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Frank urban legends of the founders of Questra World on artists themselves passed.


The network has spread information about that belongs to Alexander Prochno and his accomplices. Moreover, if the authors of such statements are based only on their speculation and logic, the other found the direct information evidence.

Centre for the promotion of international crimes publishes this material as one of the components of the evidence base of what the true founders of a financial pyramid Questra World publish allegedly compromising themselves to avoid prosecution for their fraud and deception of tens of thousands of people from different countries of the world.

Crooks, guided by criminal intent, created a website – the described resource person publish daily exposing the alleged organisers of the fraud materials. All this is because today the question is not about the integrity of the company itself and about who is hiding behind a big Scam Questra World.

For the successful implementation of its plan, the criminals must have access to the statistics of attendance of the portal, to track the geography of visitors, to regulate the flow.

Due to this need, the real founders of the Questra World installed on and a single traffic counter (this was done, it seems, for ease of tracking from two sites – it appears that the scammers did not think that anyone will be able to follow this information).

Of course, in the background of this fact, any talk about what Questra World (as Worldcore) – asset Pavel Krymov, sentiment scammers become ridiculous and absurd. At least, because now we get the following: team Questra World has launched a website, which says bad things about his project, attributing it to the third man. Detailed material on the two sites is here: Pyramid Questra World and her website-the opposition created by the same people.



We also found a very interesting interview with Alexey Nasonov, founder and Director of the Worldcore. In the video, the man talks about matters, which were seen Prochukhan Alexander and his cohorts.

It is worth noting that scammers have used the video for their criminal purposes, cutting and re-taping the entire record of difficult for interpretation passages. Turned out the five-minute video of Frank delirium, said the alleged founder of the Worldcore. Criminals mounted the clip was more like a video version made up of scraps of newspaper writing. And here is a complete violation of copyright, attack on honour and dignity of the person.

Returning to the interview, note: during the conversation, an analysis was conducted of articles on micro conference Worldcore and OKex. The publication curious even not different driven scams as arguments to the thesis, and the approach to writing. First, the administration successfully confused the photo and Alexey Nasonova, published, the confessions Alexey Nasonova, the card ex-employee Worldcore. This Scam is not stopped and Natali in an article by Alex Alexander. Alexey Nasonov not without reason assumes that it was done for the building of a barrier through which lawyers Worldcore will not be able to attract the authors of material on the website to justice by legal means. It turns out that the article doesn’t slander because it’s said in the publication about Alexander Nasonov with a radically different picture. Our opinion is that this is a conspiracy theory.



The Centre’s experts admit that everything is a farce, the usual misunderstandings, however, believe that people who are able to so easily deceive hundreds of thousands of people around the world, is unlikely to be stumbled on elementary article – accordingly, we are inclined to support the version of the founder of the Worldcore: all of these alleged gaffes – well-planned actions performed for the sake of achieving personal goals.

Refer again to the video. Alexey Nasonov tells about the organisation of the site – about the company Alexey attackers every day put falsified data, the fabulous assertions, absurd accusations and false information.

The website has no contact information. No phone, no e-mail, no address, no nothing where you can write, call. However, there is a form of legal aid, composed via Data on the presence of filling this form is not currently available.

Having carefully studied all represented at information, we concluded that this site is not a whistleblower fraud, and simple helper seasoned speculators. The whole line of argument based not on facts, but on light, semi-transparent hints. It is challenging to catch on, to understand what and why they write the scammers. This indicates a low level of awareness highlights the issue. We have also noticed that on the portal there are not many precisions: criminals contradict themselves, sometimes obviously misinterpret the facts, saying one thing, but proving otherwise.

Our belief – this course applies to confuse the reader. In a poorly formulated thoughts can be confusing, few people will try to understand it. However, even if people do not understand and do not fully understand the question, negative feeling he, in any case, will remain – and this is what you need scams: not to build a sturdy chain of logic, supported by persuasive arguments, and to throw dust in the eyes of the public.