposedly European company allegedly engaged in a profitable investment business, diligently paying profits to those who attract new “investors” at some point accumulated according to different estimates up to 700 million euros (for comparison, in 2018, Ukraine spends on the culture of 128 million Euro, and to support agriculture 237 million euros), the company rapidly collapses.

It all began with Kazakhstan, where the criminal case had been opened, investors, noting how quickly disappear offices, which seemed to be the elevators of the future, rushed to withdraw funds, which, as we know, is a collapse of any financial pyramid. Because the pyramid is alive only till that time until it arrives the funds.



Alexander Prochukhan and his accomplices first tried to resist and then began to scatter to the sides, averting suspicion from himself stakeholder involvement in the Scam. Guilty of all sins has appointed Pavel Krymov, who if had something to Questra World, it just was neither an ideologue nor anyone from the management team, and themselves fled in all directions, taking with him remaining inside the pyramid depositors ‘ funds.

Not quite clear, what will be the final chord for this event, to escape from domestic, at least, justice is possible only to the West, and there, as practice shows, glad to Russian crooks. Not in the sense in which would be happy and the criminals. Regulators in many countries have already officially announced to its citizens that Questra World and AGAM (and, respectively, and the remaining projects of speculators) to have benches (in other words, fraud) in which to invest is not worth it.



The bottom line is these people are today in the hands of the dubious money that can be withdrawn at any time law enforcement officials, the rupture of relations with all friends and relatives houses, and very insecure privacy, which can break the deceived investor, and perhaps a representative of the law and of the law.