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A collective portrait of a typical Questra activist World what people need Prochuhan


Actually I wonder, who exactly invested in Questra World? It is clear that the sample, consisting of several people will be quite specific and unlikely to be able to claim certain objectivity, but, if you take the most active part, you can try to highlight common features, based on which it will be possible to make prospective conclusions.

We’re not talking about hundreds of thousands of investors who found themselves cheated. Not talking about those who brazenly took the last means of livelihood. Not talking about gullible old people, about those who succumbed to the persuasion trained to kill in short managers Questra World just because tired of surviving on a pittance – about which we will speak later.

We will talk just about the people that were at the time coached Prochukhan, Pestuk, Kravtsov and other leaders Questra on the aggressive promotion of the pyramid. For those who at some point has become (and maybe always was) don’t care who is sitting in front of them – a disabled pensioner, or a mother alone. About those who, unfortunately, he once fell for a beautiful Questra World is what continues to emotionally support the pyramid Questra World, AGAM, Lianora Swiss, Five Winds and other.

Based on available data, we derived a number of unifying characteristic of nearly all the active managers Questra World.

To start with let’s take Vladimir Kolosov. The principle on which we have sampled not difficult: type into a search engine in VK “Questra World” and find one of the most popular among the existing pages group, and there Kolosov Vladimir contact person.



The status of Vladimir said: “the first official representative of the company Questra World of Ulyanovsk”.

Next, you can see that already after Questra World went to the bottom (August 2017), Vladimir for a long time tried to engage in the sale of “nutrient”.


Secondly, that is too extremely characteristic, Vladimir Kolossov with all bluntness signed on publics “success”, “I”, “Millionaire” whose records he is regularly reposting.

Supposedly financially literate male behaves the same as behave, all people fall into the trap of Alexander Prochukhan. This, incidentally, is a classic example of a spell when the person is saying – or typing, are one and the same, the RIGHT words “as if” changes the surrounding reality, making it more enjoyable. To write openly “I don’t know where they got the money, I traded real money on strange numbers in your wallet and now they tell me I’m rich” it is for objective reasons can not.

In the end, the official representative of the “Questra World in Ulyanovsk”, once had to grab a whole bunch of “nutrient”, is signed (by the way, the public is a priority, that is, is the most visited by the user) on Leonora Swiss. Lianora Swiss – one of the pyramids, which broke Questra Holding – at this stage, it is the most consistent attractor for “investors” Questra World. At the head of this pyramid are the same people.

In the Center for support of international investigations received information that representatives of the Ulyanovsk Questra World can be called the real performers (slang for detectives – people who commit crimes in different regions or even countries). According to the data obtained after the number of applications from residents of Ulyanovsk to law enforcement agencies started to grow, some members have left the area, moving to other cities and continuing to treat the population.

Of course, Besides Vladimir Kolosov there are other users. For example, Anna Yuditskaya – everything is the same in all forms: the desire for a beautiful, comfortable and carefree life, admiration of the seminar from Questra World in the restaurant. Anna just as few hours and talked about the “theses known you are strong, you can, there’s no such word” can’t “is the word” do not want “, strongly want we have examples etc. People are suggestible, weak minded, these “mantras” exceptionally seriously spoil a critical evaluation of the perception, making it difficult to see the real flaws in the logic of the manipulator.



Conclusion Anna turned, it seems, sadly enough, against the background of this event the top 3 public in attendance: “Jobs for students”, “delicious recipes”, “it all comes down to love…”.

Alternatively, here is Tatiana Vahromeeva. Here, too, are traced to the same traits that have an overwhelming majority of asset Questra World-for example, a typical ad about “successfully make success, because the only success allows you to be even more successful.”


If you try to disassemble this ad, we see that the woman carries the blatant nonsense that has no serious world of Finance, investment nothing:

  1. “Save to invest, rather than for the sake of …”- What to save? Money? Where to invest? The internal currency of Questra World is the investment?
  2. “The only reason you should save money is investing in…” – if you think so, then investments can be called anything that you want. So the phrase is so obvious that looks beyond, at the level of: “when you drink water from a glass, please, do not choke”.

3) “Put savings on guaranteed reserved accounts…” – Tightly wrap neck scarf when leaving in the winter from home.

4) “It will encourage YOU to step by step to increase your income” – capacity-income is a job, too, to put it mildly, philosophical: most importantly its expression, always and for everyone, is objectively the same. For someone, income is a set of material symbols (car, gold, name brand stuff), but for someone – most, for example, the amount of free time. However, you can add that if you look not only for beautiful graphics, some growth and some payment, but to see what it’s all organised and what he was doing before, you can save much more and nerves, money and time.

5) “AND BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT AND FREE!… “You can become financially independent; if you are in a state of the natural economy, you don’t need other people’s money and belongings. Moreover, here’s how you become a free adult, depend on loved ones to understand in General impossible. Each of us knows that often I want to do one thing, but to do is another. Moreover, forces you to like not even a COP or law, a kind of agreement with a close friend, which to break is often more difficult than formally abide by the new law.

In principle, if you select all these people into a collective group (like managers – hundreds of thousands worldwide), it would be possible to allocate the following uniting all activists of the pyramid points:

  1. High self-esteem, which does not allow a critical look at previous mistakes and whose opinion or listening (even persuasive, even the obvious).
 2. The lack of a particular artistic taste – roughly speaking, people are pleased to observe the set just expensive things, the distinctive feature of which is the high price, and not having specific functions. That is, the majority of people look at something not as something that should do the job, and as something emphasises the high social status – “to live in front of people was not ashamed.”

In psychiatry, there is such a notion as “poor man’s psychology”-pathologic desire to create the illusion of wealth and luxury around.
 3. The low level of financial literacy. Such people – a godsend for fraudsters. First, it is easy to suggest that pyramid is the coolest project in the world, and now they – not the managers of the pyramid, and financially independent investors, the owners of their life. Secondly, such people are best able to approach the same as they are – ordinary citizens, never really delve into the financial aspects. Thirdly, such persons never suspect organisers of a pyramid of lying, stealing or any crime – simply because they will appear: before them a truly successful people (photos in auto luxury online sometimes work magic), well how can they, elite world, do something illegal?
 4. Sectarian thinking, the inability to critically perceive the words “guru”, “successful businessman”, “man for Ferrari”.

All this allows Alexander Prochuhan, Cheslav Pestjuk, Stanislav Kravtsov, Konstantin Mamchur and Fanis Juraev quite successfully led by the nose of people who often have enough good higher education, and life experiences though take away.

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