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Fearful of being exposed once and for all, the Questra World organizers ordered a DDoS attack on our website


The Questra World scammers are attacking the International Investigations Assistance Center. Still hoping to escape charges for the crimes they have committed, Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konuykh (Pestiuk) issued an order to stop our Center’s normal operations and prevent us from informing the public and submitting the swindlers’ criminal records to the law enforcement authorities in a number of countries. Consequently, our portal is subjected to constant DDoS hacker attacks.

Our hosting service let us know that is pretty much constantly subjected to various HTTPS, Connection-flood, SYN, DNS/UDP attacks and all of their combinations. The specialists have warned the Center that this might cause periodic problems in the website’s operation but the majority of attacks are neutralized quickly and are, therefore, unnoticeable.

We are certain that the DDoS attacks on our portal are executed at the order of the organizers of the Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, and Five Winds pyramids Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konuykh (Pestiuk) as they are the only people who might benefit from stopping our website’s operation. Moreover, the swindlers’ actions show that publishes credible information about the actual organizers team of Questra World and the other interconnected pyramids. There is no doubt that the scammers are primarily afraid of being exposed once and for all because that would instantly lead to a whole chain of arrests, searches, criminal proceedings, and seizure of bank accounts and property.

The Center’s current activities are dedicated to exposing the organizers of various scams and their accomplices. As we work to the benefit of the investigation and the over 600,000 contributors to our project, we regularly publish information about the criminals’ movements, their lifestyle, real estate and car fleets, their past, their future plans, and much more. This way, we are creating the fullest possible portrait of the swindlers and contribute toward their imminent arrest and, consequently, to their being punished for their deeds. There is no doubt that this situation brings huge discomfort to those who built their fortune with money stolen through their own scams over a period of about 10 years.

Obviously, if Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, Five Winds were truly transparent organizations, their official representatives would’ve long contacted us and provided us with irrefutable proof that our conclusions are wrong. On the other hand, if we had consistently published false information regarding Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Petiuk) and all their accomplices, these people also could very well have contacted the Center and demanded that we remove the false information about them.

However, during the entire six months the International Investigations Assistance Center has been in operation, neither of these was done – nobody contacted us to ask or demand that we stop disseminating information. On the contrary – we received inquiries from pyramid agents and investors willing to assist us in exposing the criminals. The only action taken by those who oppose having the entire information on our website publicly available are the DDoS attacks against the portal. And the only refutal of all the information published on our portal was spoken during the “Morning with Lianora” program by Kira Antipina who asked the viewers not to listen to anyone except the Questra World representatives.

We would also like to note that if the true pyramid organizers had suddenly turned out to be someone other than Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk), things would have happened in a completely different way. There wouldn’t have been any attacks whatsoever because such a situation could’ve been very comfortable for the not yet exposed (in theory) pyramid organizers. Moreover, Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and all the other individuals we published information on our website about would have most likely not only contacted us but would have also filed a statement with the police, defending their honor with the help of the law, the law enforcement authorities, and the court. This is, however, only a fantasy because there is no doubt that the above mentioned people are the Questra World organizers. That’s why instead of statements to the police about the Center’s unlawful activities, we see “gang warfare” on the Internet. Once again, this describes the attacker as well as his place of origin – Ukraine, where the high corruption and crime rates prevent many people from living an honest life and resolving issues the legal way.