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Breaking news! Aleksandr Prochukhan changed his surname to Pan. View documents.


Still not used to the fact that known as Pestjuk Cheslav Yurievich according to the documentation is now Cheslav Konukh, (last name changed after the marriage, middle name has disappeared once Ukrainian citizenship has been obtained), so there are another shocking news. The organiser of the financial pyramids Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, Five Winds Prochukhan Alexander Nikolayevich followed the example of his main accomplice and also changed his passport data. According to the source, the new personal identity was received by the criminal on 27 July 2018, however, it became possible to find this out just now. Given the number of people willing in all ways to facilitate the speedy prosecution of Alexander Pan and Cheslav Konukh (previously Prochukhan and Pestjuk), it is obvious that each step of fraudsters is considered almost under the microscope. And if you add to this fact an incredible amount of money earned during the years of criminal career of enemies and traitors among the approximate persons, it becomes evident: change of a surname is a short-sighted and useless act.

Anyway, now, based on official documents, the scammer’s name is Pan Alexander Nikolaevich (Ukr.: Pan Alexander Mikolayovich). New passport Creator of the largest Scam of our time received in Obolon RO state migration service of Ukraine in Kiev (district Department of the main Department of the state migration service, Ukr.: Obolonsky RV GUDMC Ukraini in m. Kyiv).
Also, considering the document number, the swindler decided to change the usual book to the passport of a citizen of Ukraine of a new sample – ID-card that does not contain letters in its number.

New passport number of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan): 002127649.
Outdated information: AВ297973.


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It is worth to note, that the receipt of the ID-card (biometric passport), most likely, is not accidental. The fact is that the document of the new sample does not contain information about the place of permanent registration of its owner, as well as the data about marital status and children. Most likely, in this way, Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) decided to protect his family from unnecessary attention of law enforcement officers and all detractors (which accumulated an extremely large number).

Regardless of whether the wife of the swindler Liliya which is signed in in the document of her husband or not, information about the close ties of the woman with the criminal schemes of her husband is publicly available. For example, not so long ago we published an article about sister of Liliya – Ekaterina Kulibaba (née Osyuk), which provided active assistance to his relative in the organisation of a financial Scam: Questra Holdings was registered on Ekaterina. Katerina has also helped in finding employees for the Scam.

But the sister of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) – Anna Chervinskaya (maiden name Prochukhan), which we only have to talk about, somehow agreed to register company on her name , the company name is Pavukon Services LP, which were utilised by fictitious contracts as a software development company for transfers of stolen funds from AGAM depositors to Cyprus account.

In his race for millions of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) frankly spit on the welfare of not only his sister-in-law, his sister, his wife and two daughters, but also on his parents. In their address, the fraudster has registered the organization iPan, whose office was recently raided by the SBU with searches.

And even if the swindler has now come to his senses, deciding by all means to protect loved ones from problems, it is now too late – all close to Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) people were direct participants in the Scam, members of this family clan. Except that the daughters of the man due to their age are not involved in the Affairs of his father. Unfortunately those will suffer when their relatives appear on a dock, and they will go to orphanage.

Thanks to the photos of the questionnaire with the new passport data of the creator of Questra World, which were at the disposal of the International Investigations Assistance Center, it was possible to establish other relevant data.

Amazingly, as a contact number in the migration service application the swindler specified out many of the already known contact +380685279334 (operator “Kyivstar”). The place of residence of Alexander Pan (until August 2018 Prochukhan) specified in the registration form is located at: Ukraine, Kiev, Prospekt Geroev Stalingrada, house 2D, flat 308 . Surely the staff of RO GUGMS would not allow Alexander Pan (Prochuhan) specify in the application form of the passport replacement a data where swindler has been rented apartments. Thus, there is every reason to say that the living space is owned by a fraudster, at least he is registered there. And if you look at the house itself, it becomes clear that the building is new, which leads to the conclusion: apartment at Prospect Geroyev Stalingrada, house 2D bought by Alexander Pan (Prochukhan). In this case, we can only guess how many investors Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, Five Winds and what amounts had to be accumulated to pay Alexander Pan (Prochukhan), his wife Lilia and two minor daughters, for square meters in a luxury residential complex overlooking the Dnieper. Oh, how wonderful, probably, relax on the waterfront within walking distance from home or walk the whole family in the Park, located a couple of meters from your luxury apartment in a prestigious new building. Well, Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) still has to spend time with his family until his hands were handcuffed, luxury apartments turned into prison bunks, and dinners in restaurants with a sky-high price tag did not become a skilly for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


It also became known that under the new name Alexander Prochukhan receives two passports.

1: number FS276081, print date – August 23, 2018, status: valid


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2: number FS402202, print date – 4 September 2018, status: to be issued


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International Investigations Assistance Center managed to find out that, according to preliminary information, Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) intends to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland and is currently preparing the necessary documents for this. In view of this, in all probability, the swindler has decided to change the name. Furthermore, the change of personal data, according to the idea of the swindler, should help him to avoid arrest after the announcement of the international wanted list under the name of Prochukhan. Previously, we have reported that the fraudster intend to do in Interpol at the request of the Stockholm Prosecutor’s office.

The pandemic scale of the tragedy that entailed the financial pyramids of Alexander Pan Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, Five Winds, is terrifying. According to conservative estimates, more than half a million people from all over the world have suffered from the actions of a swindler. The maximum number of victims is in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Among the victims of the pyramid an incredible number of old people: some of them gave their “funeral” to criminals, others invested all their pension savings, others got into unaffordable loans. Alexander Pan (Prochuhan) was deceiving not only the elderly – there are disabled, and single mothers, and families with children among deceived. Some lost a roof over his head, and others were not able to survive after the loss of all funds in the pyramid blow.

Of course, for all these tragedies should answer Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) – and it does not matter under what name he will do it. It is known that the swindler does not move around Kiev without a security convoy. And before acquisition of square meters in an elite residential complex of the capital of Ukraine the swindler rented a mansion in the neighbourhood with Poroshenko’s son in the settlement with access system of entrance to the territory, the round-the-clock patrolling of streets and uninterrupted video surveillance. This all says that the organizer of the largest Scam of our time is incredibly afraid not only of the day when the security services descend with arrest and searches to his home, but also of the real “Lynch court”, which highly likely may happen as soon as investors of the pyramid created by Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) finally burst patience. In addition, now the horror of the swindler from possible development of events is clearly visible – conisdering fresh photos of the criminal which are attached to the documentation related to obtaining a new passport, the swindler lost a good part of the hair on the head, and his beard began to cast gray hair. Trichologists say that such a phenomenon at such an early age (Alexander pan is only 33 years old) is facilitated by the deep stress, the hostage of which just became a fraudster for the last year since the withdrawal of all the investors ‘ money from the accounts of his pyramids.

In the actions of the swindler throughout his criminal biography traced the actions provided by the legislation of any country in the world: creation and promotion of pyramid schemes, fraud in a large sizes on preliminary arrangement, and getting people involved in a pyramid scheme, theft in a large sizes on preliminary arrangement, incitement to suicide, the non-payment of taxes in a large sizes, creating a criminal grouping, financial fraud, misrepresentation of a customers and many others. The composition of the crime in the actions of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) is obvious, as is obvious, and the participation of all his relatives in the organized crime group created by their relative.

Mentioned above information in full will be immediately transferred to the investigation authorities of those countries cooperating with the Center for support of international investigations. Thus, even after the change of the passport and obtaining of a new name, which used to be the usual nickname of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) in the network, the swindler remains under the close supervision of all interested in his person departments and individuals.