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Customer-oriented approach Alexander Pan’s way: rant at the customers, hang up on them, attempt to withdraw $50 from an investor’s card


Alexander Pan (up until 2018 Prochukhan) is a key actor in the news on the International Investigations Assistance Center’s website. He has been organizing financial pyramids for approximately 10 years now; the projects created by him include Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, and Five Winds.. Stealing money from retired people or large families is Alexander Pan’s way of life. In his quest for easy money, this crook managed to ruin the lives of millions of completely innocent people.

It all began back in 2011 when he, along with his accomplice Cheslav Konyukh (until recently Pestiuk) started masterminding one scam after another: “The Money Formula”, “The Golden Ratio”, “FD Invest”, “OilTransInvest”, “Life Division”, “Global Express Investment”, “Dominant Finance”, “Digithereum”, “Golden Island”, “Questra World”, and this is far from a complete list of the financial scams with Alexander Pan (Prochukhan)’s involvement.

The Center’s specialists discovered one more pyramid in whose development the Ukrainian scammer participated. This is “Broker Capital”, yet another investment company created around 2013.We managed to lay a hand on a video from 2015, filmed and published online by a man who admits being recruited into this pyramid. The recording has captured a speakerphone conversation with a “Broker Capital” representative. The Center’s experts instantly recognized Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) as the video creator’s conversation partner. At that time, the latter was personally engaged in recruiting pyramid investors.

It appears that Roman (the video creator’s name) had already been recruited several times; guided by his considerable experience, he recorded the entire conversation. The man accompanied his video with the phrase “How NOT to make money on the stock market” and wrote the following in the comments to explain why he decided to film the dialog:

I just wanted to understand what kind of a shady business that is and how it recruits people so I could post the video clip online. Maybe it would save someone from falling for the crooks’ scam.

Now let’s talk about the video contents. First, Roman got a call from a young woman but he can’t hear her well. She asks if he is ready to open a deposit account with them right away. Acknowledging the bad connection, the woman promises to call back and connect him to a specialist.

But what do Booker Capital and the Questra World’s creator have to do with this, you may ask? After the second call, everything becomes clear. The person on the other end is no longer the young woman but a young man-specialist who sounds like Alexander Pan (Prochukhan). At first, the International Investigations Assistance Center’s experts were somewhat unsure about the accuracy of their conclusions but their doubts vanished after they discovered the formal address of the Ukrainian scammer and his accomplice Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk) to the “Booker Capital” investors.

Another factor proving that the investor spoke directly with Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) is the latter’s unmistakable Ukrainian accent, characteristic words, filler words, and intonation. During the call, the man who recorded the phone conversation with the “Booker Capital” representative tries to get clarification from the “specialist” on some issues he’s concerned with. The video’s author asks the other person about several obvious inconsistencies he has found on the company’s website. He starts with “Notification about the risks/refusal to acknowledge the risks on your responsibility”. The man reads to Alexander Pan the terms published on the company’s website and tells him that he doesn’t fit the criteria:

«Trading according to the contracts involves considerable losses and is not suitable for all investors but only for those who::
a) are prepared to assume all the risks associated with the financial deals;
b) have experience with buying/selling stocks, securities, etc.
But I don’t fit these criteria».

“You fit the criteria perfectly!” counters Alexander Pan (Prochukhan). The scammer explains to Roman that after he invests money in a deposit account, the company will provide the novice investor with a personal analyst who would deal with all the issues. Except one can only wonder how come an organization with a thousand investors has that many analysts.

Undaunted, the user who posted the recorded conversation online finds another suspicious point as follows: “Regardless of the information provided to the client and the company specialists’ reasoning, the client must understand that he/she alone makes all the decisions and, consequently, bears responsibility for them”. That is, regardless of whether the investor uses the analysts’ help or not, he/she alone bears the responsibility for making any decisions.

Considering that the agents were trying to talk into joining the company even people who didn’t fit the initial parameters of potential “Broker Capital” investors, the following becomes obvious: as the company’s website unashamedly announced, once people invest their money in the company, they can wave goodbye to it.

Apparently, this is why the question about decision making responsibility causes Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) to fidget a little bit. However, after a moment of thought, he says, “There are risks in everything. Even banks won’t give a 100% guarantee for anything.” Interestingly, in all of the scammer’s pyramids, the agents sang sweet songs to the investors about guaranteed high profits and fantastic dividends but if anyone asked them about guarantees directly, they changed their tune to a firm, “well, you must understand we can’t guarantee anything.”

After a while, Roman gets to the point “Decline a guarantee for receiving profits”. In it, “Broker Capital” categorically a guarantee for receiving income or profits. Interrupting him, Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) attempts to make some point, his main message being that if the investor contacts the corporate analysts, he/she will definitely receive profits. This is a complete mess – the scammers give an oral guarantee of receiving profits but, on their website, they write about completely absolving themselves of responsibility, and consequently, of providing any guarantees.

Roman also wants to clarify funds withdrawal. He says he has read many articles online which boil down to the same thing: funds withdrawal doesn’t work regardless of the fact that the investors’ money keeps steadily growing in their personal accounts. At that point, irritation clearly creeps into Alexander Pan (Prochukhan)’s voice. He rants and raves, evades answering, blames the competitors’ malicious tongues and even the law enforcement authorities who don’t like people making money, and that’s why they all engage in “black PR”.

The video’s author pretends to agree with the scammer and goes on to the next important question. Roman asks him to send all incorporation documents, licenses, company charter documents, etc. At that, the phone conversation is cut off. Evidently, Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) couldn’t figure out what to say and simply hung up. Most likely hoping that, after a little while, the investor whose pointed questions have prevented the attempts to dupe him will lose the conversation thread. Sometime later, Pan called Roman back and began talking about everything except documents. Roman continued insisting on getting the documents. Finally, the scammer broke down and gave himself away by saying the following::

«If you want to invest $50,000 in our company, we will send you the documents. Otherwise, we have no interest in working with you. We will send you a link to the website where the licenses are and transfer your phone number to a case manager to continue the conversation.»

The company representatives sent the link after all. It led the man to an unknown website in English where he couldn’t find any company named “Broker Capital.” What’s more, before publishing the video, Roman tried sending to the company’s account a certain amount for deposit from a bank card which had no money on it. Just a couple of hours later, “Broker Capital” attempted withdrawing $50 from the man’s account.

Every day, the Center gets hold of video recordings, documents, eyewitness statements, and other evidence of the criminal activities of the experienced scammer Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and all of his accomplices. The Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, and Five Winds pyramids created by the scammers have already been banned in more than 10 countries around the world, most of the defrauded investors are trying to get justice and reclaim their money, but the scammer goes on and uses all kinds of ways to keep padding his pockets at the trusting investors’ expense.

Our Center has put a lot of effort into preventing the emergence of new scammer’s victims and ensuring that the individuals guilty of stealing money from millions of investors will be punished to the full extent of the law. At this time, our association has gathered an extensive, highly detailed file on the scammers containing not only their biographical data but also information about the financial pyramid creators’ movements, future plans, properties, illegal affairs, and much more. All of the collected information will be provided to the investigative authorities of a number of countries so that the handcuffs’ icy metal rings could snap around the scammers’ wrists as soon as possible.