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Alexander Prochukhan was detained with ammunition in the Kyiv airport while trying to fly to Bulgaria


In addition to the pyramid Questra World Alexander Prochukhan, there are other passions: for example, weapons. It turned out that only according to official figures, Alexander Prochukhan has the whole Arsenal:

  1. DPMS Carbine GII — NATO rifle, primarily represents a copy of the famous M-16 with a single shooting.
 2. Carbine TS 9 TP-hunting semi-automatic carbine, produced in Ukraine.
 3. Pump-action shotgun Mossberg 500 GM — “Hollywood Star”, became a famous American shotgun.
4. Pump-action shotgun Fabarm XLR5-Italian 8 pump-action shotgun.
 5. Remington 700 SPS is an American carbine with an eye actually sniper rifle. 
6. Remington Express 890-American smoothbore, one of the most famous pumping weapons in the world. 
6. Traumatic gun “viy” is traumatic historical pistol Makarov, Russian analogue of Makarov pistol.
 7. Carbine Fort 202 is a Ukrainian version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, shooting single equivalent Russian Saiga carbine. 
8 Pistol Fort 17 p is a pistol cartridge developed under a Makarov pistol. 
9. Gun ПГШ790 — German gas pistol.

The total cost of such a weapons warehouse, according to the most conservative estimates, goes far beyond a million rubles.



It is the only legal parts list, all applications for registration received from 10 on 17.08.2017 year. Initially only a gas gun, after added the rest. The “killer” rifle, DPMS GII, was acquired last, on the day when Questra World recognised their bankruptcy.


Of course, given the fact that Alexander Prochukhan is located in Ukraine, the illegal arms it also is certainly available, and if so, the list obviously needs to be impressive. First, because the funds allow, and secondly, because the situation allows, as in Ukraine at the present time, sold everything, so you can set a price.



By the way, another point remains unrevealed, namely the protection of Alexander Prochukhan: what it is armed and how many. In the acclaimed film the investigation, it was reported that the car Prochukhan escorted by several security vehicles. We can assume that his own little “army” Alexander Prochukhan still there, as is the norm for all of the current Ukrainian gangsters and oligarchs with the level of spending 500 thousand dollars per month.

Note, it is possible that for increasing the security and weapons of Alexander Nikolayevich Prochukhan affected by the attack in his native Vinnitsa. As reported by Alexander himself Prochukhan, September 29, 2013, at 5 a.m. an unknown struck him with a blunt object on the head. Even then deceived people for hundreds of thousands of dollars the criminal escaped to report the incident to the police and recorded in the minutes. Please note that the attack occurred at about 1 a.m., and the statement recorded in 5:30 in the morning. I wonder what happened to the crook in the interval between these two events?


This also fixed the case when Alexander Prochukhan may 31, 2013, at 11 o’clock detained at the airport “Borispol” (Kiev) with three cartridges calibre 9 mm when you try to carry them on Board the aircraft in hand Luggage. Then, Precupanu managed to get out unscathed, perhaps, for giving the police officers a one-time cash compensation.


In the end, we can say that it seems, partly Alexander Prochukhan perceives himself not so much a free and successful businessman, how much is a crook and a thief in a developing country (the population of which he had cheated many years). Because he quite sincerely seeks the protection of them from prospective difficulties and also builds a palisade of the personal guard, which aims to separate it from investors Questra World and provide a comfortable, peaceful existence outside of a prison cell.