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Exposing scammers. Top fake news from Kira Antipina, QW Kianora Swiss speaker.


The International Investigations Assistance Center has repeatedly examined the personality of the notorious Kira Antipina, QW Lianora Swiss’ main spokesperson, who regularly appears in live broadcasts to announce the company’s so-called news and tours cities, roping thousands of retired people around the country into the defunct financial pyramid.

Basically, Kira Antipina is a classic example of a “Prochukhanov-type” manager – a person with seemingly pretty mediocre education but high social activity as well as a huge desire (not always skill) to convince people that investing money in the pyramid is the most advantageous decision of their lives. As someone who has been recruited (and maybe intentionally gotten involved with the criminals), the woman got into serious legal troubles. Let’s recall the Kazakhstan example where the regional prosecutor officially announced that in addition to initiating a criminal investigation on the charge of “organizing a financial pyramid”, the regional prosecutor’s office is launching a search for individuals who advertise such projects and will file subsequent criminal charges against them.

We have previously proven that more than half of what Kira Antipina’s says in her broadcasts is nothing but quotes from public groups on social media. The remaining part of the woman’s broadcasts consists of supposedly unique, positive news about the “#1 Corporation in the world” aired in order to suppress the wave of protests among the investors who have been waiting for more than a year for their payouts to begin. We have collected the most grandiose promises made by the QW Lianora Swiss spokesperson and compared them to the actual situation.

1. “We work in the reliable corporation QW Lianora Swiss (Questra World), all you need to do is look at our fast growth. Our company is the future.” 

So, first we would like to remind you that QW Lianora Swiss has been officially closed down as confirmed by our previously published documents. Also, the operation of all four financial pyramids included in the “#1 Corporation in the world” is banned by the official regulatory authorities in more than 10 countries around the world, including Germany, Italy, and the UK. That is, any talk about a promising future with this company is nothing but constant pulling the wool over the investors’ eyes who still haven’t lost hope of regaining their investments.

2. “August is our month. In August, our corporation will resume payouts, repay all debts to its investors, and start working with renewed energy.”

As we remember, during the entire spring and summer of 2018, the pyramid founders Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk) fooled the investors with the information that payouts would resume shortly, the general message being that things will “blast off” in August. Nothing “blasted off”. Neither in August, nor in September or October. Moreover, the company representatives knowingly gave people false information about upcoming funds returns. It’s already proven that the creators of the “#1 Corporation in the world” have transferred all of the investors’ money to their personal accounts last fall.

Now the situation has reached a level of utmost absurdity because Kira Antipina assures people that (quote) “payouts will begin in November. And if not in November, in December for sure. Or maybe later. The payouts will begin for sure, you just need to wait a little bit.” Actually, however, the investors of Questra World and all the other interconnected pyramids, have only one thing to wait for – the time when justice will finally catch up to the scam founders and all of their numerous accomplices, including Kira Antipina. Only then the investors of those fraudulent pyramids will get a chance to recoup at least part of the funds stolen from them.

3. “Diego Martin is truly concerned about our corporation, he will fix everything very soon, Questra World is practically his brainchild.”

Diego Martin, the “unsinkable leader of the #1 Corporation in the world”, left the company after announcing to everyone that he had been cheated, used, and insulted. And even if we discount that fact, many things about this man’s presence in the pyramid are unclear. First of all, part of the investors were convinced that Diego Martin took the post of Questra World’s director in the spring or summer of 2018. However, first of all, the scammers’ accomplice was only playing the role of a top manager, and second, considering that he was an ordinary actor, he had no access to the actual information regarding the pyramid’s operation.

Naturally, these events had no impact on Kira Antipina whatsoever. The woman linked Diego Martin’s departure to happy news which she and all the investors will soon hear about. The pyramid’s spokesperson always does that, diverting investors’ attention from the fact that the company has long been destroyed and operates pretty much mechanically. Kira Antipina isn’t troubled by the truth; she continues her Russian cities tours with the aim of recruiting novices to her beloved QW Lianora Swiss.



Of course, every sane person would ask the obvious question “How is this possible?” Since the company was closed down, since the accounts (if they even existed) were frozen, since the director announced that he had been cheated and left – what are the organization’s representatives collecting money for?

Kira Antipova replies to all those questions with a bunch of Internet quotes: “Whatever you do, you’re doing it for yourself”, “Any caterpillar eventually turns into a butterfly”, etc.



A year (a year and a half in some countries) after payouts were closed, Kira Antipina posts on her page a reply sent to her by the pyramid’s tech division. The reply is hugely uninformative, doesn’t say absolutely anything except the abstract “Don’t give up.” If QW Lianora Swiss had been a normal company truly experiencing difficulties, the supportive reply would’ve probably contained more specific information, dates, and explanations.”

Kira Antipina builds a heady anticipation of the payout opening which will never actually happen and does it very professionally, probably the way she was taught by her bosses Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk). In almost all of her broadcasts, the woman makes up philosophical stories about faith, humility, and miracles. One of the stories in the bunch was particularly telling. It was a story about a disabled young woman who lost her home because of the pyramid. According to the pyramid’s spokesperson, after losing her home, the “fairytale”‘s heroine didn’t leave Questra World, continues believing in the “#1 Corporation in the world”, and intends to invest in it in the future. This is all told with an intonation usually reserved for reading fairy tales to little kids. It makes you feel a little weird to hear a grown up person advertised as a financial expert say “of course, her heart is sinking but she’s doing her best to keep herself informed and continues believing in good and fairness.”

And even if what the QW Lianora Swiss spokesperson says is true, that means Kira Antipina’s exuberant stories have actually contributed to make her story’s heroine lose her home. And if the woman made the story up in order to “cheer up” the people who watch her videos, we can fear for the “coffee maniacs”‘ state of mind (this is what Quesra World investors call the spokespeople of the “Morning with Lianora” show where Kira Antipina appears.

Basically, here is the overall situation – Kira Antipina, Tatyana Gorbunova, Olga Kleynard, and others haven’t terminated their activities even after the company’s officially documented closing. They continue swindling people under highly contrived pretexts while promising them a bright future.

Let us remind you that the fraudsters’ actions fall under Art. 159 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation. “Fraud”, with the specification “on a large scale” as well as with the notation that the crime is committed by “a group of persons by a preliminary conspiracy”. Moreover, this crime falls also under Art. 172 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation “Illegal Banking Activities”. Of course, Art.172.2 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation (“Organization of activities to raise funds and (or) other property”) applies as well. Here we can certainly add recruiting people into financial pyramids which is a crime punishable by law. The investigators will have an especially large number of questions directly for Kira Antipina as one of QW Lianora Swiss’s main activists and a person giving dozens of presentations in many different cities around the Russian Federation with the aim of recruiting people into the financial pyramid. Pursuant to the law, the cumulative punishment determined by all the above-mentioned articles of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation adds up to approximately 10 years of imprisonment.In other words, once Antipina attracts the attention of the police, the investigators or the prosecutors (which, at the company’s speed of “development”, will definitely happen very soon), the woman will be charged pursuant to several articles of the Penal Code at once and will then go to trial where the court will determine the sentence length. So then the following question arises: is the QW Swiss Lianora financial pyramid worth spending long years behind bars, depriving her young children of their mother, and swindling elderly people every day?