About the project

Center for international investigations is the governing body of the collection, analysis and further transfer to the appropriate judicial, executive authorities any information about the crimes is conducive to the activities of criminal Questra structures World and Atlantic Global Asset Management, their executives and affiliates, as well as interdependent organisations.

The Centre was founded in June 2018, and represents the Union of investors affected by the activities of citizens of Ukraine Prochuhan Alexander Nikolayevich and Konstantin Mamchura, a citizen of the Republic of Belarus Czeslav Pestjuk, citizens of the Russian Federation Stanislav Sergeevich Kravtsov and Juraeva Fanisa Timurovich coming together on prior criminal collusion and deception had appropriated, according to preliminary figures, 60 000 000 dollars were to commit dividend payments investors of the following projects: Questra World, Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM), QW Lianora Swiss, Five Winds.

The priorities of the Centre:

– the collection of evidence and its subsequent transmission to investigators of the countries of Europe, CIS, United States;

– consultation and provision of free legal assistance to victims of criminals for the protection of their rights, the development of appropriate complaints to law enforcement authorities;

– prevent further occurrence of similar situations and organisation of international scams by informing the public about the distinctive features of criminals and their impacts on people, methods of improving the financial literacy of citizens, exposing fraud and organised criminal groups involved in the financial sphere.

If you, your relatives or friends have been victims of scams and suffered from criminal acts of the persons mentioned above, please fill in the form of references to assist international investigations Center site in section “Contacts“.