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Before founding Questra World Czeslav Yuryevich Pestjuk engaged in fraud on a large scale more than five years


Pestjuk Czeslaw Yurevich for their relatively short life understood precisely one: honest work is not about him. Therefore, since the end of 2000 Czeslaw Pestjuk tightly engaged in fraud on trust at this moment. Started, as far as is known, Belarus, and after it has spread beyond it. The apogee of the men became a career in Questra World.


For the first time among the masses of Pestjuk Ch.Ju. Lit up in the year 2009, when among the population of Russia and the CIS countries started a wave of surf psychics and people with paranormal abilities. Man the whole of 2009 actively carry out psychological training and magical practice for those who are not “allowed into the astral plane”, acting under the name “Cheslaw Y.” and registering on numerous forums and other resources under the nickname nepokol.


After some time appeared the first victims, people on the forums claimed that they merely cheated. Some in an attempt to expose the expert on trips to the astral published even its prices — according to the authenticated user, the man was parallel to outright quackery: business magic, love charms and protective spells.


In the end, realising that the rate of profit in “teaching the paranormal abilities” less than in the financial sector, Pestjuk changed direction. Although not scored questionable practices – rumors that were rife at the time, private forums, it consisted of several astral brotherhoods, which supposedly learned how to create objects in the astral, and then to materialize them in our world – to this man, and taught his “flock”. However, the range of services was already much broader — Pestjuk Ch.Ju. Founded his first pyramid capital4you. Her banner was posted by the man on his website with information about the astral flight, after an enterprising guy started to register on the trading forums, participate in discussions, to be interested in the investment.


Around the time Pestjuk Cheslaw Yuryevich enters the MMM-2011, meets with Prochuhan Alexander Nikolaevich. Likely, men at that time were not even aware that the next few years will be close partners, organised and successfully crank to 2018 the year, many scams.

The first independent joint con becomes a “Formula money”, masterfully deceiving huge numbers of people. By the way, in the “Formula” was seen and the infamous Stanislav Kravtsov. “Formula Money” quickly gained momentum. Here, of course, helped and aggressive promotion methods that seem to have formed the basis for the promotion of absolutely all projects Prochuhana, A.n. and Pestka Ch.Ju.: luxury, promises of wealth, luxury, yachts, cigar bundles of money — it aired almost round the first persons of the pyramid. People looked at yesterday’s simple folks – today were the rich and wanted the same, and therefore happily carried their money scams.



Along the way, Pestjuk, as claimed by eyewitnesses, was selling “books”. Some brokers are something like reminders where I explain how the market, how to invest, and so on. These publications, the authors usually send out free to their customers. Czeslaw Pestjuk massively bought these books for a pittance and, taking advantage of the specificity of its audience (Astral practice and MMM), practically forcing people to buy him Sampler for $100-200.  That, of course, very clearly demonstrates the famous pettiness “successful businessman”.

Not surprisingly, the pyramid of Festuca collapsed, as if following the canons prescribed by textbook Economics. First almost wholly stopped payments after it was re-registered itself office, then changed the terms of the contract, but in the end entirely turned, ask what amount is necessary with the firm that has long been bankrupt under the decision of the court. What did Pestjuk? Invited the victim to enter a new pyramid, and so there is something to recapture their investments.

After “Formula Money” work with each other the crooks founded some projects: FD Invest and OilTransInvest. Both companies do, in fact, did not differ from the first joint of the divorce.



Users claim that Czeslaw Pestjuk and Alexander Prochuhan for an incomplete year managed to raise money by using four scams: “Golden Section”, “Formula Money”, “Ultransonic”, “FD Invest,” which fooled even the founders in the amount of nearly 50 people. Comrades promptly took all the money of the firm, has acquired new expensive cars and luxurious living space.


After preparing such a strong Foundation of speculators began to his most high — profile pyramid- Questra World. About the beginning of the project, the distribution of roles in it, the principles of work and deception will be discussed in one of the following materials.

All the above information with all available evidence be provided by the Centre for the promotion of international crimes in the relevant concerned authorities of all countries where financial pyramids Questra World.

If You suffered from any of the material in persons or has suffered losses due to any of the above-described project, please contact our Center by filling out the form on the website — the specialists of our legal Department will render maximum assistance in the preparation of the application, claim, return stolen funds scams.