Questra World, AGAM (Atlantic Global Asset Management), QW Lianora Swiss, and Five Winds are four financial pyramid schemes that were founded by the same individuals but for an extended period of time pretended to be separate entities in the eyes of bystanders. Having existed for just over two years, they were closed by their founders, who, after discontinuing the projects, withdrew all investor’s funds via one of their companies in the amount of over $30,000,000. The pyramids schemes were active virtually all over the world.

The regulators of various countries warned their citizens about those fraudulent schemes:

https://www.nbs.sk/sk/dohlad-nad-financnym-trhom-prakticke-informacie/upozornenia-a-oznamenia/ine-upozornenia/upozornenie-nbs-na-cinnost-spolocnosti-questra – the National Bank of Slovenia;

https://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/questra-world FCA Regulator, Britain;

https://www.nbs.sk/sk/dohlad-nad-financnym-trhom-prakticke-informacie/upozornenia-a-oznamenia/ine-upozornenia/upozornenie-nbs-na-cinnost-spolocnosti-questra Slovak Republic;

http://www.cnb.cz/cs/spotrebitel/ochrana_spotrebitele/upozorneni/upozorneni_questra_world_altantic_global_asset_management.html Czech Republic;

https://www.fma.gv.at/en/questra-world-ltd/ Austria.

All these projects were organized by Aleksandr Nikolayevich Prochukhan (Ukraine) and Cheslav Yuryevich Pestyuk (Republic of Belarus) with the active support of their close associates Konstantin Bronislavovich Mamchur (Ukraine), Stanislav Sergeyevich Kravtsov (Russia), and Fanis Timurovich Dzhuraev (Russia).

The above-mentioned individuals became the main players in all four financial pyramids and divided the world market into spheres of influence among themselves. Thus, each of the culprits was responsible for his own direction attracting ever more people from the area entrusted to him personally, which is expressly prohibited by the laws of most world countries.

In May 2017, the pyramids began to crumble, and in August of the same year, the companies announced an unplanned vacation for a month. In October and November of the same year all projects ceased to operate; the investors’ personal accounts remained accessible but all financial transactions were frozen (temporarily, as claimed by the company’s representatives). Tens of thousands of victims were lost their money. At the same time, the cybercriminals did their best to withdraw all investor funds from the pyramid balances by channelling the money intended for payment of dividends to the depositors to their personal accounts for further personal use. According to preliminary data, the swindlers managed to steal in this way over 30,000,000 dollars. This is possible thanks to the extensive experience of each member of the gang (all of whom had previously either participated in the financial pyramids or were their founders) and a well-coordinated activity (personal companies were opened in offshore zones, firms were registered in Ukraine, the whole scheme of funds withdrawal was planned in such a way that no one could track the movement of the investors’ money). Moreover, the scammers misled the investigation by organizing an aggressive campaign to discredit third parties and companies in order to convince the public and the relevant authorities that third parties  should bear responsibility for stealing the money of the investors in Questra World, AGAM, QW Lianora Swiss, and Five Winds financial pyramids.

Presented below is the evidence against Aleksandr Nikolayevich Prochukhan, Cheslav Yurevich Pestyuk, Konstantin Bronislavovich Mamchur, Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov, and Fanis Timurovich Zhuraev, which we have in our possession.




The main project of the scammers. The last head office was located in Madrid (and before that, in Murcia, where the company has attracted attention of the police). The company is registered in an offshore zone.


The official story by scammers goes that there was a company named Questra Holdings Inc, which merged with Questra World and AGAM. In fact, the holding was split into several companies while positioning the resulting companies as totally independent entities. After a while, the representatives of the pyramids announceed that from now on, Questra World will be the advertising broker for AGAM management company (soon afterwards QW Lianora Swiss and Five Winds would undergo the same transformation).

At the time, most people had trouble understanding which company belongs to whom and their area of responsibility. Such state of affairs was very convenient to the scammers. People were intentionally misled over the whole period of the pyramid activity. Tall that was clear is the promise of 200-300% interest per annum plus weekly accruals equivalent to approximately 5-7% of the contribution. These promises overwhelmed investor’s sense of caution. Investors had been practically zombied by Questra World agents and gave money to the pyramid every time asked by the company’s representatives. As of now, there are tons of stories of deceived investors who have lost their property, cars, and substantial amount of cash due to the fact that they were misled by the pyramid managers. Several similar stories can be found at the following links:



This pyramid united all the players: Aleksandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk were,  puppeteers and brains of the criminal scheme. Further down the ladder was Konstantin Mamchur – a man who was actively engaged in promoting the pyramid in Ukraine and responsible for the development of the Madrid office. Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Dzurayev were in charge of the CIS. The names of the true leaders of the pyramid have always remained in the shadows. The investors were presented with dummies hired specifically to talk on behalf of a company, covering up the true organizers of the pyramid.



After the collapse of the pyramids, this company was used to withdraw all the investors’ money. The company is also registered in an offshore zone, in Cape Verde.


The pyramid is based on the principle of all scam projects – promises of phenomenal rerturns on deposits, payments of profits to earlier investors using funds obtained from newer investors. However, as each of the scammers’ companies crashed, it was AGAM that became the link through which the crooks easily withdrew the investors’ funds avoiding the attention of the proper authorities – tax authority, police, the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor’s office, etc. Nevertheless, in late July, the police of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia) closed three AGAM offices in Kazan, searching premises and seizing all documents of interest to the investigation, resulting in fraud charges (http://worldcore-review.com/2018/07/27/police-16/)

QW Lianora Swiss and Five Winds

Simular to Questra World and AGAM. After freezing all financial transactions in all four pyramids, it was QW Lianora Swiss and Five Winds that remained to imitate business  activity. For the whole year with no payouts, those companies organized meetings , new offices, and otherwise pretended to be active. Recently, a criminal case was filed under article “fraud” in Kazakhstan as well (http://worldcore-review.com/2018/07/27/police-kz/)


Any criminal scheme involves dealing with black money and withdrawal of funds (for example, through offshore companies). Criminals invent thousands of new schemes to be able to steal, commit financial fraud and remaining unnoticed.

Alexandr Nikolayevich Prochukhan, the founder of the Questra World financial pyramid, with the help of his accomplices managed to withdraw over 3000 BTC into his offshore companies’ accounts. The next step is to transfer the previously withdrawn funds to accounts of companies under his control in Ukraine with purpose to withdraw the funds stolen from the investors into cash. Below, we will provide the evidence of Questra World, AGAM, Lianora Swiss, and Five Winds pyramids funds being withdrawn to offshore zones.

As part of scheme, A.N. Prochukhan has registered a company Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited in Hong Kong under his own name.


Strictly speaking, Hong Kong is not an offshore zone but specialists call it a mid-shore zone. This means that Hong Kong is not internationally recognized as an offshore zone,  while the conditions of doing business there are so relaxed that the world’s leading financial center attracts hundreds of thousands of so-called entrepreneurs annually.

Thus, the owners of the companies registered in Hong Kong have a full array financial manipulation means available to them. This is exactly what Alexandr Nikolayevich Prochukhan, familiar with the offshore zones of the world and having tremendous experience dealing with organizations registered in offshore zones, took advantage of.

For the alleged needs of Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited, a new e-mail address ddaclimited@gmail.com was created. Since the company was specifically designed to be a channel to withdraw funds, electronic accounts at payment systems Perfect Money, AdvCash, ePayments were registered on it. Simultaneously, several bank accounts were to receive funds from Questra Holdings were opened. Due to the high frequency of transfers and unclear source of transferred funds, payment system’s security departments had obvious questions to A.N. Prochukhan. For example, the representatives of AdvCash requested that A.N. Prochukhan submits a written explanation on the origin of funds on the account and the receipt of transfers from AGAM. The account was blocked by the administration.


Confirmation that payment system ePayments has been connected.

Among all the screenshots, of particular value is an image that confirms conducting multimillion-dollar transfers from the accounts of Questra Holdings.

A great deal of similar operations has been conducted from a mailbox managed by A.N. Prochukhan, overall 162 transactions for a total of more than 3000 BTC.

3000 BTC is approximately 30,000,000 USD at the time. Please note the time fame of athe Bitcoin-purse payments: started at the time when in many countries, payments had already been disabled. Yet, the financial transactions continue up to the end of the year, i.e. until the time when it became clear that all operations in the private accounts of the Questra World and AGAM investors are frozen.

It is now clear why Questra World and other pyramids organized by A.N. Prochukhan and his accomplices had taken a month long vacation in early August, the purpose of merging the pyramids at that time and move of investors’ accounts.



Presumably, the scheme was executed as follows:

Initially, the money intended for payments to the investors from the AGAM purse in the Perfect Money payment system was converted into Bitcoins through the money-laundering cryptocurrency exchange enterprises.

Then, the funds got transferred from the Bitcoin balance of the wallet through a crypto-exchange or launderers to Chinese company Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited. previously registered in the name of Aleksandr Prochukhan.

It’s worth to mention that a company under the same name but registered in Cyprus has also existed from 2013 to 2015, with Olga Matyushina registered as its director. Most likely, the swindlers used this company to withdraw funds from other pyramids under their management.


Moreover, according to registrar of companies records, fraudsters registered a company also called Development Distribution Company Analytic Capital, in Ukraine. The owners of the company are Alexandr Prochukhan, Cheslav Pestyuk and Viktoriya Biskup (nee Pestyuk). A.N. Prochukhan owns 50%, Ch.Yu. Pestyuk, 49%, and V. V. Biskup, presumably Pestyuk’s sister, 1% in the authorized capital of the company, which amounts to only 10 thousand hryvnias.

Considering the fraudsters’ identities it would be reasonable to conclude that an obvious decision was made to register the same-name companies in China and Ukraine in order to do triple-deep laundering of the AGAM depositors’ money from the Perfect Money’s purse into Bitcoin and from Bitcoin to a crypto exchange or the monetizers, then to the account of the Chinese company, and, eventually, from it, on a perfectly legal basis, these funds could be transferred to its Ukrainian namesake under the guise of investment by the parent company with fake contracts. Thus, the money that ends up in their pockets is already laundered and clean. While construction is the primary business activity of the Ukrainian company, I wonder what these scammers can build except for pyramids or personal castles.

When checking the address at which Development Distribution Analytic Capital was registered, another company registered at the same address was discovered. That company owned by Cheslav Yurevich Pestyuk and Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Kulibaba, the sister of Alexandr Nikolaevich Prochukhan’s wife. LLC Andora Privat, registered at the same address is, according to KVED, also engaged in construction.


There is no doubt that this organization was also used to move the funds of the investors in the financial pyramids organized by Alexandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk into the latter’s personal accounts and further personal use. Such multistage operations are a great way not only to cover up tracks and avoid unnecessary attention of tax and law enforcement bodies, but as well to minimize the risks of being convicted for large scale fraud, tax evasion and other offences.

Most likely, the scammers’ goal was to either cash out the money via fake contracts, or indeed invest in construction purchasing real estate. According to preliminary data, the fraudsters resorted to such a scheme several years ago. References to past scams of these criminals can be found on the Internet: according to witnesses, in 2013, Alexandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk organized several pyramids and withdrawn funds to be able to afford expensive cars and homes.


Undoubtedly, Internet posts made by unknown individuals, express only the personal opinion of the author, are rarely supported by documentation. However, it is known that  once Cheslav Yurievich Pestyuk was selling an upscale house built in 2015 in one of the new (at that time) micro-districts of Grodno (Belarus), while actively sharing  photographs of the interior on social network. This circumstance allows us to match all the facts at our disposal to compile a single picture.

Ch.Yu. Pestyuk was engaged in illegal activites as early as in 2009. The starting point of his professional career were trainings for…. trips into the astral world. Later, Cheslav Pestyuk turned his attention to financial pyramids; he participated in MMM-2011, where, according to preliminary information, he met Aleksandr Prochukhan. Then, based on the experience gained from participation in the project of the legendary swindler Sergey Mavrodi, he founded his own pyramid capitall4you.ru, the banner of which he proudly displayed on the home page of his personal site dedicated to the trips into the astral world.

After the not-so-glorious debut in the world of financial pyramids, Cheslav Pestyuk decided to change his strategy and to team up with Alexandr Prochukhan. Thus, in 2013, our criminal heroes organized the Formula of Money pyramid. In the same year, MMM ex so-called thousanders launched several more projects, among them Golden Section and OilTransInvest. Then the scammers disappear with an insane amount of money, providing themselves with comfortable file for at least the nearest future.


Given the criminals’ characters, we can assume that the information provided in social networks is quite realistic. Moreover, as A. Prochukhan. and C.Yu. Pestyuk managed to avoid criminal persecution for the acts committed, we can imagine that in this situation, a well-planned and well-thought-out scheme for withdrawing funds to third-party accounts was implemented (as was the case with Questra World).

Thus, similarly with the withdrawal of funds from AGAM and Qurstra World, there is every reason to believe that as early as in 2013 to 2015, the criminals repeatedly used the fraudulent scheme, initially transferring funds from the pyramid accounts to their personal companies, and afterwards, by using the services of monetizers or by using the received funds in accordance with the activities specified at the time of their firms registration. For example, in the case of AGAM, the end point of the movement of some stolen funds were  companies involved, as per KVED, in construction. Earlier we wrote about the withdrawal of funds from AGAM to the account of Alexandr Prochukhan’s company Development Distribution Analytics Capital Limited, registered in Hong Kong, now it has become known that a similar organization was registered in Cyprus, functioning exactly from 2013 to 2015.

Therefore, it is quite likely that five years ago (after cheating their partners and investors in Golden Section, Formula of Money and OilTransInvest, they not only spent the embezzled money on real estate, but, so to speak, legalized it and put it into operation.

Anyway, in 2016 Cheslav Yuryevich Pestyuk announces the sale of his house built in 2015 in one of the new neighbourhoods of his hometown of Grodno. Obviously, the house was built with the money that Ch.Yu. Pestyuk stole from the investors and one can pretty positively say that this was the way the swindler laundered the stolen funds.

Remarkably, Cheslav Pestyuk shared the photos of the mansion exclusively on his dummy webpage, which seems to have served him as a photo album.


Yandex image search Yandex.kartinki returned the following result. As you can see, the house not only really exists in Grodno (in the birthplace of Cheslav Pestuk), but was once put up for sale.

The indicated seller is a certain Yuri – it is the father of Cheslav Yurievich Pestyuk. The description of the house with the total area of 198 sq. m. that was listed for sale at the price of nearly 95 million rubles, reads as follows:


“A modern house built in 2015 with fine finishes. Total area: ​​198 square meters. Land: flat, 10 acres in private ownership.

Roof: Polish-made metal sheets, insulated with mineral wool.

The house is fully insulated, the interior is plastered, flooded screed. The ceiling on the second floor is lined with plasterboard, all the slopes done. The living room has a rough-in for a fireplace. The porch is tiled.

All utility cables laid out (water, sewage, electricity, gas, heating). An alarm system installed. Warm garage doors installed.

3-meter ceilings on the first floor, 2.8 m – on the second.

The house is located in a picturesque place, near the woods. Good access, 100-m distance to the asphalt-paved road, 800 m to the public transportation stop.

Exchange for an apartment is possible with a surcharge.”

By the way, on his dummy page in a social network, Ch.Yu. Pestyuk also posted photo reports of his trips to the house for inspecting the finishing work and shared his trips to furniture shops (I must say, far from a run-of-the-mill stuff).

https://vk.com/photo355704536_407396211?rev=1 house
https://vk.com/photo355704536_407396224?rev=1 finishing work
https://vk.com/photo355704536_407396214?rev=1 finishing work
https://vk.com/photo355704536_407396195?rev=1 finishing work

Everything described above gives us reason to assume that the construction of this house was made possible by another successful financial fraud founded by Cheslav Pestyuk and Aleksandr Prochukhan in 2013 to 2015. In this case, the operation seems to have been a rehearsal for Questra World and AGAM, learning how to hide the flow of funds and use of  stolen property for personal needs.



Chain of events that lead to crash of financial pyramid of Questra World started in Kazakhstan when Fanis Dzhurayev and Stanislav Kravtsov withdrew the depositors’ money and admitted that investors will not get their money back. The reason for such actions was the fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RK initiated an investigation into the organizing and advertising a financial pyramid (Article 150 of the Code of Administrative Offenses and Article 217 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan). The investigation was initiated by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


We found an entry dated June 23, 2012, containing a video titled ALL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE REGISTRATION OF AGAM. The video consists of a screen saver and a telephone conversation between the author of the video and a woman describing stage by stage how she registered AGAM in Astana at the request of some Ukrainian law firm, and what the consequences were. The recording presents a particularly valuable evidence of interest for the investigation. Below, we publish a full transcript of the record and attach a link to the source video.


– Can you tell me again how it happened that it was registered in your name?

– Some people, some law company, a lawyer in Ukraine, through my acquaintances found my number, and asked me to register a limited liability company in Astana, which would deal with investment activities, invest money in construction. Or so I was told. It was necessary to find a person who can be trusted, to whose name this firm would be registered, I would be appointed director. Later, they said, the person who is supposed conduct this investment activity would arrive. Allegedly he is from Spain. This person would come to Astana and buy this LLC from me, so they want me to arrange the documents and prepare everything so that the company is already prepared, registered. They said that the company would not conduct any activities, that I would be in possession of the documents and the seal. And I consented. They said that they would ask me to be the director for the period while all these issues are formalized and the registration is completed. I said, “OK, I consent.”

After that I registered the company at my home address. I had no doubts, nothing like that, because they were recommended by some people whom I know and, I can say, trust – normal people. Having registered the company, I sent them an e-mail folder about state registration, reported that the company is ready, let them call their investors to come and re-register the company to their name. They said that they are not sure when exactly they would arrive. They said, “Let the activity be suspended, do nothing, the documents are in your possession anyway.” I said, “OK.”

Two weeks later, last Thursday, I started receiving messages from unknown people via WhatsApp with the question “How can we withdraw our money to some card?”

– AdvCash.

– Yes. I was bewildered and started asking questions, “What card? What do I have to do with it?” And they sent me a photo with information about a company registered in my name, where my phone number is indicated, my home address (the legal address of the company). I wrote to them: “Yes, the company is registered to me, but what does money have to do with it? I did not invest any money, and this company does not conduct any activity at all.” And she replies to me (it was a girl writing) that I registered the firm AGAM and the firm Questra and suggested that I see information about these firms on the Internet. I entered AGAM in the search field and got information that it was now Questra because they had merged. I heard about Questra before – that it was a pyramid into which everyone invests money. My friends also invested in it and pushed it on me [every day]. I knew it was like MMM, it’s a pyramid. I made fun of it myself. Turns out they, this here Questra, posted on their website the certificate of the state registration supplied by me. They have posted on YouTube a video that states that there will be an official company in Kazakhstan and that they have already applied for a license for conducting financial activities. They, roughly speaking, misled people stating that some document package was being submitted for a license – this is impossible since I have the documents and the seal. Even the fact that I sent them this information by email means nothing – they could not file a document package for obtaining a license through someone else on their own.

– So, your LLC have no relation to our National Regulator, the National Bank?

– That’s right. Nor their company, this Questra is related in any way to Atlantic Global Asset Management. Actually, I had no idea at all about the kind of activity they were going to engage in, because they told me that they were going to invest in construction. I had no idea that there would be some financial pyramid involved. I would never have registered a pyramid at my home address. You understand, don’t you. I’m an adult, I’m a lawyer by trade, I have a child, I have a family. And now some people phone me, and I don’t know where they got my phone number. They want to find information about AGAM, they want to invest money. Someone is calling with questions about how to withdraw money. I am telling everyone that no money should be invested, no way, since this is a pyramid, it is a fraud and a misconception.

In fact, it turns out that they have framed me, deceived me, and posted this information on their websites for all to see, to demonstrate that allegedly everything is official, everything is fine, everything is registered. In fact, this firm has nothing to do with their activities.

After all these phone calls, I contacted my lawyer. I also went to the DDIA to write a statement but they said that I had to apply to the prosecutor’s office. I applied to the prosecutor’s office of the Saryarkinsky municipal district of Astana, submitted a statement and was given a receipt. They said they would deal with this matter.

At the moment, I’m worried that people come to my home. My child is home alone, and they come, knock on the door, ring the bell, call me on the phone – it’s an endless hassle. I’m desperate, I don’t know what to do, how to stop all this.

It should be noted that the warning by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan was published on the official website back in May, while the recording of the above conversation appeared at the end of June. Hence, Kazakh law enforcement turned their attention to Questra World long before the request of the girl who had become a victim of the criminal scheme of the OCG of Aleksandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk.

We would like to remind that in May-June 2018, Questra World announced its return and  merger with AGAM, Five Winds, and QW Lianora Swiss as well. In addition to this information, representatives of the pyramid announced that the company’s head office was moved from Spain to the UAE, where, according to eyewitnesses, one of the organizers of the company Cheslav Yurievich Pestyuk resides now.

Given the above, we reasonably assume that such stories may be repeated again and again in the territory where of Questra World is active, and that there will be a rise of crimes related to the financial sphere, investment activities, and pyramid creation, primarily in Russia and CIS countries.




After having put a stop to the activities of the four financial pyramids and withdrawn funds from them to the personal accounts, the true founders of the companies decided to disappear for a while. All of them thoroughly cleaned or even removed their pages in social networks and did everything possible to protect themselves to the highest possible extent: Aleksandr Prochukhan lives, as far as we know, in the gated community in Kiev, Ukraine, and always moves around accompanied by bodyguards. Cheslav Pestyuk resides, according to the latest information, in Dubai, UAE, preparing the re-emergance of Questra World whose office will now be located in Dubai, according to the official representatives of the company. Konstantin Mamchur currently lives in Madrid, Spain. Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Dzuraev continue to stay in the Moscow suburbs.

The founders also ordered a campaign aimed at undermining the reputation of a native of Ukraine Pavel Gennadievich Krymov and the Czech payment system Worldcore. This initiated an information war, during which dozens of false articles and comments are being published as an alleged proof that Pavel Krymov and Worldcore are the ones who must be accountable to the deceived investors. As part of the information attack, the fraudsters founded a website where the materials containing false information are published daily. The proof that the portal was opened directly by the Questra World organizers is as follows: the scammers have been using a single counter for both the Questra World pyramid site and the resource aimed at discrediting others.




The true founders of Questra World, AGAM, QW Lianora Swiss, and Five Winds have perfected the classic scheme used by pyramid organizers – these individuals did not just hide their names, presenting themselves to investors as agents of the companies but also hired people who pretended to be the owners of the companies. These actors dome their best to improve pyramids image before investors using their foreign origins. There were several such actors over the history of the projects. Each of them was supploied with an amazing, but fake, life story.

The top officials of the company. Antonino Vieira Robalo – President of AGAM, as well as the staff consultant of the World Bank and several international projects in Luxembourg, France, Japan, and the US. Andrey Abakumov – Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of AGAM. José Manuel Gilabert – Chief Executive Officer of Questra World.

(Source: https://vk.com/page-143208478_53066585)


Jose Manuel Gilabert

One of the paid actors was Jose Manuel Gilabert. The man appeared from time to time before the audience at various event of Questra World and the associated pyramids. His other duties included: recording videos for Questra World, holding online meetings, and recording comments (inspiring, clarifying, press releases, etc.).


This is what the representatives of Questra World wrote about him creating a favourable image of a person that investors should have trusted:


JOSE MANUEL GILABERT A professional with 23 years of experience in managing large companies in leading positions. BIOGRAPHY Jose Manuel Gilabert takes part in the founding and development of more than 16 major European and American companies, including his own, since 1993. Among them are JM Gilaber Bautista, Canned Vegetables Factory, Union Brothers, Hispania Ibericam Foods, Pegasus Corporation, Proindes Films, Chile West Group, Premium Traiding International, and many others. After Mr. Gilabert has become head of Questra World, the company began to develop rapidly under his leadership. Thanks to the proposed development plan, the company entered new markets and strengthened its positions at the old ones. Jose Manuel Gilabert has the Master of Business Administration degree and is a businessman and a philanthropist. He speaks 4 languages.

(Source: https://investors.partners/projects/4485-questra-world-4484)


It is extremely hard to find in the public domain anything regarding his persona. Moreover, the man has stopped all contacts with Questra World after his identity was declassified by the administration of scamquestra.com.

It is known that Jose Manuel Gilabert’s residential address is Calle Lasarle 1, Madrid, 28023, ES (Spain)


Andrey Abakumov

All we know about the fund and its general director Andrey Andreyevich Abakumov is that that on paper he is the owner of ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (Cape Verde) and that he also has registered an offshore company in the UK called ATLANTIC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LP, United Kingdom. Registration number SL28452? We don’t know very much, but he is supposedly an academic and claimed to be an adviser to Gorbachev. The info is simple:


When checking Andrey Andreyevich Abakumov’s biography we uncovered a number of interesting facts. Of cause, he was not adviser to Gorbachev in the 1980s and 90s because at that time he was a fairly well-known swindler and crook from Moscow, of a Sergei Mavrodi sort. Information for 1994 is really scarce since it was just the beginning of the Internet, there were no media coverage or Youtube.com channels. Yet, a bit of archived information is still preserved on Kommersant.ru and Aif.ru websites, articles from 29.10.1994 и 09.11.1994:

“Yesterday, important events took place in the affairs of three Russian financial companies: LLC Khoper-Invest, concern Tibet and JSC Trust Company Multimoney Fund. Events in the latter reached the climax: the fund’s employees disappeared taking with them the depositors’ money.  “Tibet” still stands and promises to pay off the depositors, although its president is wanted on charges of fraud. And Hoper had only a small problem – the prosecutor of Chelyabinsk Region filed a lawsuit to liquidate the local branch of Khoper-Invest.

The fund was closed on the pretence of resettlement

The 10th Department of the Main Economic Crime Division of the Central Directorate of Internal Affairs in Moscow yesterday opened a criminal investigation into the fraudulent activities by the management of JSC Trust Fund Multimoney Fund (MMF). According to the police, General Director of MMF Andrey Abakumov stole from the general public about 2 billion rubles under loan agreements and disappeared.


Multimoney Fund was registered in January 1994 at the address of a private apartment on Lomonosov Avenue. The MMF management promised to pay 80% of the deposit amount for 3 months. The money was collected in the office on Stromynka. This office was subleased out to them by JSC Traktorselkhozmash under a sublease agreement, which violated the latter’s lease agreement with the Moscow City Property Committee. MPC submitted a claim for termination of the agreement in the arbitrage court, and Tractorselkhozmash and, accordingly, MMF were evicted. For this reason, on September 16, the activities of MMF stopped. Andrey Abakumov issued an order granting all his employees a two-week vacation. The notice posted on the door of the office stated that the activities of the fund are suspended until a new office is rented. According to the investigation materials, after that Abakumov disappeared, leaving in the MMF account in Rosdorbank several tens of millions of rubles.

The deceived depositors started submitting complaints to the law enforcement agency. The police instituted a criminal procedure and found out that Abakumov managed to open representative offices in other cities of Russia. For example, in Kirov, under the agreement on joint activities with MMF, the deposits were accepted by JSC Fintrust-Vyatka, which owed the investors 200 million rubles. In total, according to preliminary information, Abakumov managed to collect over 2 billion rubles. In addition to him, police officers are searching for the employees of his firm MMF – deputy director Aleksandr Muravlev, dispatchers Nadezhda Zhukova, Natalia Komova and Olga Kuravleva and operator Vitana Lebedeva. Kommersant will return to this topic after the investigation is completed.”

TODAY, more than 2,5 thousand organizations in Russia officially accept cash from the population in different forms. At that, official statistics do not allow to determine either the composition of their founding bodies or the size of the authorized capital. Experts argue that this is only the tip of the iceberg, because a much larger number of people are robbing the population without having licenses to work with investments.

Among the deceived are the depositors who entrusted their money to the Multimoney Fund (MMF). The Fund had functioned in the territory of the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow for quite a long time. Today, the victims gather at the barred and already empty MMF office in Sokolniki, which, by the way, during the collection of Money was tightly guarded by persons in police uniforms. The head of the MMF, mathematician Andrey Andreyevich Abakumov, went on vacation together with his staff, and then the whole team disappeared from the sights of ordinary shareholders. According to the Finance Department of the Moscow government, Abakumov’s team was collecting money without a license. All that the investors have in their possession is a so-called bond – a promissory note. Experts note that this bond cannot be presented in court for payment, since its form does not comply with the legislative provisions. And anyway, who may be the responder in court? Did the fund exist at all?


Antonino Vieira Robalo


The purpose of Antonino’s existence within the scheme is identical to that of Jose Gilabert. They occupied equal positions, with the only difference that Gilabert was the frontman of Questra World, while Antonino, of AGAM.

Even today the public still remembers the name of Robalo. Moreover, the Questra World’s official representative (and, supposedly, its new director) almost weekly informs depositors on the state of health of Mr. Robalo. The fact is that, given the character of the founders of the pyramids in question, it is reasonable to assume that information about Antonino Robalo’s ill health is just an excuse, a story that serves as a kind of distraction, allowing them to switch the frontman to another person without investor distress.



Diego Martin is a person introduced into the “everyday life” of the pyramids most recently. After a year of silence, the representatives of Questra World in the pretending to be Diego Martin have contacted the investors. Another portion of NLP and promises have done their job: Questra World once again started attracting attention and receiving positive reviews.

One way or another, despite the promises by Diego Martin that are not kept,  searches of AGAM offices in Kazan, appeals to the victims of the Five Winds pyramid by the Kazakh police to come forward and the daily opinions and facts posted on the Internet in order to substantiate the fact  that all four companies are pyramids and fraudulent projects, Diego Martin claims that projects look solid.

The representatives of the pyramids fail to keep their promises: the first statements that the companies resume their activities goes back to last spring. The companies promised to begin the payouts as soon as July and start signing agreements with the directors on August 1. It is August, yet, at the time of the writing of this article, as far as we know no one signed any contracts. The companies only promise foggy horizons through Diego Martin.

Moreover, from the point of logic, the situation itself seems at least suspicious: according to another legend, Diego Martin was hired to bring the company out of the crisis, reorganize, rebrand and restore the investor’s’ confidence by resuming payouts.

  1. According to the many decades of the global experience, no one hires a person “without a past” for such a high position in a crisis-ridden company: positions of this kind are always occupied by highly skilled top managers, with a portfolio, established connections and a clear and well-known character. While trying to find any information about Diego Martin no search results of the mans past experience is found, other than in connection with Questra World.
  2. The promise of a universal simultaneous renewal of payouts sounds ridiculous – the companies owe their investors a sum amounting to billions. If all depositors (or at least half) decide to withdraw their money from the company simultaneously, this will lead to both technical problems (servers will simply choke from overload) and the companies’ final collapse (excessive activity on the companies’ portals will probably lead to the blocking of all accounts).




about the movie exposing the crooks: http://worldcore-review.com/2018/06/26/expose/





Date of birth: 13.03.85

Place of birth: Town of Khmelnik, Vinnitsa Region, Ukraine

Passport details: AB297973

Registered place of residence: 17 Vasily Porik Str., Khmilnik, Vinnitsa Region, Ukraine

Actual place of residence: Kiev, Ukraine

Graduated from university

VFEU, Vinnitsa Financial and Economic University

from 2002 to 2007

Graduated from school

School No. 2

from 1992 to 2002




Mother: Svetlana Prochukhan (Romanko) (26.03.1963)

https://vk.com/id173687288 (wedding picture)



Father: Nikolay Prochukhan (12.12.1961)



Uncle: Vadim Frantsovich Broyaka (16.11.1985)



Wife: Lilia Prochukhan (Osyuk) (18.02.1990)




Mother-in-law: Tatyana Osyuk-Chernaya (02.01.1968)





Previously participated in the following pyramids:

MMM-2011, MMM-2012, Money Formula, Golden Section, OILTransInvest, FD Invest, FCT Academy, AGAM, QW Lianora Swiss, Five Winds

(organizer of all projects except MMM, but managed Vinnytsa office for MMM-2011 http://real-vin.com/2012-09-30-18-01-37)




Date of birth: 14.03.85

Place of birth: Grodno, Belarus

Passport details: KI1895767

Registered place of residence: 96 Kletskova Ave., Apt. 238, Grodno, Belarus

Actual place of residence: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Passport series and number KИ1895767. Skype: ldcapitall, old Skype zefircik99. Phone numbers: +375 29 58075 22, +375 29 8676171, + 7905 5970676.

Father Yuri Pestyuk Тел. +375-33-6551873

Mother: Liliya Edwardovna Pestyuk, 98 Kletskova, Apt. 117

ickhttps://vk.com/id242575111 (under the name of Gosha the Merchant, status: I will reveal the secret of my reaches! I have collected credits in all banks and made off to another city, let them look if they can find me!)

https://vk.com/album355704536_00 (under the nick of Nikolay Smernov, 7.08.1980)

photo shopping – automotive – repair

https://vk.com/id334395519 (nick: Slava the Good, 1.08.89)

Website dedicated to the entry into the astral world http://astral-polet.ru/


Z262609066647 ($)

The first version of Pestyuk’s astral website) http://zatey232.narod.ru/


Contacts on the website: zatey232@yandex.ru

Yandex Wallet: 410011648466524

arhel140319852@mail.ru   Skype zefircik99

(source https://psycheforum.ru/topic24343.html)

nepokol – the nick on the psychological forum (https://psycheforum.ru/profile/51049-nepokol)

https://www.youtube.com/user/nepokol YouTube channel

confirmation that he was the organizer of capitall4you:








Date of birth: 08.04.1984

Place of birth: Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia

Registered place of residence: Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia

Actual place of residence: Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia















(all pages of Golden Island)






Girlfriend: Kuzmina Irina, 30.11


Brother: Kravtsov Sergey Sergeyevich, 02.05.87



Sister-in-law (brother’s wife): Kravtsova Darya, 21.03

Actively supported her husband, went with him to different cities for the opening and events of Questra, endless posting of expensive gifts from her husband and photos from various events


Stanislav Kravtsov is indebted for almost 50,000 rubles in 26 enforcement proceedings (since 2014)






Date of birth: 02.03.89

Place of birth: Krasilov, Ukraine

Passport details: НВ440363 (travel passport EE421552)

Registered place of residence: 50 Zarechanskaya St., Apt. 42, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

Actual place of residence: Spain, Madrid



Brother: Nazar Mamchur (2106.1994), participates in financial pyramids


Cell: 0635919463 0966356016

Extension: 64235

Skype: nazarchik66666

Passport: НЮ 237020 issued by Kremenets DMIAU in Ternopil Region on 18.11.2010


instagram: nazar_mamchur21

Konstantin Mamchur also was once a member of MMM; he was in charge of one of the Ukrainian offices.



Date of birth: 24.04.70

Place of birth: Tashkent

Place of registration: Mytishchi, Moscow region, Russia





Regina Dzhuraeva, daughter https://vk.com/reginad

Lidiya Sabirova, girlfriend



https://trolleybust.com/?uid=1748100 (has a profile on the website to counter anti-Ukrainian propaganda)


And here we have collected additional significant materials and records throughout organised criminal group QUESTRA in the archives:

Dossier on the group Prochukhan, Mamchur and Pestjuk — the creators of World Questra, 5 Winds, Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM). http://prochukhan.org/opg.zip

A burned programmer of this group, complete archive Github http://prochukhan.org/romion.zip

Tatiana Zhurba (Grushko) — responsible for content and events is also responsible for the selection of actors for the role of Directors in the pyramids http://prochukhan.org/zhurba.zip

One of the mailboxes Prochukhan under his company strip Development Distribution Analytics Capital Ltd. http://prochukhan.org/ddac.mail.rar

Marina Uni (Safonova Marina E.) — Black PR website editor StopKrymov and the factory Manager trolls the OPG http://prochukhan.org/marina_uni.zip

In this video a well-known blogger Andrei Zharikov explains what software to use for viewing emails criminals, step by step instructions:



Here you can find an new film investigation, which was filmed as victims of the pyramids and published to expose the criminal community: