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$25,000 for a 5-hour flight. Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) used his private plane to fly in from Spain where his accomplice is hiding


Alexander Nikolaevich Pan (Prochukhan), the creator of a big number of financial pyramids, was born in the Ukrainian town of Khmylnik. Among the projects created by him at different times, some the most publicized ones were “The Money Formula”, “The Golden Ratio”, “FD Invest”, “OilTransInvest”. However, the undisputed leader became “corporation №1” (so named by its representatives), comprised of four interconnected financial pyramids: Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, and FWAM. These four companies caused the biggest stir among the public, and it was thanks to these 4 projects that their creators Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) and Cheslav Konyukh (Pestiuk) were able  to secure a life of ease and comfort for themselves. The criminals transferred the money stolen from investors to their personal accounts through multi-level plans back in the fall of 2017 and used it to protect themselves from criminal charges for organizing pyramids as well as to buy real estate in prestigious residential complexes in various cities.

We have discussed the lavish life of Alexander Pan (known under the last name Prochukhan until July 2018) many times already. A three-story rented country house in an elite gated community, attendance at «Gumball3000» where participation costs a pretty penny, buying “luxury class” apartments, and a passion for expensive cars which are in such high numbers that he needs to establish his own fleet. This is just a small part of what the Center’s associates have found out about the scammer.

If we put in chronological order all the times when Alexander Pan acquired something for himself, it’s evident that the expenses grow exponentially. It’s easy to guess that the deeper the hold of the Questra World corporation (QW Lianora Swiss, AGAM, Five Winds) over innocent investors is, spreading like sagebrush in the summer, the bigger the amount of money lining the pockets of Alexander Pan, Cheslav Konyukh (previously Pestiuk) and their accomplices is.

Everyone knows the old saying “Spending matches earnings”. Alexander Pan seems to adhere to this slogan. However, this aphorism refers to honest earnings, not to money, in the true sense of the word, taken away from innocent people. The center recently obtained new facts proving that Alexander Pan spares no expense for himself. Just a week ago, our website published information about the scammer’s trip to Switzerland and the UK where he spent about 3,000,000 rubles on the flights alone. These are definitely not the first flights for which the scammer has chartered a plane. We now know that the scammer took a charter plane to the beautiful, affluent island of Palma de Mallorca and returned from there also on a private jet on October 9, 2018.

The plane on which the pyramid organizer flew to his now native Kiev belongs to the PrinceAviation company. It performs flights all over Europe and beyond on two main aircraft models: FALCON 2000LXS and Cessna 560XL Citation XLS / XLS. The scammer flew to Spain on the latter one.


Cessna 560XL Citation XLS / XLS

Cessna 560XL is equipped with all accoutrements needed for a luxurious, comfortable flight. Leather armchairs, TV sets, satellite connection, bar with cocktails and expensive snacks – the flight goes practically in the blink of an eye. The hourly rental fee for this plane varies from $3,500 to around $25,000. For many people, their life’s dream is to see this kind of airborne festivity in person, and here Alexander Pan easily pays about $25,000 for a 5-hour flight.

A 5-hour flight = 2,000,000 rubles.

The scammer’s actions provide an additional proof that he doesn’t want his expenses and, more importantly, his trips around the world to become public knowledge. The specialized flight tracking platforms offer the option to remove jet-related information upon request, and the Questra World’s creator took advantage of that. There is no publicly available information about Cessna 560XL’s flight from Kiev to Palma or the return trip.

We can only speculate why the scammer needed to fly to Spain. Considering that the fraudulent organization has already been banned in more than 10 countries, including the one the scammer flew in from on October 9. Just for the record, Questra World’s headquarters were located in Spain. Moreover, after the pyramid crashed, that was the hiding place of one of Alexander Pan (Prochukhan)’s main accomplices – Konstantin Mamchur.

Today, we can draw a sad, inconceivable conclusion. Alexander Pan (Prochukhan) flies around Europe regularly, practically once a week, easily giving away the yearly earnings of the people he has defrauded, without giving a single thought about the consequences. All the while, ordinary families are paying off the insurmountable debts they took on in order to invest money in “corporation №1”, lonely retirees borrow money to buy food because they have given their last savings to the scammer, mothers and children barely survive on government assistance because they have recently lost their families’ breadwinners through the scammers’ fault. These aren’t just words but a disaster of global proportions which was caused by Alexander Pan, Cheslav Konuykh, and their accomplices.