Assistance to all victims

We draw the attention to all victims of numerous projects-pyramids, created by Alexander Prochukhan and Cheslav Konukh-Pestjuk. Here are just some of the names of famous financial pyramids from these cheaters:

– Questra World

– Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM)

– Five Winds

– QW Lianora Swiss Consulting
– Digithereum

– Dominant Finance

– Alpha Cash

We are ready to assist in making statements to law enforcement and assist in their quickest consideration. Also, each submitted a report to the police Foundation of our centre pays remuneration in the amount of $ 500. Fund for payments of collected funds from victims who invested heavily in one of the pyramid of scammers. Why is it so important? The collaborative claim from a large number of statements to the police will help to attract to the law the organisers of the famous pyramids Alexander Prochukhan (Ukraine) and Cheslav Konukh-Pestjuk (Republic of Belarus) faster and more efficiently.

If you are one of the victims, to initiate the process please in free form to answer the following questions:

1. Country and city (victim of the pyramid);

2. The amount of investment and the name of the fraudulent pyramid;

3. The exact address of the site where you made money (or offering to do so);

4. How you made the payment (payment system or another method, please give the addresses of the wallets, scans of payment receipts or contact people if they survived);

5. Do you have access to your personal account?

6. Have you applied to law enforcement agencies, if Yes then where and what was the outcome of this appeal?

7. Who led you to the pyramid or recommended to do this? How did you get into the pyramid?

8. Possible remember all the names-the names and contacts of the pyramid with whom you have dealt in your case (please provide any information you have). Where and when was the last time you had contact with them?

9. Attach your full name, passport data and any contacts for feedback.

Send the replies to the questionnaire in the message to us.
We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information! On the basis of the information on our lawyers utterly free of charge will support your business.

The sooner the application is made, the higher you’ll be in the queue for a refund. According to our preliminary estimates, the number of victims of the pyramid – more than 600,000 people on a total amount of USD 200,000,000.

We have entered into contracts with lawyers and lawyers in CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan) and Europe for operational support cases under our investigation.

All information obtained in the course of work with the victims is protected and cannot be used or transferred to third parties without your explicit consent. Unlike the organisers of the pyramids sounded, we operate exclusively within the law and in the interests of the victims.

Before contacting us, please save all vital documentary evidence and contact the organisers/managers of the pyramids, to make screenshots and prepare the maximum amount of information for your work with the lawyers (our standard questionnaire is shown above).

For each submitted a statement to the police Foundation of our centre pays remuneration for $ 500. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the work of our Centre – we are always happy to help.



The huge request – if you have the opportunity to disseminate information about the work of our Centre among other victims, we would be very grateful! The centre exists thanks to the selfless help of people like you. Sincerely,

the Centre for support of international investigations.