Czeslaw Pestjuk

Name: Pestjuk Czeslaw Yurievich

Date of birth: 14.03.85

Place of birth: Belarus, Grodno

Passport details:  КИ1895767

Registration: Belarus, Grodno, PR. kletskova, d. 96, kV 238

Place of residence: UAE, Dubai


Role in Questra World

The organizer of the pyramid — the decision maker.

In addition to the unconditional coordination of the holding took part in conferences and leadership as a speaker, kindled the interest of potential and existing depositors of the pyramid talking about a beautiful life, personal photos, etc.

Was responsible for training agents, personally conducted an online conference, organized “demonstrations” at the meetings of investors, presenting gifts for the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, he was a living advertisement of his own pyramid.

Together with his partner (Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich) was engaged in the withdrawal of the personal account of the company.

According to the legend: the investor with the status of Managing Director level 10

Projects beside Questra World




Formula Deneg

Zolotoe Sechenie


FD Invest

FCT Academy


QW Lianora Swiss

Five Winds

Alpha Cash


Golden Island

(organiser of all projects except MMM)

Next of kin

Father: Pestjuk Michael

Mother (presumably): Pestjuk Lily Edvardovna

The degree of relationship is established: Biskup (Pestjuk) Victoria Valerianovna, 17.06.84

Relatives involved in Questra World

The degree of relationship is established: Biskup (Pestjuk) Victoria Valerianovna, 17.06.84

Has a share in “TOV “DEVELOPMENT DSTRGN ANALX CAPTAL” — the company established by Pestuk Czeslaw Yurevich and Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich, through which the last withdrawal of investors ‘ funds on personal accounts.

The location/ way of life today

Hidden. Pages in social networks frozen or abandoned. According to operational information, currently lives in Dubai. According to preliminary information, coordinates in place of the second wave of Questra World (new office pyramid after the revival must be there)

Additional information

To participate in the pyramids and run their own projects was engaged in private practices in the astral, gaining followers, actively promoted video training on astral projection, advising users on the forums.

According to preliminary data, gay. On one of the sites dating profile noticed Czeslaw Pestjuk under a pseudonym, in which a man writes about his homosexual tendencies. The profile is aimed at finding a “Mature asset 40! You can travel!”.

At different times appeared in the network under a variety of names: Czeslaw Yurievich, Gosha Kupets, Alexander Grin, Nikolai Smernov, Slava Dobryi.

Information gathering continues.