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Czeslav Pestjuk sold the house built on stolen investors’ money worth of 95 million Roubles


As is known already to the masses-Questra World (as well as intertwined with her pyramid AGAM, Five Winds, QW Lianora Swiss and other) was the product of greater control by Prochuhan Alexander Nikolayevich and his partner Czeslaw Yuryevich Pestjuk. Withdrawal scheme, which we discussed earlier, to attract new investors, an organisation of information security-all this was long before criminals Questra World on entirely different companies.

In this article, we will examine a particular aspect of the Pestjuk C.Y.: where the speculator withdraws money from the balance organised by him and his “partner” of the pyramids. Recall that before Questra World man was engaged in some other questionable things.

It is known that Pestjuk Ch.Ju. already with the 2009 year actively extracted money illegally. The starting point of the professional biographies of the men was the organization of training for employment in the astral. Then, Pastuk Czeslaw turned his attention to the financial pyramid were involved in the MMM-2011, where, according to preliminary data, and became acquainted with Alexander Prochukhan. Then, based on the legendary swindler Sergei Mavrodi experience, founded his pyramid a banner which proudly posted on the main page of my site for Astral.

After a big debut in the world of financial pyramids, Pastuk Czeslaw decided to change strategy and single-player to unite in one team with Alexander Prochukhan. So today’s criminals have organised a pyramid “Formula money” in 2013. In the same year, ex-thousanders MMM has launched several projects, among which was the “Golden section” and “Alternatives”. Also, then, reportedly familiar with the situation, the following occurs: scammers take crazy at that time a sum of money, and out of sight, providing a comfortable existence for the next, at least, time. Information portals and forums meet screenshot recording of one of the users of social networks in which some Airat Davletshin not only tells of the amounts stolen Prochuhan A.N., and Pestjuk Ch.Ju. but also shares information on what has been spent the funds of the depositors and the pyramids. So, it becomes clear that both scams have expensive cars and housing.




Given the characteristics of criminals, experts of the Center for the promotion of international investigation believe that are set out in the social networking information is very real. Moreover, in the absence of any criminal punishment for Prochuhan A.N. and Pestjuk Ch.Ju. Committed acts, it can be assumed that this situation was implemented precisely planned and premeditated withdrawal scheme for a third-party account (as happened in the case of the Questra World).

Thus, in analogy with the withdrawal of money from the AGAM and Questra World, there is every reason to believe that in 2013-2015. Criminals repeatedly used the fraudulent scheme, initially by transferring funds from the pyramids in personal organisation, and after already or using the illegal cash services, or realising the funds received, in accordance with the activities assigned to firms with their registration. For example, in the case of AGAM, an end point of movement of the stolen sums were organisations, according to NACE, the construction company. Remarkably, if earlier we wrote about the withdrawal of funds from AGAM at the expense of the company Alexander Prochukhan Distribution Analytics Development Capital Limited registered in Hong Kong, but now also became aware of the same organisation registration in Cyprus, which operated it from 2013 to 2015.

In this case, it is possible that even five years ago (after cheating partners and investors of “Golden section”, “Formula money”, “Oltranzista”) the stolen money was not just spent on the property, and, so to say, legalised and put into circulation.

Anyway, in 2016. Czeslaw Yuryevich Pestjuk announces the sale of cottage 2015 g. Built in one of the new micro districts of his native city of Grodno. It is obvious that the House was built on the money Pestjuk Ch.Ju. Withdrew from investors, and most likely, this is how the conman then washed the funds stolen from investors.

Interestingly, photographs of the mansion, Pastuk Czeslaw was divided only at its front page, who served, know a man photo gallery.




At the request of the house for Yandex.images the search engine gives the following result. As you can see, the cottage is not only really exists in Grodno (the home of Czeslav Pestjuk), but also was exhibited in his time at the sale.



The part displayed in the search ads today removed, but some remained on the sites for the sale of real estate. There are also pictures of the cottage and contacts the seller.



As a seller, there was some Yuri specified who is Czeslaw Pestjuk’s father. Description of the house in 198 sqm for sale almost 95 million, is as follows:

“The modern house 2015 year of construction for finishing. The total area of 198 sq. m. The land plot is smooth, 10 acres of private property.
Roof-Polish metal, insulated with mineral wool.
The house is fully insulated, plastered inside, filled screed. The ceiling on the second-floor gypsum had made all slopes. In the living room, there is a place for the fireplace. The porch is covered with tiles.
Divorced all communications (water, sewer, electricity, gas, heating). Equipped with an alarm system. Warm the garage door.
The height of the ceilings on the first floor-3 m, the second-2.8 m.
The house is located in a picturesque place near the forest. Good approach: to asphalt – 100m., to public transport – 800m.
Possible exchange for an apartment with a surcharge.”

By the way, on the front page in the social network, Pastuk H Yu laid out and reports his visits to the cottage to check the finishing work, sharing shopping with furniture (I must say, not the middle class).


All of the above gives us a reason to assume that the construction of the cottage has contributed to another successful financial scheme for the withdrawal of funds from the accounts of pyramids based Cheslav Pestjuk and Alexander Prochuhan in 2013-2015 Gg. In this case, it is interesting first of all the time that this operation seems to have been a kind of rehearsal before the Questra World and AGAM – the skills to conceal the flow of funds and further costs stolen for personal use criminals.

Note that now Pestjuk Ch.Ju., according to the latest data, hiding in Dubai-man removed or abandoned all profiles on social networks, replaced the phone number does not extend to any contact with people representing the interests of depositors.