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Friends of Alexander Prochukhan admitted that the Ukrainian mafia has long covered the swindler


Within the framework of its own investigations with a view to providing all newly opened information centre for the promotion of the relevant bodies of international investigations not just revealed the involvement of Prochuhan Alexander Nikolayevich, born in Khmelnik, Vinnytskaya Oblast, in the financial pyramid МММ-2011 “, but a fraud with a view to acquiring foreign assets and then using it for personal purposes.

So, on the Internet the specialists of the Center was discovered recording unknown user, dated June 2012, the authors of which expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of a crook and insisted that Prochukhan Alexander to bypass the established in “MMM-2011” has repeatedly committed crimes of a fraudulent nature, as stipulated by the relevant articles of the criminal code of Ukraine and the criminal code.

The record, which asserted that Prochukhan A. N. secret from their leaders appropriated received from the depositors of the financial pyramid funds, was published on 22 June 2012 by an anonymous user as a comment to the article on 06 June 2012 on the portal

June 6, 2012 Tonight, two depositors “MMM-2011” from Kazan went to the police. According to them, the structure does not pay the interest on deposits, according to TC “Ether.”
So, one of the residents of the city has invested in MMM-2011, about 40 thousand rubles. However, when she decided to take their money, she refused.
”Foreman had said that payments would not. Although we were confident that we would be able to make a profit, the foreman said very confidently,” — said the son of the victim.
In the office MMM-2011 the woman explained that the system entered a regime of “peace” and payment is temporarily suspended”, — said in the announcement.

As the title of the photo to the article attached to the picture, which depicted three men, one of them Prochukhan Alexander. It and found out one of the users, leaving the indignant comment.


The commentator said that the fraud was systematically allocated funds under the pretext of payments to members of the structure “MMM-2011”. Unknown said, as it ordered the criminal stolen money. Apparently, the person who left the comment personally knew Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich, and therefore was aware of the close relations of the cheater with the bandits knew about the lifestyle of a crook. Now it becomes clear why after detention in the airport of Kiev with ammunition in hand luggage while attempting to cross the border Prochuhan A.N. released or why not followed criminal trial after a man received statements to police from deceived them men.


It is known that Prochukhan A. N. was the so-called “chiliarch” “MMM” at one time headed the company’s office in Vinnitsa. By the way, journalists of the Ukrainian portal then also responded on the working methods Prochukhan A. N. quite rude, accusing him of cheating, and then published an interview with a conman, in which the man spoke in detail about how in his office cheating people, as representatives of the pyramid manage to circumvent the law. Below we publish the full text of the article and the content, grammar, punctuation as evidence of the involvement Prochukhan A. N. to the financial pyramid “MMM-2011” and also the possibility to deceive even his colleagues (upstream contributors), being the head of the whole office.


There was the club “MMM” opened in Vinnitsa

During the past year resuscitated the brainchild of Sergey Mavrodi advertised in Vinnytskiy minibuses and trolleybuses. Then came the big boards and logos “MMM” on receipts of utility bills. Moreover, on March 17, in the building of one of the agencies on the high point of the official opening of the representation of the “pyramid’. As explained by the organisers, the club’s office “MMM” will bring people to the system.

The fact that the financial “pyramid” sooner or later, crumble, and investors are left with nothing, all have long known. However, some people are willing to take risks and believe that they will have time to cut the cake, but the collapse touches “pyramid” when they “skim”. Who has not cursed “MMM”, which became a household phenomenon in our society, however, interest in it never waned.

When real Madrid offered to write about the opening of the club, insisted that “MMM” will pay the article any content (i.e. both negative), the day has said that before will appreciate the text, and on the eve assured that he is not in need of material, so to pay definitely will not. In short, the “MMM” in his repertoire! In principle, this position corresponds to the slogan of the system, whose leaders declare that “do not guarantee and do not promise”. However, the case was not about the money, and in the public interest in the topic of “MMM”, so this writer decided to attend a club opening.

So, Vinnitsa club “MMM” fully meets the office standards of our companies that make their employees believe in the “bright future” and improve their senseless training. One of the walls completely covers the poster arranged in a column four-digit colourful figures, graphs… In the eyes is full. To understand what was happening, “unenlightened” is impossible, and not necessary. Explain that this chart “the growth of your monthly promising well-being”, if you will make the system money. For advice on this issue, says “the thousand in” the system “MMM” Alexander Prochukhan and the club.

If in the 1990s, the founder of the pyramid Sergei Mavrodi went to jail, because in court it was proven that he stole the trucks with the “people’s” money, now depositors ‘ funds accumulated “centurions”, the part they convey “thousands,” etc. That is, the money dispersed at the end.

— Alexander, how many today in Vinnitsa region investors?

— Roughly even can’t say. I’m only responsible for its structure. One “millionth” can have several parallel structures. I know that in Vinnitsa there is a “ten chiliarch” and beside me, three “thousanders”. We “go” from the parallel “millionaire”. Specifically in my structure more than four thousand residents of Vinnytsia.

— In the autumn of last year, AMC embarked on an “MMM”, but mostly the Western regions. Any government Agency showed interest in the system in the Vinnytsia region?

— No. Showed interest in other areas. For example, in Odessa. In early March, the Department conducted the investigation, communicated with the “thousanders”. Nothing illegal in our activities of law enforcement officers are found. We act transparently, openly, what you do, accept deposits, share deposits, and is not prohibited by law to transfer funds from one individual to another.

— Activities of commercial banks controlled by the NBU, credit unions – the financial services Committee. Your “work” no state Agency, a priori, could not control. Is that so?

Yes. We are not a legal entity, private enterprise, do not make commodity-money operations. Do not provide paid Advisory services, will not invest money. “Foremen,” “captains of hundreds” and “thousands,” are the controllers and decide who and when to send funds. Citizens exchange money on their own. Earning money and paying taxes, they have every right to dispose of them as you see fit.

— “MMM” promises to pay high-interest rates. On what they earn?

— We pay the previous due to follow. This is the principle of the “pyramid”. Since the number of contributors is rapidly increasing, we can within 1 to 5 business days to pay.

— That is the money one earns, of course. What are the foreseeable plans for the growth of the “pyramid”?

— In Ukraine, by the end of summer of this year, we plan to cover every third. Similarly, in the city, I think in August every third citizen of Vinnitsa will be a member of the “MMM”.

— For any funds the office rent, made repairs?

— Fold the club members to have a place to meet.

— After the transfer of money any documentary evidence the person is not receiving?

— We’ll never promise or guarantee. It is a voluntary decision, and we initially talked about this. People at your own risk are investing.

Moreover, people eat that without any guarantees they give away their savings?

— So it suits. We give a cent. Here are treated of those who had heard about payments from friends. We provide a 20 to 75% per month, whereas the Bank pays only 20%. When you hear from a relative or friend that a person put three months ago, 10 thousand, and today he paid 35-40 thousand, you think, why with him not put.

— I don’t. The essence of what? Let’s say that without exception, the Ukrainians have invested money in a pyramid. Say, together, came to 10 billion. So, taking into account the monthly interest to return him and something would earn only 10-15% of Ukrainians. The rest lose their money they will go the 10-15% lucky. Moreover, break this chain at any moment. to be Honest, the arguments for hazardous and risky.

To take such a risk, in addition to the natural excitement, there must be faith in the idea Mavrodi. By the way, to strengthen all those present were given gift bags with the book of the grand machination of modernity and the “20 dollars” bill. However, instead of the American President Jackson on the front side adorned with Mavrodi. Moreover, back I had to fill in their data. Then, having collected five dozen bills, the organisers have prizes – cash and bottles of champagne “Mavrodi”.

The journalist of “real world” got a very cool surprise in the form of 1 thousand hryvnias. Wait a minute! No one in the hands of the money I gave. Before the official part, the speakers said with regret that in Moscow from-for non-payment of thousand-dollar fine (about 250 Hryvnia) were arrested Sergei Mavrodi, therefore, at the time of his arrest all payments in Ukraine suspended. Won the author of these lines “thousand” supposedly “rests on the account in the system,” and as soon as it’s “unlocked”, you can make money.

Sur some. Then the hell was playing? That five minutes had not known that Mavrodi is detained? The wording does not need the money; we need the truth.