Fanis Dzhuraev

Name: Dzhuraev Fanis Timurovich

Date of birth: 24. 04.70

Place of birth: Tashkent

Passport details:

Registration: Russia, Moscow region, Mytischi

Place of residence:


Role in Questra World

Assistant to the organisers of the pyramid.

Actively promote the company in Russia and Kazakhstan, recruitment of potential investors in the field, controlled the opening of an office in the assigned jurisdictions. Is one of the main speakers of the majority offline-conferences (leadership) and online training (“morning coffee QW”).

According to the legend: the investor with the status of Super Director 11 level

Projects beside Questra World

RB Cosmetics “(head of sales)



Kairos Technologies

London Priority Club (team GoodLife)

Next of kin

Wife: Lydia Sabirova

Daughter: Regina Juraeva, 3.04

Son: Ruslan Juraev, 9.05

Relatives involved in Questra World

Wife: Lydia Sabirova

Daughter: Regina Juraeva, 3.04

(according to preliminary data, are accomplices)

The location/ way of life today

Not hidden. Page in social networks is not frozen, the actual data on the next MLM pyramids and projects do not exist. Information about the field of activity specified.

Additional information

Despite the public image created in social networks, has a somewhat secretive way of life. With the collapse of the Questra World is missing the daily social media posts about the company. Despite a close relationship with the pyramid in the past and promises of the representatives of the company to revive the organisation in the August 2018 year about his involvement in the project today does not apply.

Actual information about the involvement Juraev Fanis Timurovich to the new wave of Questra World specified.


Information gathering continues.