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An exclusive interview with a Questra World associate. Confessions of the financial pyramid’s ex-agent


The International Investigations Assistance Center managed to get in touch with a former agent of the Questra World scam founded by Aleksandr Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk) with the assistance of Konstantin Mamchur, Stanislav Kravtsov, and Fanis Dzhuraev. A man who used to work in the organization and has first-hand knowledge of the pyramid’s workings contacted our experts. Vadim (name changed) agreed not only to describe in detail the fraudulent scheme’s key aspects but also to grant our Center a video interview.

The man explained the specific method Questra World used for recruiting people. The technique resembled the one used by aggressive sales managers: they used certain scripts and cases as well as clearly defined stages of working up the”client”, each having a specific way of applying a certain kind of pressure on the person. However, the company would start its manipulations directly with the “staff”, i. e., the pyramid’s agents were taught how to behave at meetings and how to talk with both potential investors and the investors already involved in the scam. They had instituted a strict dress code and control over the information posted by the company’s representatives in social networks. The Questra World’s social networks were subject to especially rigid control. The agents were required to comply with the standards prescribed by the management, for example, to post their publications on certain days. Each recruiter was required to fill his page with pictures portraying the lifestyle of a rich, successful person. Basically, the Questra World’s organizers chose several clichés and combined them, so to speak, into their idea of a millionaire’s starter kit. In his interview, Vadim described what exactly was included in it. Priority was basically placed on the material component displayed on the web. For example, upon attaining a certain level, the agent was required to purchase something for himself from the list compiled in advance by the pyramid’s creators. Spending money on something else was not allowed.

The ex-agent also revealed the basis for dividing the total number of affected investors into three categories. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that retired people received a particular kind of treatment as we have repeatedly written in articles on this portal. It was especially nasty that old people were lured in by the methods usually used by sectarians for attracting new members to their organizations: they made elderly people feel needed and important and organized special events for them. In a nutshell, they played on these people’s pain of loneliness. In confirmation of Vadim’s words, we’d like to remind you how exactly these presentations went (and still do) for the financial pyramids of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk).



Stanislav Kravtsov, an accomplice of the scam artists, was responsible for the development of the pyramid in Russia; he operated a leaders’ chat which agents could access only after having brought a certain amount of funds to the pyramid. At that time, one of the scam’s organizers, Cheslav Konyukh (then Pestiuk), was solely responsible for working with the leaders and developing the partnership structure. This was a logical continuation of his activities as he had always been attracted to coaching: in 2009, the scammer trained people on how to enter the astral world, and in 2011 he turned to Sergei Mavrodi with a proposal to train leaders for MMM.


Incidentally, Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk) closely monitored the opening of new offices as well. Everyone who reached a certain level in the pyramid was required to open his own “point of sale”, for which the company allocated 700 euros to the agent and payed additional 500 euros a month to support a consultation center. Besides, each representative of the company who had launched an active office would receive a lump-sum payment of 1,500 euros.

Prices in Questra World started at 90 euros, which automatically made participation in the pyramid affordable for absolutely everyone. However, the well-trained agents professionally cultivated in their victims an overwhelming desire to immediately start playing on a grand scale. For example, Vadim talked about the, let’s say, average income in his structure: the most frequently invested amounts were 2,000 – 7,000 euros, contingent upon the investor’s chosen “portfolio.” A rumor circulating among the leaders had it that Stanislav Kravtsov at one time provided the agents with evidence that he had personally brought to the corporation someone who had invested in the pyramid 5 million euros by buying a significant amount of cases. Actually, “portfolio” is a euphemism for a type of deposit: the company offered 7 such cases. In their pursuit of riches, people would sell their cars and real estate; at the time, they didn’t realize they were losing their property forever.

Thanks to the well-structured pyramid activities, the company’s weekly income reached approximately 40,000,000 euro. The pyramid’s turnover was demonstrated in closed chat rooms as a bait to the Questra World representatives, the very people who provided an endless cash flow for Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk), as well as for their principal accomplices. The incoming investment amounts grew daily, and the pyramid’s activity reached it speak in mid-spring of 2017 – it was then that the overwhelming majority of the agents and ordinary investors finally started feeling at ease, no longer doubting Questra World. This was the reason why the investors’ confidence in the corporation wasn’t affected when three countries were cut off from payouts.

Following the widespread discontinuation of funds withdrawal from the pyramid, the agents didn’t cease working. They began speculating on the Questra World’s internal currency, buying it at the rate of 10-40 rubles for 1 euro and selling it to the newly recruited unsuspecting newcomers at the current rate established by Central Bank. In our video, Vadim shared the details of what the company’s internal currency was, its value, and how it was converted into real money.

Moreover, the man who is well acquainted with the operating principles of the Questra World organizers and the company’s internal corporate policy, not only reaffirmed that Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk) are the financial pyramid’s direct founders but also expressed his hope that justice will finally prevail, catching up with the scam artists in the nearest future, and that they will receive the punishment they deserve for deceiving over 600,000 investors.